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The Arcane Society [SMP] {Questing} {Lore} {To…

The Arcane Society [SMP] {Questing} {Lore} {Towny} {Economy} {Dungeons} {Player Run} {Unlimited Building} {Survival} {1.13.2}


Featuring a lovely community, a relaxing/chill survival experience; which can be as simple or complex as you make it.




Community Pages!



Other Documents for the Interested


So… What’s the deal? Below are features that we offer!

  • Survival – Regular, and just the way it was when you built your first dirt home all those years ago!
  • Minimal Plugins – To be honest, we’re tired of lazy servers. Run by the same plugins, same things to do, same everything. We’re bringing it back to the roots. This server offers everything a heavily modified server offers, but we do it with class. No plugin, all people, all effort. This offers player versatility, and the chance to do quite literally anything they want.
  • Quests – What we call dynamic quests. These are handmade stories, which prove to be very difficult. No B.S here, a quest is server wide and can only be done ONCE. When a quest is completed, said player(s) who completed it push the entire servers story forward. Unlock new features, go down in server history forever, and of course… get rewarded!
  • Lore – This server also features a very deep story, one that can’t be looked up. Remember the days when you played Runescape and didn’t know how anything worked? Remember how there was no website that had all the answers? That’s what you’ll find here. Clues are scattered across the world; and YOU can be the one to uncover them. All of what we know, is uncovered by players. Find a dungeon? Delve it, to learn something brand new; and teach others what you find.
  • Dungeons – Handmade super-powered dungeons are the end game. Only for the hardcore players. These dungeons feature limited inventory, a cash reward, exclusive dungeon gear, high difficulty… the works.
  • Organic Ruins – Players can report other player made structures they believe are vacant or unused. Said structures will then begin to rot, rotting structures become overgrown, and break down overtime! The items left over become scattered, for the next player to find! Reporting a building grants a cash reward.
  • Player Run Towns – All towns in this server are run by players, and built in survival. Towns which become big enough are able to become an official town! These towns choose between two separate factions, either becoming an industrious town, or a religious town. These towns become part of the server story/lore!
  • Economy – This server features a credit system which is used for a variety of things. You can trade credits with players for gear, items… anything they offer! Credits can be spent on entering dungeons, or used on Quests; and biggest of all… Credits ARE your grief protection. Should your property be destroyed, you incur a credit amount which has to be payed in order to have it instantly repaired. If you can’t afford the repair cost, you can get a bill. Which allows you infinite time to gain the credits needed. Players do not need to use economy, if they prefer hand fixing everything that is always an option. There are no chest shops, players are encouraged to trade goods between themselves and form authentic bonds. Not ones with a chest.
  • Ranks – We offer a ranking system that rewards players who, well… PLAY! Each rank is used as a show for status and achievement. Nothing more! Players who continue to achieve greatness are rewarded with special prefixes and suffixes. An example… if a player named Bill Nye completed many quests in their day. They can get a suffix to make their new name Bill Nye the hero, or a prefix like [Hero] Bill Nye
  • Seamless World Updating – Let’s be honest, server wipes suck, and are extremely lazy. We offer the opposite. If you spend a ton of time building, you can sleep easy knowing we announce on Discord and Instagram when the world is being upgraded. Then you have until the NEXT update to request a home/village/whatever being moved. Here’s an example, if you build a ton of stuff in Minecraft 1.13; and 1.14 rolls out. The 1.13 world is kept as a secret warp for admins, if you request your house to be moved, we will go to the coordinates, check that it’s yours, and copy it into the new world so you never lose your progress! The 1.13 world would be kept until 1.15 comes out, then it is moved offline and the 1.14 world becomes the back up for players to request homes from.
  • Events – As the server grows, we’ll begin offering competitions by the week! These can range from gaining a certain amount of materials in a week, to building competitions! The player who wins is rewarded, and has their creation added to spawn!
  • Curated – This server has very lenient rules, because we feel the most fun is had when everyone is in a relaxing situation. However this server IS curated by staff.
  • Unlimited Building – We don’t like pesky world borders. You want to know what we’re set at? 30 million by 30 million. Have fun!


Current world size is 30.1GB!


DimCraft [Vanilla]{1.13.2}{Whitelist}{Communit…

DimCraft [Vanilla]{1.13.2}{Whitelist}{Community/Discord}

Help build our small community of 4 YouTubers. We are actively seeking youtubers who want to play the latest version of Minecraft and record their lets plays. We’ve been playing as a very small group for the last few years and recently had a full reset when 1.13 was released. We want to add more diversity to our group and to do more collaborations.


  • A 12GB dedicated server hosted by EpicHosts in the UK
  • Customizable armor stands
  • One player sleep
  • A small but strong community of Minecraft Let’s Play youtubers
  • Community shopping area and projects
  • World resets only occur when there is a massive update that needs a reset to use


No griefing or stealing, be mature and an active member of the server and community!

YouTube channel:

Discord Channel:

Contact Wits in Discord for more info

Nightly Server Co. [Semi-vanilla] Nightly Ser…

Nightly Server Co. [Semi-vanilla]

Nightly Server Co. is a semi-vanilla experience, with a bit of a twist. Your job as a newly found explorer is to venture out within the depths of the wild, constructing builds, fighting others, and defending your land. Griefing is not allowed, but unlocked chests and entering unlocked buildings is completely acceptable! We started not too long ago, with a goal of a vanilla-based community that would also allow players to have specific plugin based abilities. We have extremely reliable staff, who will answer your questions at all costs. In addition, we like to keep everything about our server professional. People have fun, but extreme immaturity is not tolerated. We are an extremely laid back community, and we believe our server is unique and will continue to grow with the support of players and our staff team! Our server is updated through Beta versions quite often, adding upgrades and suggestions that we have received from the community. When you join into our server, you will be greeted by multiple paths you are able to take. Although they are posted here, we encourage you to read our server rules and info before anything! Then, you may go to the other side of spawn and teleport out into the wild and start your adventure. You will begin with a small amount, but that is the point! We love all of our players, and everyone will be shown respect. Thank you for reading our description! We hope to see you there!



With PVP being enabled in the wild, killing each other is fair game. Unless a truce is properly made, any sort of attack towards a fellow player is legal. Be careful! If you properly made a truce with someone and you were betrayed, let us know!

Finally, if you would like to apply for staff, you must have a decent amount of play-time, and fit the standards of our application, found on our website. We usually require at least a couple weeks of playtime, consistency, and maturity.

Key Features: Pure Vanilla experience with only slight modifications. LWC, and Donation perks.

[1] Griefing is not allowed. However, unlocked chests and unlocked buildings are legal to raid.

[2] Keep swearing to a minimum.

[3] Do not spam in chat. This includes caps lock, repeated messages, and/or IP addresses.

[4] Advertising other servers is not allowed.

[5] Do not exploit bugs or glitches, please report them to a staff member immediately.

[6] No racism or sexism of any kind is allowed.

[7] Be respectful to everyone, regardless of rank.

[8] Using a hacked client or cheat of any kind is prohibited.

[9] Please do not use an automated mob grinder or XP grinder.

Hydro Vanilla SMP [Vanilla] {1.13.2} {16+} {Wh…

Hydro Vanilla SMP [Vanilla] {1.13.2} {16+} {Whitelist} {Enhanced Vanilla} {Discord}


Hi! Welcome to Hydro Vanilla SMP SEASON 2!!
We have reset Season 1 and started Season 2 three weeks ago, so our map is completely new, fresh with amazing players and an epic community. We are a tight nit playerbase that are very active and friendly!

This server is looking for mature people (16+) who like to enjoy the gameplay of Vanilla Minecraft with a great and starting community.

If you like to join this server, and want to be a part of the community then click the Discord link below and write your application!

Datapacks and addons:

SinglePlayer sleep
Dragon Drops Elytra
Xisumas More Mob Head
SilkSpawners (mine a spawner with a gold silk touch pick to get the spawner)
Anti Enderman Grief
Renewable Coral
Hydro SMP Tag
Universal Dyeing

The Rules:
No Griefing
No Stealing
No Abuse in chat
No Cheating (X-Ray resource packs, map modifcation mods that allow you to see caves, etc)
No Duplicating

If you feel like you could be a good addition to this server feel free to apply with the Discord link above! hope to see you soon! 🙂 – Tehlo

Looking for a small community [Wanted][SMP] I…

Looking for a small community [Wanted][SMP]

I’ve been trying on and off for the past year and a half to find a nice community. I’m not looking for something large, like 1000 players or something. What I really like is a small community of 20~60 constant players. I really like survival and I’m not really interested in minigames at all. Does anyone know of a group that fits these kind of specifications? But the main problem I’ve been facing is the community just evaporating, and the server eventually dying out.

In short:

20~60 players (I don’t mind a small hundred).

Survival or survival-like (factions for example but not overly influenced by plugins)

1.12.2 or 1.13

Mods are more than okay.

Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.13.2…

Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.13.2}{Fresh Reset}


We are currently going through a phase to reset the world, allowing the world to strive and ideas to run wild. The planned date for the reset is December 15, so if you want to join in on the fresh start, hop in now!

Lasagn is a whitelisted SMP server established June 8, 2018. Our community is a bunch of great fellas wanting to play the game and construct big projects together. We are your average joe vanilla server with a friendly and welcoming community. We also love input from the community, so if you have ideas on how we can improve or add to the server, just send us a message! Our server is vanilla, with a few plugins that help us moderate the server.

We like the atmosphere of our server to be a mature, low stress, and chill environment. So if you just like to chill and have fun playing some games, this server is perfect for you.

Server Settings – Hard mode, 1.13.2, Vanilla

What we have to offer:

  • Soft Border – You will be able to explore to your hearts content, but everything outside the 5k soft border might be deleted for future content.
  • Semi Vanilla – This server is running Spigot and we have only added plugins that have NO effect on the vanilla feel. So NO tpa, land protecting, or any plugins altering vanilla mechanics.
  • Dedicated Server – This server is hosted by a reliable hosting company, meaning that we should have 100% up-time and multiple servers on our box for a creative server, etc.
  • Other various features – Such as dynmap, mob head loot tables, custom loot tables, datapacks, and many more
  • Whitelisted – Filtered out griefers and trolls
  • Close knit community – We aren’t like those servers that accept you on and never talk to you again. We love the community on the server and the staff are very welcoming to new people!


  1. Respect other players and don’t be a rude dude. If you have any problems with players contact a mod or staff.
  2. No game changing mods, this is a vanilla server. Things like JourneyMap, BetterVillagerTrading, and most QOL mods are fine, but anything that’ll give you an unfair advantage (X-ray, PVP hacks, etc) or server-side is not allowed.
  3. Don’t ruin people’s experience. This basically means don’t be annoying or intrusive, and let people do what they want if it is not breaking the rules.
  4. The answer to the last question on the application is “Penguin” 🙂
  5. Don’t grief. Pranks are fine, but destruction of property, non-consensual PVP, and stealing are not.
  6. Don’t steal. If the chest isn’t marked free, or you don’t have explicit permission from the owner, don’t take from it.

Want to join?

We are looking for players who want to enjoy building and enjoying the game. We are currently accepting ages 16+, but also expect a high level of maturity from everyone. To apply, simply head over to the discord and click the application prompt that is included :).


Administrators: Hilltest, Omgtrees, Jun

Mods: Kaz, RexDeorum, Bevan




Specs for the curious

CPU – Intel ® Xeon ® E3-1270 CPU v6 @ 3.80GHz Cores : 8 Cache : 8192KB

RAM – 32 GB

Disks – Softraid 2 x 2000 GB

Network connection – 1 Gbps

If you have any further questions, check us out on the discord

KrumbledMC [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Greylist} {Econo…

KrumbledMC [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Greylist} {Economy} {Dynmap} {1.13.2} {Mature} {Casual} {18+} {Adult} {Lockette} {ChestShop} {Vanilla World} {Mining World} {Multi-World}

KrumbledMC was created back in February 2015 by 2 experienced Owners and opened to the public, by the following April. We have players from very diverse backgrounds and countries.

We are an adult only server, offering a unique player experience, serving people who are 18 and older. We have a large map with lots of room to build. We utilize anti-griefing plugins along with a variety of other plugins to make the game fun and your builds safe. The plugins we have aren’t meant to take the challenge out of the game, but to add a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience on our server.   And to make things even more interesting during your mining and building, we have a gaming area that includes a PVP arena, skeet shooting, spleef and more! We also have a new Vanilla map For those who enjoy minecraft in it’s pure form with no plugins. So much more!  


  • Applying for Membership

You must apply on the forums.  

See you soon! 🙂

NeatoBuilds [semi-vanilla] {1.13.2} {Since 201…

NeatoBuilds [semi-vanilla] {1.13.2} {Since 2015}

Server IP:




Welcome Everyone

We have been running strong since 2015 with a simple motto, play as if you were on single player, but with friends. What this means to us is you have the freedom to play and build wherever and as large as you want.

We try to be as open as possible with how we run the server and configure the server to have the best performance while keeping everything players build working. We never reset the world, and we make constant backups of the server files just in case. Everything is safe and secure all the way back to 2015 (that’s terabytes of backups). The way we keep it fresh is by changing the world spawn point every year so new players can find new areas easier and old players can keep on building.

We have recently switched over to using bungeecord so now all our servers are connected by a central hub and we can chat across all worlds.


ExNihilo: This server consist of three worlds.

