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Merchant Villages [PVE] {Unlimited Land} {Land…

Merchant Villages [PVE] {Unlimited Land} {Land claim} {No Griefing} {Dynmap}


Friendly Players, Small Community, Mature Staff, No Griefing

Have you had enough of childish drama, disrespectful players and rude staff ruining your Minecraft Experience? If so your long search for a fun Minecraft server is over.

Welcome to Merchant Villages! 🙂

What makes us different?

We strive to be the server you’ve been looking for with a fun, friendly and mature environment. MV is well established having been online since January of 2013. We have a strong economy originally based off the NPC trades created by Mojang with EssentialsEco, Chestshop, Shopkeepers, Auctions and other plugins to make trading with other players easy and fun!

What else do we have to offer?

  • No plot limits. Your region will expand as you build.
  • Everything protected – No griefing, everything logged
  • Four home sets and more as you rank
  • Combat cooldown removed
  • Random tp; No starting in overpopulated areas
  • 50% more diamonds in the ground.
  • Fall damage off – Creeper and ghast block damage off
  • Craftbook which includes pipes, wireless redstone, and much more
  • Creative plot world
  • Minigames including parkour, spleef, hunger games and more!
  • Friendly rules including (1) Respect other players, (2) No offensive language, (3) no hacks, and of course (4) No griefing.

So come join the Merchant Villages family for the most fun-filled Minecraft experience available!

The Pixel Era [SMP] {1.13} {Whitelist} {Mature…

The Pixel Era [SMP] {1.13} {Whitelist} {Mature Community} {Economy} {Land Claim} {Hand Made Builds}

The Pixel Era

Hello, and welcome to The Pixel Era. If you’re a mature player who loves to play Minecraft with a group of people that love to kick back and relax, this is the right place for you.

The Pixel Era is a very relaxed community of mature players that love to come online, build and chat with each other. We have a community of players from across the globe. We’ve been around since July of 2017 which is fairly recent, so we’ve still got plenty of space for players to build and create what they want.

About The Pixel Era:

As mentioned above, the server was created in July of 2017. We’ve grown quite a bit since then however we still maintain a small player base with members from all around the globe. We’re a Semi-Vanilla server meaning we try to keep things as close to the original style of gameplay as we can, this includes building everything by hand. However we do have a few exceptions, with plugins such as McMMO, ChestShop, and Grief Prevention, these are all lightweight plugins that enhance our gaming experience and connect our community!

What type of players are you?

We are all mature players with average lives who like to kick back and relax with each other on a day to day basis. We understand that sometimes it is easy to lose motivation, so we do have some players that come and go, but none the less it’s always fun to have them around. We have players who range in age from 16 to over 30. We are open to players with families however we try to keep things mature and professional.

Players we want:

Although we are a public server and welcome all sorts of people, we love players who are looking to make a difference. Players that want to get involved in the community and contribute by being an active member on our website, building things in game for the community, hosting server events, or something as simple as having a shop. We want players that want to be part of a community, not just players who are focused on themselves.

******************************* Essential Features *********************************
– Version 1.13
– Semi – Vanilla
– Whitelist
– Land Protection
– Economy

********* Game Altering Features *********
– Random Teleport (/rtp)
– World Border
– Player Shops
– Admin Sell Shop (Sell your basic items (Cobblestone) to the Admin Shop for in game cash)
– Hourly Claim Block Bonus

* Voting Features *
– Vote Rewards ($150 in game cash and xp per vote)
– Lucky Votes (1/10 change of winning something special with every vote)
– Vote Based Ranks (Each time you vote, you get closer to a rank up ex: 4 votes are required to become a member)
– Rank Based Vote Rewards (With every rank up, you are rewarded with more /sethomes, and better lucky vote rewards)

***************** Rules and Regulations ******************
– Be curteous and respect others.
– Don’t use tools that give you an unfair advantage. (X-ray, hacking clients)
– One user per account.
– Don’t Grief. This includes stealing / hurting player’s pets.
– Respect the landscape. Remember to replant trees and cut them fully.
– Don’t build random towers or shafts in the world.
– No random killing, this will result in jail time.
– Don’t build anything to harm other players. (Traps)
– Don’t build next to someone without their permission.
– Remember to keep a polite tone.

How to join:

you must leave a comment on this thread answering the following questions! We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible! You could also apply on our website for a faster response.


  • ign :
  • Age :
  • What intrests you about us :
  • Tell us a little about yourself:
  • How will you contribute to our community :

Quick Tip:

To get a faster reply, try applying on our website!

