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MÜTHERLAND [Vanilla] [SMP] [PvP] {Whitelist} …

MÜTHERLAND [Vanilla] [SMP] [PvP] {Whitelist}

[Technically isn’t a whitelist, rather a blacklist. We just invite you to our discord first to keep the IP from spreading all over]

MÜTHERLAND is a really simple server. It started out as a modded server a couple months back (I believe I never changed the MOTD, I should probably do that, haha) with a ridiculously sized custom modpack we had. Due to a lack of attention and our dying interest, we repeatedly reset it. After a while, we decided to upgrade from 1.12 to 1.13.1 for the new features. We’re excited to welcome on any new members!

The server is hosted by DigitalOcean in New York, and is on 24/7, with short downtimes for any maintenance or updates. Usually it’s on back within several minutes.

We only have a few players, although we do have a robust Discord server where we chat through Voice coms and post pictures.

The spawn is relatively uncluttered, with a small central area where most of us are based.

There’s five of us that typically play.

Skyler52 – Redstone fanatic and bulid lover Myself – I love to develop farms and QoL builds Arcanian48 – Creates shops and trade centers, etc Gofferguts – Sells himself out for resources, trading. Likes to collect rare items and display them. Frankdevlen – Wacky builder and interesting dude.

As for Rules: We actually are trying to do something new. We want to get more players so we can have a truly democratic system. Once we have enough players, we’ll boot up a government, that has various positions that can be voted for. Players can suggest, ammend, or delete rules via voting. Breaking the rules typically results in a fine, and problematic players are removed.

We DO abhor toxicity, although you won’t get banned for that, just socially punished (; unless of course you decide to take it too far.

[Wanted][PvE][Semi-Vanilla]{Mature}{US} Hello…


Hello all! Thank you for taking the time to read my humble ole ad. Anywho lets cut to the chase!

As my old server shut down I am looking for new lands to claim and build on. Ideally a server that is either newer or reset recently, just looking to avoid the running tens of thousands of blocks for buildable plot like on huge severs. I like smaller to mid range player wise(15-50). Also being in the US/west coast is a plus.

So with that out of the way… Honestly just looking for a lively server that I can relax on after a long day, and shoot the shit with players. As for me I am a experienced player, at about 8 years playing. I am a large scale builder who likes to focus on creating cities, towns, ships, and castles. My weakness has always been redstone, so I often don’t use it or very minimal in my builds. When it comes to servers I don’t mind helping out with builds, be it with labor or materials. I’m an adult in my 20’s who goes to school and works. I honestly am not to sure what to say at this point… So yeah thanks for reading feel free to PM or comment any questions, recommendations, marriage proposals, and death threats.

Thank you so much for your time, and see you in space cowboy.

ADULTCRAFT [SMP][PvE][Creative][Vanilla][PvP][…

ADULTCRAFT [SMP][PvE][Creative][Vanilla][PvP][Modded]{Whitelisted}{21+}{Adult Minecraft Server}{Economy}{Network}{Discord}

* **Server Name:** Adultcraft – Whitelisted Adult Minecraft Server Network

* **Location:** Canada and France

* **Website:**

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Minecraft Version:** 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.12.2, 1.13

* **Game Play Type/s:** Survival, Adult, Creative, Skyblock, Modded, Slimefun, Skyfactory 3, Special Sauce, Ftb, Technic, Foundations, Vanilla, Original

* **Description:** Adultcraft is a well established whitelisted spigot and modded adult minecraft server that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. Why not come and see what you’re missing out on! Whether you join up with others, venture the wilderness and build a house, the choice is yours!

* **Rules:** No Griefing, No stealing, No Children

Ponchique [Semi-vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whitelist} …

Ponchique [Semi-vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whitelist} {1.13.1}

Ponchique is a new, near-vanilla minecraft server with an intentionally small playerbase. Ponchique is running on PaperMC with two plugins: dynmap and GoodNightSleepTight. The main idea behind Ponchique is to create a small, cozy community with little moderation and lax rules. In order to achieve that, the server’s running in whitelist mode. Keep in mind that inactive players will be purged from the whitelist at regular intervals.

So, what’s in this for you? Why should you choose Ponchique instead of other well-established servers out there? Here are some key reasons why Ponchique might interest you:

  • For fun, not for profit: Ponchique is run for fun only, with no ulterior motives, which means that you will never see ads, donation pleas or players with unfair advantage due to donation perks.
  • Community: The main idea behind Ponchique is to build a solid, tightly-knit community. Quality over quantity and such. The player limit is set to 6 in order to preserve the cozy atmosphere.
  • Near-vanilla: Plugin-heavy minecraft servers often make gameplay way too easy, which is why Ponchique sticks close to vanilla with only small quality of life improvements.

As mentioned above, the server has few rules that, I’m sure, you will find fair:

  • No cheating: Fairly self-explanatory, this one. If you are caught using cheats you will be instantly and permanently unwhitelisted. Things like afk fishing, which exploit the game’s mechanics, are fine, but to an extent: duping would still count as cheating.
  • Do not insult other players in excess: Slight jabs at other players are fine, but if all you do is talk shit, then you might be unwhitelisted for a period of time (or permanently).
  • No excessive griefing: Again, slight griefing is acceptable (especially if the structure you’re griefing is no longer in use), but if griefing is your main way of passing time on Ponchique, then you can expect to get temporarily or permanently unwhitelisted.

Well, does this sound like a server you’d enjoy? If so, then just send me a pm or hit me up on discord (B3L1NSKY#7382), whichever one you prefer. You don’t need to tell me much (I don’t care about any of your personal details): just tell me a couple of sentences about yourself. Currently we’re looking for committed players with at least some experience. There isn’t a strict age requirement, but do keep in mind that since there’s little moderation, the server’s effectively 18+. See you on the other side!

BackToAlpha [SMP][PVE] {Towny} {Cuboid} {BigBr…

BackToAlpha [SMP][PVE] {Towny} {Cuboid} {BigBrother}

Version: Alpha 1.2.6

About the server:

Our goal is to allow players who either have nostalgia for old versions of Minecraft (or are just interested in playing a old version) to play with other people online. We are one of the only servers hosting a alpha 1.2.6 server and we want to bring the alpha multiplayer experience to more players. We have many plugins (BigBrother, Cuboid) in order to protect players from getting griefed and to add some basic things found on most servers, such as shops and the ability to set homes. Many exploits that would otherwise destroy/crash the server have also been patched. We also have a active developer, which means more plugins and fixes will eventually be added.


  1. No griefing or stealing.
  2. No duping
  3. No hacking or using exploits
  4. Respect other players.
  5. Don’t abuse towny (claiming near others).
  6. No random PVP.
  7. Don’t ruin the area around spawn.
  8. No doxxing or threats to others.
  9. No spamming chat.
  10. Don’t ask for ranks or items.

How to join (Don’t use the normal launcher, you won’t be able to play due to how it launches old Minecraft versions.):

Download MultiMC at Run the launcher and then add instance and enable old versions. Then create a new instance and use version alpha 1.2.6 and add your Minecraft account to MultiMC.



Equinox [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.13.1} {Towns}…

Equinox [Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.13.1} {Towns} {Questing} {Custom Challenges} {Economy} {Updated}

Version: 1.13.1


Game Type: Towns – Server Exclusive Vanilla Survival

Difficulty: Hard

Server Type: Whitelist Server

Host Location: US

Discord Invite:

About Equinox

Equinox is a new server, focused on making the vanilla survival experience more immersive and interesting. We want to build a community of players of who enjoy playing together and are interested in a new way to play vanilla Minecraft. We have a lot of features on our server; questing, towns, custom player challenges, and plenty of other things!

Our goal for the server is to create a community of players who work together to build huge breathtaking worlds, and in the process, have fun by creating in-game towns and going on special quests for loot!


Use common sense. Don’t cause trouble and make drama. Keep conversations and content in the appropriate channels. Please keep political and religious topics to yourself. No NSFW content. No harassment of any kind. Our age restriction for the server is 16+. No griefing or stealing. Modded clients and external programs that give an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. Keep the world looking nice: please clean up creeper holes and floating trees. Please put a sign on all of your belongings. Always ask neighbors for permission to build around them. We have a Rules tab in our Discord that you can read through.

More So

We are looking for players who want to join a Minecraft community, rather than just join a server. A lot of the features Equinox has to offer, require you to play actively. We also do whitelist cleaning from time to time, to sweep out inactive players. We don’t expect you to play all the time, but if we notice you haven’t played in weeks, we may assume you’ve left. A mod will warn you about your inactivity and you may be removed after a certain period of time. If you know you won’t be on for a while, message a mod on Discord.

As previously stated, the server is very new and to boost encouragement to join, the first twenty members who join will be given a “Special Newcomer Package”, in-game, as a token of appreciation for joining the Equinox Community!

On Discord, please read the channel topics to find out what that channel is used for and helpful info. The Discord channels also has some features that will tie into the gameplay on the server! Join Equinox so you can find out everything we have to offer and have fun with a survival experience compared to none!


We are currently looking for contributors; content creators (i.e. streamers, youtubers, ect), texture designers, staff, creative writers (more info upon request), builders (for server buildings), programmers (i.e. command blocks, server functions.

Your services will be compensated via in-server rewards, credits, and advertisement. Please be aware, we are looking for multiple people in each category and if chosen, you will be expected to work in teams and with the server owner. More information will be given upon request. Please send all inquiries to Jaysixt9, or join the discord and message the owner.

[wanted][vanilla] Looking for a calm community…

[wanted][vanilla] Looking for a calm community

Hey all,

I am currently looking for a new community to call home after some less than nice actions. I would prefer an 18+ server since this age range seems to be less likely to lie about stealing from you or cause drama. I tend to keep to myself on the server but I am not above helping others. (I tend to keep a dispenser of free food available for anyone passing through). More info on myself, I am a 24 female college student who just wants to unwind by digging in the dirt and maybe building a somewhat passable homestead server-side. I tend to have a laid back attitude with most subjects, but can talk someone’s ear off concerning D&D or crochet. I also may come with someone else since he is also getting fed up with our current server as well. I am usually down for conversation and usually come with my own jokes (I tend to be quite punny on occasion). Well, I hope you all have a good one.


TornadoAlley [Modded] {1.7.10} What our serve…

TornadoAlley [Modded] {1.7.10}

What our server is

Our server is made to be kid friendly, and is based around the Localized Weather mod (hence the name TornadoAlley). Generally there are many towns spread throughout the world big and small, and in these towns you will often find people working together to accomplish a goal. This is the heart of what TA is, a place where people come together and just hang out or work together to make something great. Many of the iconic towns such as BeachSide would not be possible if the people living there did not want to help expand it, or just maintain it. We hope that if you join, you would be willing to join a town or create your own, but beware that when making your own town it can get quite competitive.

Our modpack does tend to be resource heavy, requiring at least an Intel I5 (or AMD equivalent) and 2-3GB of RAM*

\2-3 to boot, may require more to run well depending on how much exploring you plan on doing.*

Some Links

Server modpack

Server Discord

Server Website (May not be up much longer as I plan on moving to discord)


  1. Be respectful to other players.
  2. Do NOT use any kind of cheats! (Ex. X-Ray, Hacked Clients)
  3. Do NOT cuss.
  4. Do NOT grief. (This includes stealing)
  5. Do NOT ask staff for perks. (Ex. Fly, Creative)
  6. Do NOT advertise. (Only exception is if you’re streaming on the server)
  7. Do NOT spam.
  8. Do NOT have any kind of inappropriate skins or names.
  9. Do NOT evade bans.
  10. Do NOT scam any player.
  11. Do NOT bypass any chat filters. (This includes mutes!)
  12. Do NOT keyspam.
  13. Do NOT reveal players’ personal information.
  14. Do NOT use any methods of finding players personal information.
  15. Do NOT kill any players in a PVE setting (ie outside of the pvp arena).
  16. Do NOT abuse or joke around with /report.
  17. Do NOT use /me unnecessarily.

Many of the chat rules are followed up by a verbal warning, so don’t worry if you accidentally key spam every once in a while you wont get a warning on your record as long as you are not deemed to be maliciously doing it.

Please note this is my first time making one of these, if there is anything wrong with it let me know and I can fix it in the next post.

Miner’s Glory [SMP] [PVE] [PVP] {RPG} {E…

Miner’s Glory [SMP] [PVE] [PVP] {RPG} {Economy} {Custom} {1.13.1} {Greylist} {Website}

Miner's Glory is a server that strives to bring you a feature filled survival experience with many additional RPG aspects, whether you like to explore vast new worlds with custom generation, or you like to engage in PVP combat, we will always have something new and exciting for you to discover! 

Miner’s Glory is home to a tight-knit community of wholesome, dedicated passionate Minecraft players from around the globe that enjoy taking part in community activities, builds and events to make this server feel like home.

-------------------------------------> <-------------------------------------- 

Version: 1.13.1


General Rules (see /rules on server for in depth overview please and before applying for greylist):

  • No griefing.
  • Be kind to all players.
  • Act with a mature attitude.
  • Use common sense.

