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Airidale Prison [Semi-vanilla] {Non-OP} {Priso…

Airidale Prison [Semi-vanilla] {Non-OP} {Prison}

We have recreated the legendary TitanMC prison and brought it to 1.12.2 with tons custom plugins and a friendly community and staff! Our owner Kobe686 was a TItanMC grinder, and when that server was shutdown he had to keep playing, so he created Airidale! With most of the old Titan plugins rebuilt from scratch, and the rest on the way. We are pleased to bring you the new face of non-op prison servers. If you want to re-live the good old days of TitanMC, look no further, we have it all!

Server Rules

  • No Hacking
  • No Glitching/Exploits
  • No Advertising
  • Do not ask for staff/op
  • Be Respectful
  • No Alts
  • Afk at your own risk

Server Website:


Server IP:

Pixelfin, looking for players and builders, al…

Pixelfin, looking for players and builders, also staff [modded]

So i just made a new pixelmon server, and now im looking for players and builders. First 10 player get a rank and builders get a builder rank. Join my discord to discuss. IP:

The server has many plugins, but its not fully ready yet, ex. gyms are not implemented yet. Only one staff member, looking for more. Giveaways, drop partys, shiny starters, reusable TM’s. Friendly owner!

One day wanting the server to grow big and i do everything i can to achieve the goal.

Reward system not yet fully implemented, starting money is implemented, and pokemons, trainers and shops fully working.

Secure house claiming working.

Rules: 1. No spamming 2. Be friendly 3. No racism 4. Be polite and respect others 5. Dont abuse bugs, tell the staff about them so we can fix them

Tericlya [PVE][SMP]{Custom-Terrain}{New-Biomes…

Tericlya [PVE][SMP]{Custom-Terrain}{New-Biomes}{Whitelist}{1.12.2}{Runecraft}{SilkSpawners}{Community}{Dynmap}{Mature}{No-Reset}{ArtMap}{Open Source}{Brewery}

General review: Awesome server, amazing concept and real minecraft experience – Taken from several player reviews

Streamer Review 1::

Streamer Review 2:

Streamer Review 3: – why can’t normal Minecraft be this good !

Command-less server= No commands will help you in game, a real Survival experience like never before !

Recent updates: BREWERY & MAKE YOUR OWN ART !!!

We are also making all our plugins open source so we always have the best versions and anyone can submit code to help.

Join our survival* server with a hint of magic and custom terrains (400+New biomes & 1400 New generated structures!

We are hoping to make your mundane Minecraft experience a little more spicy. We are working very closely with the devs of Runecraft to make your magic experience unique ! We have breweries and custom art, to really make your creations personalised. We are a bunch of friends who play Minecraft and who are looking to expand our small community by allowing you fine souls to join our world 🙂

Our goal: /s"make Minecraft great again ;)“/funny

The rules are simple:

You may not steal. However, you may borrow. For example, someone has a nice farm with crops that are of interest to you ? Sure go for it, just don’t forget to replant 🙂

You may not destroy other people’s builds in the goal of griefing or damaging it permanently without approval. All block and chest interactions are logged in case this may happen.

Simple huh ? Think this is for you ? Apply now for the whitelist on our discord (only takes 2 mins) and let fate decide the rest !


We also have our very own DynamicMap! You can interact with players online directly from the map!

Dynamic Map:

The server is a few months old ! Come and build your city now!

Gitlab Description:

What is our community like?

We have people from all over the world, as many as 25 different nationalities so far. We offer a cultural diversity like no other community!

The community also decides the fate of the server, as in what plugins are added or removed. We also have a growing twitch community as well:

Hosted in Canada

We will be updating to the newest versions of minecraft as soon as they come out.

Server IP:

KasosWorld [Anarchy] [Vanilla] [PVP] {Latest R…

KasosWorld [Anarchy] [Vanilla] [PVP] {Latest Release}


Website: [coming soon]

Version: 1.12.2

Gameplay type: PVP PVE Anarchy Vanilla

Server Location: USA

Rules: the bare minimum…

  • Don’t crash the server ie. no lag machines
  • No chat spam
  • No hate speech

That said…

  • Grief/raid/PVP? Have at it…
  • Team up and make everyone else’s life hell? Why not…
  • Bury your enemy’s giant build in a massive lavacast? If you insist…
  • Watch out behind you! 🙂

Play Minecraft like it was meant to be played!

Brand new in June ‘18, Kasos.World is a dedicated pure vanilla survival server with PvP set to hard mode with a neverending world and minimal ruleset. Kasos.World will always will be running the latest non-snapshot version, currently 1.12.2 and will be having no map resets.

Server Hardware: Dedicated w/ Enterprise Grade Xeon Processors

Server Connection: 1000Mbit

Plugins: None

Owners/Admins: Kasos, ThereAreRules (even though there aren’t many 😉 )

FuldaMC [Modded] {Diplomacy} {Nation States} {…

FuldaMC [Modded] {Diplomacy} {Nation States} {Espionage} {Politics} {Whitelisted}

Conspire against your enemies. Build up your nation’s industry.

Fulda MC is a modded server dedicated to nation states conducting diplomacy, espionage, and potentially war.

We have over 92 people in our MAIN discord channel, and currently, have five different major nations.

The community likes to revolve around role-playing and politics. As a modded server, Fulda will occasionally change to a different modpack, provided by server founder Mocpages. Each modpack chooses a technological era that the server’s occupants believe would be fun to play and is compatible with nation role plays.

And now, a story from our past:

It was the height of the Cold War between the communist USR and the Xionate Principality. The recent high-profile aquittal of the Xionite leader had left the USR embittered and angry with the United Nations, leading to their secession. Tensions were at the breaking point, with USR jets poised to attack the Xionite capital on ten minute’s notice and discontent rumbling in the outer provinces of the Comintern. One misstep, one false move, and the entire house of cards would come crumbling down as the Red Army prepared to overrun the Danzig Free City and the entirety of the South. The UN set about an aggressive foreign policy, bent on subordinating the Comintern by manipulating international law, bringing the world steadily closer to the brink of war.

The server’s community has a strong belief in democracy over the server rules and upcoming modpacks, and any admins that attempt to gain or abuse power will be, and have been, severely punished 🙂

Come on down and join us at our recruitment discord


Don’t hack. (This should be self-explanatory!)

Don’t say anything blatantly -ist. Political debate is OK, but arguments are not. Keep it civil!

Don’t attack if no members of the enemy faction are online.

No use of alternate accounts for espionage.

Core Modlist: MCHeli, Call to Battle, Immersive Engineering, and Traincraft, with many more.

Staff: Mocpages, Founder; CaptainPi, Admin; ApianArcher, Admin;

Though most server decisions are handled democratically, staff are promoted by merit.

TotallyNotSuspicious [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1….

TotallyNotSuspicious [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.13}

Welcome to TotallyNotSuspicious! A vanilla, whitelist server playing on the new 1.13-pre1 and above (as Mojang updates). We believe community is what makes a server great therefore, we are looking for some good new people to join our family!

Our rules are simple and as follows:

– Respect other players

– No griefing

– Keep swearing to a minimum

-Pranks are allowed to an extent (no destruction of bases or terrain, must [help] clean up after).

-Must have Discord in order to join the server. (link below)

The basis of this season on TNS is Island Survival. As you spawn in, you’ll find yourself on an island. You’re encouraged to make the island as habitable as possible with the use of farms, shops, or just make it look lively with beautiful builds! Although, if that’s not your thing, you’re allowed to leave the island and start your own community elsewhere. It’s highly recommended that you link your area to the island using Nether Portals but if you wish to live a hermit lifestyle; the world is your shulker!

We will be switching to Spigot once it’s released along with the full release of 1.13 to add quality of life plugins. Nothing to change the gameplay of vanilla, though. Plugins such as One Player Sleep, Essentials, and Anti-Grief will be added!

If this sounds like your cup of tea and you’d like to be apart of our lovely community, we would love to have you!Below is our Discord server, once you join the server you’ll be greeted with a Whitelist channel. Simply leave your IGN (In Game Name) and a Moderator or Admin will be around to ask a few questions and add you to the whitelist!

We hope to see you around,


HALLBJÖRN [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.13} {Discord…

HALLBJÖRN [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.13} {Discord} {Guilded} {Survival}

Welcome to HALLBJÖRN! As we all get ready for the Update Aquatic, servers are getting ready for the transition and players are looking for communities to join.

HALLBJÖRN has had many iterations and is excited to reset and enjoy all of the new content that 1.13 has to offer. Consider joining us as we discover all of this new content and explore the different possibilities as a member of the community!

We are focused on excellent builds, awesome farms, technical challenges, and great community. If you want to play alone, go play in single player. We expect our members to actively participate in community builds, events, and general fun.

Discord is a must, you can join us at

We also use Guilded, which helps us stay organized. You can visit us there to get even more information about our server

Server Description:

  • Survival server (first and foremost). We play on Hard difficulty and everything is done in survival.
  • Spigot. Through the transition, we will likely start out with straight Vanilla and transition to Spigot once it releases and add plugins for administration and minimal changes to the game. We also plan to add a Plotworld once we are able.
  • Changes to the game. Life on a server is different than playing alone. For that reason, we like to make the following changes to our gameplay: a) One player sleep. b) Extra Shulker drops. c) No grief Endermen. d) Dragon drops Elytra.
  • Players. We have a variety of players. Some like to build, some like redstone, some are technical, some like to terraform. If you plan on joining this server you should also plan to improve your gameplay. We aren’t looking for derpy cobblestone builds. If you want to learn and get better and all you can build is a derpy dirt hut, don’t be intimidated– we can help you change!
  • Duration. Expect the server to stay on the same map for about a year.

We have just decided (as a community) on a seed and have settled on something with some very interesting oceans, and a mushroom biome at spawn. Our community area will be themed on ancient ruins. We are very excited to start playing on this map. It has great potential for technical players as well.

Server rules can be found in our Discord or on Guilded in the documents section.

The Server is open and in creative mode with the new world, but will be reset once the Update Aquatic is released. Feel free to join in, get inspired, and help design the community area!


Terminal-MC [Semi-vanilla] {CustomCoded} {Opti…

Terminal-MC [Semi-vanilla] {CustomCoded} {Optional PvP} {Events}



To join the discord channel, click on the discord tab on the website. (Discord giveaway soon)


Hello everybody,

Today I’ll be presenting a survival server called Terminal-MC.

This is a custom coded minecraft server, with daily updates to ensure the best survival experience.

Some features:

– Squads (play with your friends)

– Claiming

– PvP (in beta)

– Profile (languages, currencies, …)

– Abilities (upgrade your tools)

– Much more!

We’re a community based server, where there is the possibility to grew into the staff team.

Feel free to join and explore it yourself!


§1: No hacking/cheating§2: No disrespecting§3: No griefing/stealing/scamming§4: No harrassing§5: Don’t share private/inappropriate content

Anarchism [Anarchy] {1.12.2} Server Name: Ana…

Anarchism [Anarchy] {1.12.2}

Server Name: Anarchism

Server Location: US East Coast

Version: 1.12.2

Gameplay Type: Anarchy

Anarchism is a simple vanilla server with no rules or non-Vanilla features. It’s basically a 2b2t clone with 1.12 terrain and features on a newer world (actually has materials). Once you join, you’ll be randomly spawned in a 10k x 10k area. After that, it’s up to you.

This is my first shot at the whole making-a-server thing, so please excuse me if it has occasional issues.

Join the server at and the Discord by clicking here.

Server Hardware: Intel Xeon E5 v3 with 2 cores at 2.3GHZ / 7.5GB RAM / 35GB SSD (hosted with Google Cloud Platform)

ThirdRock [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{20+}{…

ThirdRock [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{20+}{Discord}

Welcome to ThirdRock

Welcome to ThirdRock, our cooperatively focused Minecraft community! Whether we are questing into the great unknown or building together, we seek to foster a feeling of community and acceptance. To aid in this, our server has a strict application process and a hard age limit to ensure it remains a relaxed, mature environment for all of our community to enjoy. We are currently looking to find/maintain 8-12 regulars on the server and will be advertising as needed over the course of the world’s lifespan. We currently have a strong community that has been growing steadily and we look forward to welcoming new members into our ranks now that we’ve just started a new world. Come join in on the fun!

Server Rules

  • Please no pranking, griefing, stealing, or looting of people’s stuff (all bannable offenses)
  • Please respect all community builds (you are benefiting from someone else’s hard work, don’t forget that)
  • Please respect the land around spawn and other’s bases (Ex. no clear cutting, floating trees, etc.)
  • Please build a respectful distance from your neighbors (Discord PM them, if need be)
  • Please build a shut off into large Redstone devices and turn them off when not in use
  • Please avoid breaking mob spawners unless absolutely necessary (they are irreplaceable after all)
  • Please [properly link up]( all nether portals you make
  • Please expect world resets roughly every 4-6 months to keep things fresh (ample notice will be given)
  • Please check the subreddit/Discord frequently to be notified of events, join in on discussions and see server announcements

Server Configurations

Our Minecraft server has been configured to be best suited for the type of world we wish to create. A list of the important changes [can be found here]( (scroll down to ‘Server Configurations’).

Application Guidelines

  • We are looking for people that are 20+ with ‘community focused’ mindsets. If we find out you are too young to be on the server, you will be immediately banned. No exceptions.
  • We are a cooperative focused server with a strict world border, so you should be interested in working with others for builds and events. Our main focus in our current world is building together to create a wonderful spawn town full of great builds and public amenities. If that goal doesn’t sound fun to you, then turn back now.
  • We rely heavily on our Discord Voice Server (info in the r/ThirdRockSMP sidebar) for inter-community communication and just hanging out. Please have Discord installed and load it up frequently so that you can interact with the community as a whole. 🙂
  • Access to our server is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to reject any application strictly on the basis of whether or not we feel you would fit in with our community. This includes whether or not you use **proper application formatting**.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for us to respond to your application. Please be patient.

Application Formatting

  • Minecraft Name:
  • Age/Country:
  • About You:
  • Minecraft Knowledge:
  • Why do you want to join us specifically?:
  • Referred By (Optional):

Technical Information

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

Server IP/Port:

Server Location: New York, USA

Total RAM: 4GB (Hosted VM)

Contacting an Administrator

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact u/KatelynAzurefire on Reddit or on our Discord server.