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Volitank’s Factions [PVP] {McMMO} {Facti…

Volitank’s Factions [PVP] {McMMO} {Factions} {1.13.2}

This server has had a fresh reset as of 21 November 2018

  • Server Name: Volitank’s Factions
  • Server Address:
  • Game Version: 1.13.2
  • Server Locale: Columbus, Ohio
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, PlayerHeads,Wild, WorldEdit, ClearLag, XrayInformer, ChatControl, WorldBorder, Votifier, BetterPvP, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, ShulkerBlock, VotingPlugin, BlowableObsidians, PermissionsEx, ConsoleName, mcMMO, Stats, Bounty, Vault, NoAfkFishingPlugin, MassiveCore, MassiveHat, Essentials, PlayerShops, CreativeGates, SafeTrade, DiscordSRV, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, HorseTpWithMe, MassiveBooks, Vampire, EssentialsSpawn, Factions, CombatLogX, FactionChat

  • Discord Server:

  • Subreddit:

  • Website:

  • Rules:

[1] No Verbal abuse or harassment.

[2] Don’t ask for special permissions or to be modded

[3] Don’t spawn kill new players.

[4] NO Racism

[5] NO cheating. This includes Xray. There will be no warning, you will be banned.

[6] Do not grief a faction you’re a member of.

[7] Do not burn down forests. Keep the landscape pretty.

[8] Alts are not allowed. They will be banned upon discovery.

[9] Don’t sell your faction supplies without consent of the Leader or majority.

[10] No AFK fishing, and no using pools or anything to get around going AFK.

[11] Don’t let people kill you for the bounty. This will result in both of your balances reset.


Unlike most faction servers, Volitank does not give advanced kits or fancy donation ranks. Think of it more like a survival PVP server with Factions. Not an OP factions server

You shall receive a set of stone tools upon joining. Use them wisely, as there are no kits on the server beyond what you get when you first join.

Volitank has a shop by where you spawn in. Only basic Items are here. Each player has their own shop. The commands for playershops are accessed with /ps. Plebs get 1 shop row, Gladiators 2, Praetors 3. You rank up by voting for the server.

Voting for the server will grant you 2 diamonds. There are 3 places you can vote and they can be found on the website or by typing /vote in game. 20 total votes gives you the ability to set 2 homes and 2 playershop rows. 40 total give you 3 homes and 3 playershop rows. 70 4 homes 4 shop rows, 100 5 homes 5 shop rows, 120 6 homes 6 playershop rows and access to /workbench and /hat.

The only game changing plugins currently are Factions, mcMMO, and CombatLog. Factions allows you to build or join a kingdom to better protect you or destroy your foes. mcMMO gives skill levels to reward players who are committed to Volitank. Deaths are also punished as you lose 5% of your skill levels upon death. Players can steal 10% of someones skills when they kill them. With CombatLog you are tagged for combat upon hitting or getting hit by another player. If you are tagged for combat and you log out you will instantly die.

This is a very simple server and is driven by the community. If enough players feel a certain feature should be enacted then that is what happens. I believe this is the best way for server growth. We hope you can find a place in our small community, and that you find great enjoyment from this server. Our server has been dead for quite some time, and I’m trying to get it back up. Thanks for reading.

Looking for Roleplay servers [Wanted] [Semi-va…

Looking for Roleplay servers [Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] {Roleplay} {Fantasy}

Hi all! I love roleplaying and back in the day I played on a lot of roleplay servers. Nowadays when I look for roleplay servers, however, I don’t find them. I’m not looking for those crappy mcmmo, towny kind of “RPG” servers where they think it’s a roleplay server, but actual D&D-like roleplay servers, where you create a story with other players and occasionally have RP events. Anyone got anything? TIA!

UnicornMC 1.14 [SMP] Server – Brand New! {Grey…

UnicornMC 1.14 [SMP] Server – Brand New! {Greylist}

At UnicornMC, we strive to be the best 1.14 Survival server, We’ll have lots of updates, And the server Will start off Vanilla. But Once all the plugins Update, we’ll be sure to do a vote + Add them, Some Plugins that’ll probably be added

All Plugins that have a Question mark will be voted on:

Essentials (For Economy)

Permissions Plugin (For Ranks based on playtime?)


Slimefun? (If There’s a 1.14 Version)

Be Kind to ALL Players
No Greifing/Stealing

No Samming In Chat

No Racism

No Asking for Ranks

No Advertising

Only English In Main Chat

No Hacks (Client side mods are allowed like minimap and etc)

They’ll be no resets, We’ll have a vote at every big update (1.15) If we’d like to reset or not.

Anyway, I hope to see you join the discord. so we can have a discussion about 1.14. And also if enough people join then we will need staff.

Discord Server:

Valoria MC [SMP]{Survival}{1.12.2}{Towny}{Cust…

Valoria MC [SMP]{Survival}{1.12.2}{Towny}{Custom Terrain}{McMMO}{Jobs}{Artifacts}{SlimeFun}

Welcome to Valoria!


Valoria MC is a young 1.12.2 survival server, with friendly staff and members. Some things Valoria has to offer:

  • SlimeFun
  • PvE Dungeon
  • Custom Terrain
  • Towny
  • McMMO
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Achievements
  • Custom Items / Artifacts
  • Heirlooms
  • Pets
  • Quests
  • Daily/Weekly Loot chests
  • Discord (/discord in-game)


One might ask themselves, “What is a Valorian?” A true response would be: we are adventurers, originating from the depths of the sea herself! We’ve come to settle our foundations within a lush valley full of comrades, foes and endless possibility. So, join us friend, and explore the vast lands that are Valoria. Perhaps you, too, shall become a true Valorian!

SunnyShadowz [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] {1.13.2} {Ec…

SunnyShadowz [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] {1.13.2} {Economy} {Raiding} {No Griefing} {Any Language} {Realistic Spawn Town} {Parkour} {Secret Reward Signs} {Discord Sync}

SunnyShadowz is a server based in Sweden that has a lot to offer to differentiate itself from your typical survival server. We started out almost 7 years ago as a build project with very few features but have since entirely revamped the server.

So is this server for you? Well, as of today, you can:

  • Explore a continually expanding town thoughtfully built to mimic a real town and all its components, and find secret rooms with in-game currency rewards.
  • Navigate around town using our interactive map on our website.
  • Complete parkour courses for even bigger rewards.
  • Own an apartment in our town.
  • Own plots of land, big and small, and rent shop booths and chest storage rooms to avoid being raided and to set up your own shops safely.
  • Buy and sell almost every item in the game in our own shops which are spread out over spawn, in facilities that are fitting for what is being sold. Also, if you enjoy building you are in luck, because all building blocks are very cheap!
  • Fight strangers and friends in the Colosseum in town; once you enter you can only get out by using a teleport command.
  • Set 3 teleport locations right from the start, and even more when you rank up (see below).
  • Teleport to your friends.
  • Speak in two channels, “Global” for all languages and “English” for English only.
  • Speak directly to players on the server from our Discord server; chats are synchronized.
  • Be part of a friendly and growing community with staff that will happily answer your questions.

And finally, you can of course play survival, and there are barely any limits here.

Our survival world is as vanilla as they go, the only drawback is that bundles of TNT take longer to explode fully to prevent lag. The world is also running normal difficulty, apologies to any hardcore players out there.

So we are no small feat, and still we are always looking at ways to improve our server. Player feedback is invaluable to us and we will never leave anyone empty handed.

Our staff is also very organized; any issues that show up are placed on a to-do list as soon as we know about it, and dealt with in due time, depending on how critical the issue is. Suggestions on price changes also end up here, because as we are selling over 300 items, keeping it balanced is quite important. Luckily, the system we have in place is robust and allows us to easily modify and re-balance the pricing.


On SunnyShadowz you can progress through a set of ranks:

  • Member
  • VIP
  • VIP+
  • Moderator

You begin as a Member. The rest are obtainable by just playing and sticking to the rules, but by far the easiest one is VIP which gives you access to placing more warps, starting a vote to change the time of day or the weather, purchasing a large plot of land and more. Read up on all the benefits for each rank on our website. Our official warps can be found in the Warp Center right next to where you spawn, and on our website.

