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(Almost) all of the villager professions corre…

(Almost) all of the villager professions correspond to crafting stations and have their own houses in villages

The new desert village markets are simple but …

The new desert village markets are simple but beautiful:

Villager skins adapt to where you spawn them, …

Villager skins adapt to where you spawn them, swamp and jungle villages confirmed!

Swamp Villagers Confirmed! (These Are Villager…

Swamp Villagers Confirmed! (These Are Villager Skins Found Within the Code From 18w50a)

[::] Pumpkin Pie

[::] Pumpkin Pie

Minecraft Snapshot 18w50a

Minecraft Snapshot 18w50a

Some drawings of the blocks that will have fun…

Some drawings of the blocks that will have functionality in today’s snapshot 😛

Know2Good Survival [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Europe}…

Know2Good Survival [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Europe}{Discord}{Paper}{1.13.2}

Name: Know2Good Survival

IP Address:

Version: 1.13.2, Paper


About server:

You and your well appreciated company is all there’s missing to this server, really. Both the staff and community is very helpful and friendly. Aiming for a near-vanilla experience with only the /spawn, /suicide and /message commands available to guests and/or members. Know2Good Survival might just be the place you’ve been looking for for a while. To sit back, relax and enjoy ‘vanilla’ Minecraft with others! Surviving while meeting new people and making new friends should be a priority for you. Staff positions are open to anyone both the community and me feels good with and thinks of as responsible and mature.

There even is a Discord server, which isn’t limited to just Minecraft chat.


Hard difficulty, PvE, PvP allowed, occasional events.


Do not grief or steal.

Respect all staff, fellow players, buildings and environments. Also, make sure to fully cut down trees. Don’t be lazy, don’t leave canopies!

Do not spam, use ALL CAPS, AFK too long, advertise anything or ask for teleports, ranks, items, etc.

Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

No political chit-chat. Not everybody might share the same thoughts.

Do not use cheats, x-rays or exploit glitches.

Using Optifine or MCpatcher is fine, we all like our FPS and visual extras. Hacked clients however are not welcome!


Along with a few plugins like one that allows colored sign text (not available to players) there are some more notable ones being Worldguard and DiscordSRV.

Today we will finally get functionality for th…

Today we will finally get functionality for these new blocks. Can’t wait!

Simplecraft [SMP] {Survival}{1.13.1}{Semi-Vani…

Simplecraft [SMP] {Survival}{1.13.1}{Semi-Vanilla}{No Banned Items}

Three iterations after the first release there is a server that works more in pure survival than others. Its name is simplecraft, but its not boring. We realised that the greatest thing ever created was minecraft itself. We captured this idea and run it on a server for you to play on. And the joy that the players brain produces goes right back into every SimpleCraft’s “SimpleCraft” server. Come home to the impossible adventure of your own completion. Come home to SimpleCraft’s.

Although we are a relatively new Server we have a lot to offer:

Custom in game ranks

Custom items and shops

Boss Fights

All dimensions are accessible

No limited mob spawn


1.No In-Game or Game Enhancing Mods (Hacking) 

2.No Exploting 

3.Be respectful of fellow users 

4.Do not excessively harass, botheror deter from the server experience in any way 

5.Do not question staff decisions across inapropriate mediums 

6.Don’t ask for Staff 

7.No Advertise 

If you decide to join our server you will experience Survival like you never have before.

Hello if you like to join us the ip is:

Discord link: