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The aftermath of a junglefire

The aftermath of a junglefire

I replaced Minecraft’s Foliage and Grass…

I replaced Minecraft’s Foliage and Grass Colormaps with rainbow static and got this interesting result…

Reverse fishtank

Reverse fishtank

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{Sma…

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{Small Community}

What is our server about?

The server have been up for almost a year. We have some infrastructure built, but the map size is not limited, there is more than plenty of untouched space for you to pick out and build upon. Our server is a family friendly environment and we would like to keep it that way, with no drama or toxicity. Server is entirely volunteer run, we do not have ranks and keep the experience very close to vanilla Minecraft with a few enhancements.

Our team of under ten people have mostly been here from the beginning. There is certain charm in keeping it that small and tight-knit but after all this time we’d certainly love to have our community grow and share what we think is a great place to play.

We hope to hear from like-minded players who would like to join us. Because life happens, some of our players cannot be on the server regularly, but their builds wait for their return. If you have to be away, you will be given the same respect! Just remember to send us a notice. We agreed against map resets. We all have different long-term projects and goals in mind and it makes absolutely no sense to just delete our progress and start anew. Our world is big and beautiful and we intend to make it even better with our builds.


  • Why would you like to join? Be creative with your post and do your best to introduce yourself. That’s the only way to see what kind of person you are! We have age restriction of 20+ but your application can change that! We are also open to family or couple requests.

  • Feel free to attach some of your builds. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

  • If you haven’t heard anything back from us in two days, that probably means we can’t accept you for some reason. Sorry! You are still an awesome human being!

Server details:

The server is located in London and is managed by myself, with the help from u/ajreil (DeviantCrafter).


  • Don’t leave builds sad and unfinished.

  • Be excellent to each other.

If you worry about the Update Aquatic – all the new features will be merged with our current map!



Looking for a new challenge in minecraft? We have spots open for ultra hard survival players! You’ve built that amazing castle or that epic mob farm or cozy town already in vanilla survival. Need more of a challenge? We have you covered with Insane Hard in an epic world generation. See a sample of the biomes here: (

Hard difficulty No natural health regeneration 30 minute temp death ban No set homes or tp No griefing – PVP by consent only Mob cap increased The server is co owned by two players that enjoy hard challenging survival. We are dedicated to continuously recruiting new players that are mature and drama free. Staff are not overbearing or intrusive. We dont have really any rules other than no drama, play fair, respect players and staff. Common sense goes a long way.

We created a server we wanted to play on and enjoy and hope to have other like minded players to play with. We are not in a rush to accept just any type of player to fill the server. The server will stay clean, fun and safe. Staff play the game just like everyone else. No special perks of any kind. If this appeals to you, you can apply on our discord to join the team. See you there!

KeltaeMC [Modded] [SMP] {Factions} {Lite-Rolep…

KeltaeMC [Modded] [SMP] {Factions} {Lite-Roleplay} {Small Community}

KeltaeMC is a fairly new modded KCauldron 1.7.10 server with a tight-knit community of friends. I’m not going to utilize astroturf enthusiasm or write some contrived public relations press release description for the server. We’re literally just a group of about a dozen friends who like to play Block Game and talk about politics, music, and gaming.

The server itself has over 100 mods. In fact, I think the custom modpack has about 140 mods, notably Mekanism, IndustrialCraft 2 Experimental, and GalactiCraft. A more detailed description of the server – and some awesome screenshots! – can be found on the MinecraftForum page.

We do enjoy a little bit of light roleplay, which is why we have the Factions plugin. If you’re more of a loner and prefer to live by yourself, you can use a golden shovel to claim land. KeltaeMC is not a minigame, hub, virtual economy, or pay-to-win server. Everything is strictly survival-mode-oriented.


  • Griefing and raiding are allowed, but, honestly, no one does it. That staff doesn’t encourage it. Like I said, we’re all friends, so don’t be a dick about it.

  • Do not use hacked clients, cheating mechanisms, or unapproved mods. We don’t tolerate that bullcrap. Play fair or don’t play at all.

  • There isn’t an age restriction for the server, but seeing as how modded servers tend to keep out little kids, all of the players are between 15 and 21.

  • The community is not politically correct, so if you’re easily offended by crude jokes, this group is not for you. Don’t whine about “offensive content”.

The IP is It’s included in the modpack for your convenience. We do have a Discord server, which can be found here.

Arborvitae [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.12…

Arborvitae [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.12.2}{Mature/Older}

  • Server Name: Arborvitae
  • Website:
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Plugins: [Essentials] [WorldBorder] [MultiVerse] [CoreProtect] [OpenTerrainGenerator] [Dynmap]

Description: We are a small community ranging from grads to grandparents. If you love to build and have a sense of humor you’ll fit right in.

We aim for a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere where you can grow as a player and create with your friends – or make new friends – rather than run a race for the biggest and best.

Except during the games, muahahahaha!

We use Biome Bundle in the main world for inspiring landscapes, but we keep a separate set of changing worlds for gathering resources and events. We’re vanilla in spirit: plugins are used to handle the multiplayer environment.

Visit our website for whitelist information. Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Rules: The obvious: no stealing or griefing. Neighborly behavior expected.

I Made a Trident Temple For My Adventure Map

I Made a Trident Temple For My Adventure Map

My friend built this picture of my late 26.5yo…

My friend built this picture of my late 26.5yo cat, Figaro, for me by hand

Diversity [SMP] {Never resets} {LGBT friendly}…

Diversity [SMP] {Never resets} {LGBT friendly} {Resource worlds} {GriefPrevention} {Timed ranks}

Diversity For Everyone
Version: 1.12.2 (latest)

No, it’s not the map


Diversity is a Minecraft SMP community that does not discriminate, our #1 rule is to respect each other. Our goal is to be a safe and fun environment for everyone, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, beliefs… you get the point. Trolls are removed quickly.

We have a very strict set of rules (link above) that you must agree to before joining our community, so please make sure you read them.

What does Diversity offer?

  • A world that will never be reset or deleted (as long as we can keep paying the bills!) – our server has been alive for nearly 4 years, and so has our Overworld and Nether, the End was reset at some point but will never be reset again. You can build knowing your stuff will always be there, no matter what.
  • Friendly community where everyone is happy to help others out and the staff are just the same. We have a forum and a Discord server if you’d like to get more involved. Our Discord is linked to the server, so you can always stay connected, even when you’re on the go.
  • Resource worlds called Ores where you can mine for the good stuff without ruining the main worlds. Ores worlds get reset every week, and they have a higher difficulty (more lava, no water buckets, for example).
  • GriefPrevention for protecting your builds from troublesome folk. We can’t catch everyone who breaks the rules unfortunately, but you can take measures to ensure your builds will always be safe from harm. It’s super simple to use and we give out claim blocks like candy on Halloween 🙂
  • Timed ranks, the longer you play the more rewards you will get.
  • Public farms for the community to use and gather resources easily.
  • Shopping districts for you to trade with other players. We don’t use a virtual currency to buy things, transactions are usually done trading items with custom villagers in shops.

  • plus a whole lot more!

Come and discover for yourself why others claim Diversity as one of the best servers to play Minecraft 🙂