Server Location: Quebec, Canada (although we’re hosted in a top-notch datacenter, so we have players reporting a lag free connection from across the globe!)

Here are some in depth details about the server: 
  • Mature Community – A server that only approves mature acting applicants to ensure quality players.
  • Feature packed survival experience – We have many custom plugins that enhance game play and provide more choices in what to do while still offering a semi-vanilla Minecraft experience.
  • Balanced server economy – A balanced server economy so that you can buy/sell items on the server, buy passports, fireworks, special items and much much more! We even have a transaction history system in place!
  • Towns – Various towns and cities that are created by our players, feel free to start your own with “/town ?” !
  • Multiple worlds – We’ve got a world dedicated to exploring that features custom world generation, a massive city map dedicated with no rules, pure anarchy and of course, the main world!
  • Active staff – We’re always here to help if needed!
  • Community events – We have frequent community events taking place, both server-run and player-run.
  • Community giveaways – We frequently give away ranks, money pouches and more to our players in giveaways!
  • Managed professionally – Professional administration team that has years of extensive knowledge in running Minecraft servers.
  • Dedicated server – We’ve got dedicated hardware which means, the server is always online and lag-free almost anywhere in the world! Hosted in Montreal, Canada
  • Custom website – Feature packed website features in-game account linking, user profiles, rank syncing, store, forums, statistic tracking and more!
  • Streamer & Youtuber friendly – We feature those who stream or upload on the regular on our Discord channels/website.
  • Upgradable ranks – Use coins to upgrade to ranks with more perks in-game!
  • Job System – Make coins with various jobs via the job panel
  • Server panel – Access server settings and more at ease! /panel
  • Health bars – See the remaining health on mobs while attacking!
  • NPCs – Various intractable NPCs around the server
  • Loot – Loot areas scattered about around the server, daily chest resets.
  • Mob Arenas – Level up your skills, earn money, experience, random rewards and become the top warrior!
  • Lottery – Buy tickets to the lottery, draws once every 24 hours.
  • Custom enchantments – Buy and create custom enchantments.
  • Quests – We’ve got questing in place to bring objective to Minecraft. You earn rewards and in-game coins!
  • Shops – Players can rent shops in malls, setup chest shop displays and more!
  • Real Estate – Here at Miner’s Glory, you can sell your old land claims for coins with the real estate system!
  • Daily rewards – Daily rewards chests and reward commands.
  • Coins 2 XP – Cash your coins for experience at the bank!
  • McMMO – The RPG server mod that most of you all know and love! Our administrators have also taken the time to balance out the McMMO configs just the way we like it! We even have RPG levelling aspects for horses! 📷

Connect with the IP:

Ready to apply for greylist?

Join the conversation on our Discord:

Register on our website to track your statistics and more! –>

Gingy&rsquo;s World of Nations [SMP] {Towny} {…

Gingy’s World of Nations [SMP] {Towny} {Custom Terrain} {McMMO}

Server IP:


GWN has an emphasis on community. Our goal is to get a great community of like-minded individuals where we can play minecraft, make friendships, and most of all have fun!



After searching through many plugins to use as our main gamemode, we decided on Towny. Towny is the most feature-heavy and user-friendly plugin there is for building towns and nations. I do understand that this plugin is quite complicated, and command heavy, so I have also added the /tgui plugin to help ease new players into the game. This handy plugin displays all of Towny’s commands in a easy to understand GUI. Of course, people who prefer the regular Towny commands can still do so.

Custom Terrain

We now use the Biome Bundle pack of Open Terrain Generator (OTG). This mega pack includes over 400 biomes and 2000 custom structures. This is exploration at its finest for our community! You can find loot or a new home at the custom structures.


We are using the most popular RPG plugin out there. McMMO brings 13 different skills that you can level up. All of them are extremely well made. We have some additional addons installed to put your skilling fun to the next level. Both of these can be toggled in game, if you prefer not to use them.

Exp Bar – This uses the Boss Bar API to show an experience bar at the top of your screen. Action Messages – This will display McMMO messages in the action bar instead of in chat, making it far less spammy.

Other Features

We also have many other features on the server, and we have plans to add even more:

  • Better Drops to display name tags on dropped weapons/armor.
  • An easy to navigate market where you can buy almost any item, including custom heads
  • Sell any item with one command. Enchantments, and durability are included in the value.
  • Sell your things in the auction house
  • 10 playtime ranks
  • Safari Nets
  • Complete discord integration and rank synchronization
  • ChestShop

Click here to see our rules: