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DButterM [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2-1.13} {D…

DButterM [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2-1.13} {Dynmap} {Discord}

We’re a new server looking for laid back players and staff!

Since we’re new, we’re fully open to any suggestions on the direction of the server. as of right now, we are looking to stay an smp, survival server with minimal plugins.

As of right now, we have:

-Advanced Achievements

-Creative world

-Admin and Player shops



– Jobs


– chestshop

– votifier

– rtp

– Dynmap

– essentials

– misc. administrative plugins


  1. Use common sense.
  2. No hacked clients or cheating of any kind.
  3. PVP is allowed, but only with prior consent.
  4. Have fun!

Server IP:



Creature concept: The YETI (link to concept ar…

Creature concept: The YETI (link to concept art included)

BE CRAFTY [Vanilla] {1.13} {Whitelist} {ADULT}…

BE CRAFTY [Vanilla] {1.13} {Whitelist} {ADULT}

The Aquatic Update is here and we would love more company, so we decided to put up a server for adults like us, aged 25 and up. Really, 30 and up is preferable! The server is vanilla with a whitelist, set to normal difficulty. The idea is to explore 1.13, get a solid foothold on the changes while building, and have mature fun. Nobody here wants to babysit. We do enjoy helping one and other in game though. A few of us are just relearning the game after a long hiatus. Some are expert redstoners and/or builders. There is a good eclectic mix of about 20 people that all joined within the last few weeks. Whether you’re a lone wolf building, hanging around in a cave or hole in the ground, or into community projects- there is a Minecraft home for you here!

Right now, backups are running very frequently. Once 1.13 plugins are updated we will be able to easily roll back grief, and players will be able to set claims and see their builds in 3D on Overviewer (way clearer than Dynmap). The End will be reset at this time, as well. The world border is set at 10k. There is no plan to ever reset the map, which is still pretty new. Instead, it will be expanded to something everyone agrees upon as huge very soon. This server will be up long-term. By that, we mean years. There is a community-wide nether railway project underway, and soon we would like to begin making a better spawn, with shops. For that reason, please don’t build close to spawn!

We like a relaxed and lasting play strategy. We enjoy building in vanilla and hope you do too! We are in this for long-term enjoyment, not OP as fast as possible, so please no AFK type farming. Machines that are useful (and don’t cause lag), are encouraged. There is an active Discord available.


Even adults need ground-RULES:

  • No building within 500 blocks of spawn.
  • No spam / griefing / stealing
  • No hacks or mods
  • If you borrow from a farm replant or feed the animals
  • No politics / racism / sexism / intolerance
  • Don’t cheat the game in ways like AFK fishing. Grinding at a spawner is fine.
  • Just don’t cheat at all.
  • No excessive cursing
  • Use common sense!

Please leave your IGN, and anything about you, to be whitelisted and join our growing community. Again, this server is for those over the age of 25. Whitelist acceptance will be messaged to you. See you there!



Currently making an underwater arena. This is …

Currently making an underwater arena. This is my progress on it so far!

Reborn Dominion [semi-vanilla]{Amplified}{mult…

Reborn Dominion [semi-vanilla]{Amplified}{multiverse}{Survival}{Creative}



Our JAVA Minecraft server was started back in 2015 as a realm and has grown tremendously, we are always inviting mature players to come and build with us. In 2017 we decided to move to a server and added new worlds so new players can choose what terrain they like and still be able to chat and visit one another. More recently we teamed up with Reborn Dominion to expand both our communities across multiple games. we have also teamed up with Archgoddess, a fellow realm owner who has moved her world and players to our server. We are active every day, and always looking for new large community projects.

We currently have Vanilla, Amplified, and Creative worlds.
The creative world has some world edit commands to make it easier for you to build larger


1. Do Not steal
2. Do Not greif
3. Do Not build too close to others
4. Replenish community storage when able

To be added to the white-list please give us your
In game name:
What do you plan to do/build:

We currently have suspended the white-list so come and join us instantly!