Website: []

MossyNet [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.1…

MossyNet [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.13} {Discord}

Welcome to the New World!

We have a sizable base of wonderful players, but we’re looking for more. Almost everybody on the server is friendly, honest, and trustworthy. I’ve been a member of many servers in the past, but the reason I’ve stuck with the MossyNet community is simply that our community is that good.

The world is still pretty new, having just restarted after the big update. Come and help us build community projects from scratch, or set out and do your own thing.

Rules: No griefing No stealing Slurs are not allowed, though regular profanity is.

You can find more information at our subreddit, /r/MossyNetReborn, and there is a whitelist request page there, if you don’t feel like coming back to the comments here.

The address for the server is:

Also, check out our Discord at

NeatoBuilds [semi-vanilla]{Amplified}{Survival…

NeatoBuilds [semi-vanilla]{Amplified}{Survival}{Vanilla}{Creative}

Welcome Everyone

We have been running strong since 2015 with a simple motto, play as if you were on single player, but with friends. What this means to us is you have the freedom to play and build wherever and as large as you want.  

We try to be as open as possible with how we run the server and configure the server to have the best performance while keeping everything players build working. We never reset the world, and we make constant backups of the server files just in case. Everything is safe and secure all the way back to 2015 (that’s terabytes of backups). The way we keep it fresh is by changing the world spawn point every year so new players can find new areas easier and old players can keep on building.

On our website/forum you will find all the plugins we use, and how the server is configured if you start running into problems you can better track down what might be causing the issue and we can work together to find the best compromise.

We keep things simple, no crazy plugins, no overwhelming rules, no pay to win. We do have a patreon but we do not give any in game bonuses for supporting the server. Players who play on the server and are able to can help keep the server running for as little as 1 dollar a month, completely optional. Think of us as a not for profit community minecraft server.

Server: we host our server with Serverminer, and have 8gbs of memory We have three worlds, all set to hard difficulty CreepyHut: Amplified survival with keep items on death Mews: Vanilla survival Creative: to test things out

Plugins: Coreprotect: this helps us get rid of griefers quick and easy without rolling back the entire server. Worldguard: protects our hub and spawn from mob damage or griefers but otherwise not extensively used. Essentials: helps run the server with more configuration and allows colored names which you get to choose and sign shops to be able to trade more securely with others DiscordSRV: lets us use discord to chat with players in game Herochat: Lets us have multiple channels like near, which lets you talk to players around you easily without sending it across the whole server or discord. Multiverse: this helps us keep all our worlds, we are a collection of multiple realms that hit a wall in performance with realms so we switched to a server. Anti-xray plugin: this helps prevent players with xray clients


  1. Don’t build too close to someone else, 500 blocks distance preferred
  2. Do not steal, do not grief, PVP only with consent
  3. No over exploitative builds, please ask a mod before building something you think is an exploit

Server IP

Website: the website has a link to our discord as well

Altitude Community [SMP] {McMMO} {Land Claimin…

Altitude Community [SMP] {McMMO} {Land Claiming} {Discord} {Supports 1.13}

Our Website:

Our Rules:

Our Discord:


1.13 is Here!

We are building our community for 1.13! We are looking for players who want a laid-back survival experience with a strong push for community interaction. We currently support 1.13 clients, so you can join the server now, but the server is on 1.12.2 until 1.13.1 drops, since 1.13 is still quite buggy. We will be starting a new 15K by 15K world (starting size, it expands by 1K every month) when we update. This is a perfect opportunity to start fresh with an equal playing field on a well-established server.

Who are we?

Altitude is home to players young and old from all around the globe, and here, everyone is family. We originally opened in 2015 and we’ve started a new world for every major Minecraft release since then. Altitude is your place to get together with friends and relax – and maybe enjoy some survival too. Altitude is intended for older players, but all are welcome!

1.13 Update Plan

We planned to drop a new world when 1.13 released, but quickly found out that 1.13 is full of bugs – including one that makes structures less likely to generate in the world! So, once 1.13.1 is released, we will be releasing our new world almost immediately. Players are allowed to carry over 16 chests/shulkers worth of stuff to the new world, so now is the time to start gathering materials! Hop online, scrape the current world of it’s resources, and store them in your transfer plot on the server. (More info online).

Server Features:

  • Land claiming with GriefPrevention
  • Basic teleportation (/home and /back)
  • McMMO & MyPet
  • Dynmap (
  • Economy with player shops
  • Custom warp plugin for towns
  • Monthly server events  

“Best server I’ve played on, and I’ve been playing for 4 years. Come to Altitude

for a well-designed, mature, tight-knit, and community-oriented server.” -Adam (Skwerrul)

Server IP:

The DSSR Server [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{Discord}{…

The DSSR Server [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{Discord}{1.13}

The DSSR is an established server, with a tight knit community that always welcomes new players. We have just had a map reset around a month ago and have updated to 1.13, so if you’re looking for a new map with a dedicated player base, then this is the server for you. We average around 5-22 players on at all times.

We are a fully vanilla server with the difficulty set to Hard. The core group of players has been together for close to two years, and many more players have joined since then. Our Discord server is very active, and with a whitelist with close to 120 players we have a large variety of people to play with. You won’t find any players under the age of 16, as it is our age limit (although if you are close to your birthday an exception might be made, but this will be decided when you apply).

Our mod team is experienced, and deals with everyone and every problem fairly. While they keep things from getting out of hand in game, they do not decide the fate of the server. Any major thing/issue/suggestion/change are voted for as a group, so every member has a say in what happens to the server. Every suggestion is considered, no matter who you are.

If a classic Vanilla experience with mature players in a grief free environment is what you’ve been searching for, then we have a home for you.

Our rules are pretty standard:

1. Griefing is NOT allowed! Nowadays it’s easy to find out who did damage to other players using their player data. A simple rollback can repair all the damage but the player who griefed will be punished. Note: TNT is allowed on the server, but not for destruction of spawn or other players’ properties.

2. Stealing is NOT allowed! Taking items from other players without their permission is a serious crime! It’s really rude and it brings you a direct ban. When you are desperate and just quickly need some materials you can ask another player but really you should be getting everything yourself.

3. DO NOT ask for items! Everyone on this server is equal, and we all play survival mode. Even the mods(they will only be using creative to fix some technical issues or checking for cheaters). So play the game fair without being annoying and have fun.

4. Mods/client ARE NOT ALLOWED. Using mods like x-ray will get you instantly banned. Don’t cheat because the punishment is always the same! The only allowed mod is Optifine, and if you got any questions for other mods you can ask us freely!

5. Be civil and kind, bullying is not tolerated. Any racism will result in a permanent ban You can always report a player for doing something illegal/bad in the Support board in this forum.

6. DO NOT deface/make spawn look ugly. We have already got a plan for that area, so if you want to make to build your own building be sure that you go a little bit further from spawn, the direction doesn’t matter.

Notes: As for the discord invite link, once you have successfully been voted in by the other server members who review your application and take a vote on whether you should be allowed to join or not, only then will you get the discord invite link. +7 Yes to no votes are needed to be able to join the server.

If this is a server that you feel is a good fit for you, please fill out an application on our forum.

(You will have to create an account)

A Scoop of Vanilla [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Whiteli…

A Scoop of Vanilla [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.12}


Subreddit: /r/Asov

Server Location: East Coast Canada

Current Map Start Date: 12/1/2017

To apply for admission: Application

Who are we?

A Scoop of Vanilla is a friendly Minecraft orientated gaming community and has been in operation for over 5 years. We just started our 7th map on December 1st 2017. This is a long-term map with no reset planned for at least a year. Here is a community made photo album of their first week on the new map! While Minecraft is our main love, many in the community also play many other games together such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and PUBG. We are a very welcoming, friendly, and inclusive community from all over the world looking to grow and meet new friends.

What makes us different

Our community is the defining feature of the server. A Scoop of Vanilla has a server culture of being extremely friendly and social. It is not uncommon for members to end up exchanging contact information or adding each other on social media and becoming friends beyond the scope of the game. As far as server operation goes our admin team has taken it upon themselves to host the server at personal cost, not asking for or accepting any donations. Thus, avoiding all donation scheme shenanigans.

Server Features

  • 99.99% Vanilla Gameplay Experience

  • Established Positive Community

  • Fun and Fair Staff

  • Weekly Server events and games

  • Monthly UHCs

  • World Border of +/- 10k

  • Overviewer Map

  • Grief Protection

  • Dedicated Server (not a partition. not shared. Only ASOV)

  • Steam Group

  • Very Active Discord Group

Server Rules

  • No griefing or stealing

  • Be nice. No harassment of any kind.

  • PVP is NOT allowed. Unless both parties agree to it.

  • You break it, you fix it.

  • No Spam

  • Full list of rules can be found here as well as on our subreddit /r/Asov

Want to Join?

We are looking for players who enjoy building and playing the game. We welcome all players new and experienced. We welcome all ages but expect a high level of maturity from all players regardless of age. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards theft, griefing and drama making. To apply simply click here and fill out a quick application. We look at all applications within 24 hours and will respond in a fast and timely manner.


Jarl_Big_Johnson, Fh2Hi, Mitt_Zombie, and Kazra


Synthmarie and Fo11ow3r


Worldguard, CoreProtect, Worldedit, Discordsrv

These plugins are only used for rollback purposes in very rare events of griefing. There are no “land claims” or “locked chests” or “teleports” or other any other non-vanilla interactions.

Server Hardware

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (4c/8t @ 3.4GHz+)
  • RAM: 32GB
  • SSD: 3 x 120GB – RAID5
  • OS: Debian 7 Wheezy
  • Shared? NOPE!

Thanks for reading and if you feel that A Scoop of Vanilla is a good match for what you seek in a server I invite you to apply today!

TheBricks! [SMP] Version 1.13 IP: thebricks.b…

TheBricks! [SMP]

Version 1.13 IP:


Come join us on The Bricks!

With a small community, we can guarantee that you will not only have loads of fun, but meet new friends!

We provide grief insurance (staff rebuilds griefed creations) and have specific rules to make an amazing community for everyone! We constantly try to make improvements to the server to insure an enjoyable time.

We are a very friendly server looking forward to meeting new people and having a blast in the new 1.13 Update Aquatic. We hope to see you there!

[Tap to visit website](


Version 1.13 IP:

RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2-1.13}{UK} Quick In…

RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2-1.13}{UK}

Quick Information

  • Server Name: RENMX
  • Server Locale: United Kingdom, London
  • Website:
  • Server Address/IP:
  • Version: 1.12.2 (1.13 protocol support)
  • Game Play Types: [SMP] {Towny}
  • Additional Worlds: Anarchy, Creative, Skyblock (We use BungeeCord)
  • PVP Status: Off by default, players have to enable it to PVP.

General Description

RENMX is a professionally run eight year old survival towny server with an active community. We are a medium sized server with between 15 to 25 players online at our peaks.

We own our server hardware and have not wiped our survival map since April 2012! – There is no chance of us going away and your creations will stay available on our survival map for years to come.

Our players and staff are friendly and approachable, we work hard to maintain a fun inclusive environment that encourages social play. You won’t find staff abusing their power, nor will you find players acting out or receiving attention for bad behaviour.

If you would like to read our rules you can find them at and you can find our full user guide intended for players at if you have any specific questions feel free to write those in a comment to this post.

Unique Features

We have two admin ranked programmers at RENMX and we work tirelessly to bring fun and engaging experiences to our server both through in-game plugins and web applications on our website. Not novelties but things you’ll actually find useful. Below is a list of some of our custom features.

  • Warehouse An unlimited storage for all your materials which supports automatic inventory management!
  • Cards Discover, acquire and collect more than 240 unique cards that have redeemable effects, items, abilities and custom artwork
  • Auctions Buy, auction and sell in-game items and cards with other players
  • Shop Buy and invest in items and abilities with in-game money for love and profit
  • Referrals Invite your friends to our server and earn in-game money while doing it
  • Payme Earn in-game money each minute just by playing. You can also increase how much you earn per minute through cards, votes and referrals.
  • Betting Bet your in-game money on our jackpot for your chance to win big!
  • Easter Eggs Hidden around our spawn you’ll find more than 25 playable puzzles. Each one is hand built by our players and staff with unique cards available for completing them.
  • Reporter Had your décor forcibly altered? Want to take over an abandoned build? Then our /report system has you covered, simply typing /report <message> will see your problem resolved quickly.
  • Private Messaging Our custom private messaging system works cross-server with single and group chat support, including contact lists, user/group aliases and fully browsable/searchable message history!
  • + Many More We have plenty more custom features including our passwordless web login system, chat helper bot, votifier system, player build image gallery, admin control panel, pvp toggler and custom craft recipes but to name a few

Common Features / General Amenities

We make use of many common plugins that provide standard features players have come to expect including private messaging, mailing, teleporting, web-based real-time mapping, in-game player operated chest-shops, colour formatted chat, block logging and so forth.

In addition to these common features we also offer facilities including a forum, IRC chat and a steam group.


As our rules are always being improved I would urge you to read our full and upto date rule list at our website but I have summarised the key points into the following paragraph

Don’t touch things that don’t belong to you, be nice to fellow players, don’t hassle players or staff, don’t spam in chat, don’t share links to adult content, no trolling, harassing, insulting, sexism, racism, homophobia or ageism and no advertising. Swearing is allowed but not excessively.

Server Specifications and Backup Policy

We own and self-host all the hardware listed below, none of it is rented so there is no danger of us closing down due to a lack of donations.

Main Server:

CPU: Dual Intel XEON E5-2667 v2’s which each have 8 Cores / 16 Threads / 3.6-4GHz with 25MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 8 x 8GB (64GB) of DDR3 ECC RAM setup in an 8 Channel configuration (102.4GB/s).
SSD’s: 1 x Samsung 512GB 850 Pro (OS/Databases) and 1 x Samsung 256GB 850 Pro (Minecraft).
Hard Disks: 6 x 2TB Samsung Hard Drives in RAID6 + 4TB Toshiba External Hard Drive, both for Backups only.
Network Card: Intel X540-T2 Dual 10Gb/s networking

Backup Server:

CPU: Single Intel Core i7 3930K which has 6 Cores / 12 Threads / 3.2-3.8GHz with 12MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 2 x 4GB (8GB) of DDR3 RAM setup in a 2 Channel configuration (25.6GB/s).
SSD’s: 2 x 120GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD’s (OS/Databases and Minecraft).

Enterprise Router:

CPU: Single Intel Core i5 4590S which has 4 Cores / 4 Threads / 3.0-3.6GHz with 6MB of L3 Cache.
RAM: 4 x 4GB (16GB) of DDR3 RAM setup in a 2 Channel configuration (25.6GB/s).
Network Card: Intel X540-T2 Dual 10Gb/s networking.
Internet Connectivity: 400Mb/ps uncapped internet access.

Uninterruptible Power Supply:

UPS: CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD which gives us 900 Watts of peak power draw with a 1500 VA rating. At current specifications (Main Server + Router, Switch and Modem on the UPS) we have 21 minutes of run-time in the event of a power failure to the building.

Backup Policy:

We take server backups very seriously and our approach consists of hourly and daily snapshots with 200 day retention. We backup absolutely everything and that means the entirety of both our SSD’s – The ones that we store Minecraft, our Databases and our Operating System on.

Backups are performed to the 6 x 2TB RAID6 Array noted above with a secondary backup to a single 4TB external hard drive connected directly to the server via USB. We do frequent tests on our backups to make sure they are functioning correctly and are readable.

Pictures and Videos

If you would like to see images of our server before you join you can do so at these are images submitted by our players. You can also visit our official YouTube channel at

Thank you for reading our server post and I hope to see you in-game!

WestCastle SMP [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Community…

WestCastle SMP [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Community} {Grief-Protection} {Whitelist} {Discord}

Welome to the WestCastle SMP!

Server IP:

Our Discord

Why we opened the server

My friend and I, both being big fans of the HermitCraft-Project on YouTube, decided to open our own SMP-Server. In the past we both have played on many similar servers, but for us none of them could get it just right, so here we are with our freshly started server!


We kept the server as vanilla as possible, while providing high security for our players. Our only two plugins are CoreProtect to restore griefing and ban griefers quickly as well as Blocklocker to lock your chests, doors, etc. Everything else is 100% vanilla.

The idea

Our idea was it to create a community driven SMP server on which people of all ages, countries and with different playstyles can have a fun time together. The map on the server is completely fresh, by now we have only started by providing a little infrastructure to make the start more easy. Because of the community aspect it is highly encouraged to stay in the spawn region, but if you for example want to be on your own, you can do it, too! We don’t want to force anything. A naturaly formed community and spawn-town are our visions.

  • The Server-language is english
  • No Griefing
  • No Hacking/ cheating/ glitching/ abusing
  • PvP only with consent
  • Be respectul towards other players and the world
  • No begging
  • No controversial content e.g. in the chat
  • Listen to the Server-Team
  • Land is claimed by placing signs with your name
    • You can claim any land that hasn’t been claimed yet (the first end-portal will be public however)
    • Claims in the spawn-region must be of reasonable size
  • For intense farming we request that you go away from spawn, so that the land won’t get wrecked
  • If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask the server-team
  • Report rule-breaking to the Server-Team to keep the server clean

Unlike many other servers where you have to be a youtuber or streamer, you don’t have to be that here. We are searching for people who enjoy the vanilla minecraft experience and want to be part of a minecraft community. We don’t demand certain online-times or anything like that, but being active and somewhat commited is highly desired. If you want to join the server, just drop you Minecraft username in the comments as well why you want to join and whether you have played on any other SMP in the past. Or you can write a direct message on reddit or on our Discord. This isn’t part of a selection, but it is easier for us when we know a little bit about you. Then we will contact you back and add you to the whitelist.

We are looking forward to your messages!