Please do not ask us if we need staff because ALL ranks need to be earned.


  1. No griefing (exceptions: The Nether or The End)
  2. Be respectful towards everyone
  3. No excessive swearing
  4. No glitching
  5. No cheats/mods (X-ray, Fly Hack etc.)
  6. No spamming chat (public and private)
  7. No trolling, scamming or rank abuse
  8. No advertising and no links the may contain pornography, racism or disturbing content
  9. No anti-AFK mechanisms
  10. No offensive or intentionally laggy build

OBS! NEVER share personal and/or sensitive information about you, such as your full real name or home address, on public servers in the main chat. If you wish to do so in a private message, please be aware that ALL messages are logged on this server to find players breaking certain rules. Remember to report any bad chat behavior.

Our server is in 24/7 operation but will occasionally go offline for plugin updates, server security updates, Minecraft updates etc.

Every staff member knows both Swedish and English.

If you wish to learn more about SunnyShadowz please visit our website!


You can also contact us on our Discord server if you have any questions!


IP Address:

Server computer specifications for the tech savvy

  • Quad core CPU
  • 10 GB server dedicated RAM
  • 250 GB SSD
  • 250 mbit/s connection

Fusion [SMP]{1.12.2} Fusion is a new project …

Fusion [SMP]{1.12.2}

Fusion is a new project that I’ve been working on for a while. The server has been defined by a warm and welcoming community that’s always eager to see new people join. My main goal for Fusion is to create a server that truly gives a welcoming and fresh feel to the game. I hope to see you on the server some day!


– Respect all players and staff
– Don’t spam chat or be obnoxious in Discord voice channels
– No advertising
– No griefing
– No NSFW content in game chat

Some Features
– A nice beautiful spawn with many secrets to discover
– Economy
– Custom item and decorative head traders
– Crates with cosmetics and other great items
– Custom Enchants
– Quests
– Spawner Shop

Server Information
Host Area: United States


ToastCraft [PvP] {1.13.2} {Survival} {ChestSho…

ToastCraft [PvP] {1.13.2} {Survival} {ChestShop} {GriefPrevention}{SilkSpawners} {Discord}

Welcome to the best thing since sliced bread.

PVP / PVE survival server – do not accept teleport requests from strangers!

Grief prevention

Silk touch spawners

Mob egg drops

PVP player head drops



“Safe” Spawn Region

• Custom terrain? (we f’d up, but we like it so it’s staying)

• Website:

• Server Address: PLAY.TOASTMC.NET

• Discord Link:

• IRC link: #ToastCraft on (for you old school people)


  1. No griefing.

  2. No spamming.

  3. No cheating or exploits.

  4. Do not impede staff.

  5. Chat is pretty lenient and you may say most things. In the case of harassment or personal attacks, it is strongly encouraged to use /ignore, mute, block, etc. Please ping a mod or admin if you need further assistance.

Join our discord or visit our website for more info.

PrestigiousMC [SMP] {Creative} {Easter Event A…

PrestigiousMC [SMP] {Creative} {Easter Event Active} {Jobs} {McMMO} {Towny} {Epic Spawn} {Holiday Events!} {Anti-grief} {Insane Parkour} {Tier Gear} {Socket Gems} {Achievements}

✩ Towny, Survival and Creative! ✩ Anti-grief ✩ Custom mobs and bosses! ✩ 100+ Name tags to earn! ✩ Earn & upgrade your own Tiered gear/weapons! ✩ Holiday Events! ✩ Lovely community! ✩ McMMO & Jobs! ✩ Easy, Medium, Hard & Insane Parkour Maps ✩ World Livemap! ✩ & lots more! ✩

Server IP:




We have a lot to offer, Have a look below:

– Towny OR Survival: You can either join a town or wander off into the survival world and setup a home somewhere! If you don’t feel like being adventurous then you can claim a plot outside of spawn.

– Self-serve protection and anti-grief: You get a Protection block when you join, this can be used to claim land to prevent players interacting with your area. Futhermore, you can lock your doors and chests! If you forget to protect land and do get griefed, Keep calm, One of our friendly and trained staff members will fix everything!

– Custom mobs and bosses: Take on a new challenge with our 10 unique mobs and 4 new bosses for you to kill. Each boss has unique drops such as Speed boost gear, shield that grants bonus health, Collectable pets and chat tags!

– Keep items on death: You will no longer lose your hours worth of mining by falling in lava or losing your items from a sneaky creeper. You keep all of your items on death.

– Good Economy with player shops: Choose a job and earn money from doing tasks or earn money by setting up your own store!

– Chat Tags/Titles: Earn unique tags by reaching max level on jobs, Killing bosses, Buy with in-game money and taking part in annual events, there is over 100 different chat tags to be collected!

– McMMO: Level up skills to gain extra powers or Become #1 on skills leaderboard. Your total level appears below your name so you can show off your skills.

– Earn and upgrade your own Tiered gear/weapons: Mobs in the spawn Mobarena & custom bosses around the world may drop tokens, These are used to buy powerful gear and weapons. There are 3 tiers of gear/weapons!. This gear has a unique feature called Sockets which are filled using Socket gems. Gems are found randomly when killing monsters and range from level 1 to 5.

– Very friendly community: We strongly believe that the community is the heart of a server, Our community members come first and we will make sure everybody feels like they are part of it! We have built up a strong community over the past 3-4 years and we’re always looking for mature and friendly players to join us!

Server Rules:

  • Rule 1: No Griefing!
  • Rule 2: No Stealing/raiding
  • Rule 3: Respect other players
  • Rule 4: No profanity in chat

Server IP:


Viridia [Vanilla][SMP][Realms]{Australian}{Whi…

Viridia [Vanilla][SMP][Realms]{Australian}{Whitelist}{18+}


I have just opened a brand new realm.

I am looking to build a strong community of regular players.

If you are looking for a realm that won’t disappear overnight and a group of future friends that will work with you to build a fantastic server than this is the server for you!
This realm is Hard, Survival and will be operating long term with no resets.

We have a discord where we can communicate freely and show off our builds and adventures.

Comment (or inbox) IGN and why you would make a good addition to this realm and I will get back to you!

My Rules:

-Be Mature

-No Griefing

-No Exploiting

– At least 18 years old

– Spawn must be kept clear roughly 100 blocks around it.

-Have Fun

If you break any of these roles, depending on the circumstances and regularity you will be warned once and then banned – pending decisions by me and other regular players involved.

A bit about me

– I am a 20 something avid Australian Minecraft player.

– I am a capable builder, I enjoy building tree houses and fantasy-esque realms in jungles/dark forest.

– I enjoy working with other players and will often be available to help other players out.

– I also love building villages and shared player areas

Discord info:

Our discord involves a little bit of ranking and admin roles that will be decided on a players accomplishment of tasks and commitment to the realm.

Looking forward to playing with you!

Arcane Survival [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] [PvE] {Gr…

Arcane Survival [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] [PvE] {Greylist} {Discord}

Arcane Survival

Arcane Survival is a 100% legitimate, Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server. We value a legitimate server and a strong community! No items have ever been spawned in. We’ve never switched into creative mode or installed WorldEdit in our survival world. Everything you see has been placed or mined how it should be – by hand!

We have wonderful staff members, a close-knit community of over four years old, and a map that was generated in Minecraft 1.13 just over one year ago. There will be no map reset for the foreseeable future. We have conquered The End, so we are focusing on making quality builds and sharing a friendly environment.

We have a great community going. Most of us are active on Discord, so you’ll always have somebody to talk to while you play.


  1. Respect – No negativity or derogatory behaviors. Causing any kind of harm is not allowed.
  2. Cheating – Some mods are allowed, but ones that give unfair advantages are not allowed.
  3. Stealing – No stealing or griefing! PvP is allowed, but ask the opposing party first!
  4. Building – Don’t build too close to other players without permission.
  5. Community – Keep a good community going!

For details, we strongly encourage you to read up on them over here!

Server Information

Come visit us! If you’d like to join us, type /apply in-game for a link to to fill out a quick greylist application. If you want to apply first, follow this link to get started. Don’t forget to join our Discord!