Amplified hard survival with keep items on death, since 2015

Vanilla hard survival with drop items on death, since 2016

Vanilla hard survival with drop items on death, since 1.13 update

Planum (superflat); Once you have mastered survival and feel like you need a bit of a challenge then come here to die repeatedly. Health regeneration is turned off, coordinates are hidden, and you spawn randomly. The goal is to survive and make a sustainable home with access to the nether.

Valhalla: Creative, new world and we are still building the spawn area so come and help us create and decide how we should run this world.

Players decide how things should be changed, spawn towns are created by players.

We keep things simple, no crazy plugins, no overwhelming rules, no pay to win. We do have a patreon but we do not give any in game bonuses for supporting the server. Players who play on the server and are able to can help keep the server running for as little as 1 dollar a month, completely optional.


  1. Don’t build too close to someone else, 500 blocks distance preferred

  2. Do not steal, do not grief, PVP only with consent

  3. No over exploitative builds, please ask a mod before building something you think is an exploit

Silver [Semi-Vanilla][SMP] {Whitelist}{CorePro…

Silver [Semi-Vanilla][SMP] {Whitelist}{CoreProtect}{Netherlands}{1.13.1}

Hi there adventurer!

When you first arrive to Silver you are spawned in our community-made spawn. In your inventory you get a few handy necessities. A few torches, a few delicious steaks and to top it all of, a homemade cake. Once you’ve walked around and watched both beautiful builds as well as builds that have you questioning humanity it’s finally time to start your own adventure…

Silver is a small cosy community that focuses on Vanilla. In our community we have people from all over the world that are building amazing creations together. Nether networks, castles, cities, giant glass domes and farms are just a few. We have a mix of ages but generally speaking most of us are around 20-30 years old. Silver currently has a uptime of a 7+ months and will stay alive for a long time. So, if you’re someone who loves big projects and funny and silly conversations you should definitely give it a try.


  • Don’t grief
  • Don’t raid
  • Don’t cheat
  • Don’t scam
  • Don’t advertise
  • Don’t be offensive
  • Don’t abuse bugs (nether ceiling/dupes etc.)
  • Use common sense
  • PVP is only allowed when there is mutual agreement
  • Client mods such as mini maps and inventory auto-sorting is ALLOWED.


  • IP:
  • Version: Latest (1.13.2)
  • Location: France
  • Server: Dedicated with 100mbps


Write a short application about who you are and why you’d like to join as well as including your IGN.

ToastCraft [PvP] {1.13.2} {ChestShop}{GriefPre…

ToastCraft [PvP] {1.13.2} {ChestShop}{GriefPrevention}{Craftbook}

  • Server Address:

Welcome to the best thing since sliced bread.

Who we are: ToastCraft

What we are about: SMP with PVP Turned On

What we are not about: griefing

Mob Griefing: On for Villagers so they can harvest. Off for Enderman, Ghasts, Creepers on surfaces.

Keep Inventory: off (items drop upon death)

Firespread: off

We are ToastCraft. We are simple survival multiplayer with pvp turned on. No pay to win. We are named after a type of bread that people decided to cook again after already being baked once. You start with 3 /sethomes. After 12 hours of play time, you get access to an additional /sethome and /jumpto which will move you to where you’re looking.

Also, there are two PVP arena areas where you can fight without risk of losing your inventory or XP. You can access these at spawn.

Spawners can be mined with silk touch pickaxes. Spawners can be changed using mob spawn eggs that are rare drops upon killing mobs.

Welcome to ToastCraft.

  • Server Name: ToastCraft
  • Server Location: United States East Coast
  • Website: Just join the discord.
  • Server Address:
  • Discord Link:
  • Version: 1.13.2
  • Game Play Type/s: PVP on semi vanilla and survival

The chat is relaxed and generally not very serious. With that said, here are the rules.


  • No grief (ToastCraft defines grief as modifying anything another player placed, whether breaking or adding to it without their permission. To be clear, this includes builds/properties not protected by GriefPrevention.)

  • No spamming

  • Cheating is not allowed. (X-Ray functions of clients, or X-Ray Resource packs, or Kill Aura) (Optifine, Minimaps with waypoints, Macromods are allowed. AFK Fishing is allowed. )

  • Do not impede staff

  • No bullying, this includes repeated killings. If the player has asked you to stop, please stop.

  • Chat is pretty lenient and you may say most things. In the case of harassment or personal attacks, it is strongly encouraged to use /ignore, mute, block, etc. Please ping a mod or admin if you need further assistance.

Join our discord to get more info.

Use /rtp or /wild to find a random place to build. /back is also enabled which will take you back to your previous location. You get three homes at first and a fourth after 12 hours of playtime when you become a member.

PLEASE NOTE: When you first join you will be in a rules/tutorial area where you cannot speak. This is a spam bot prevention measure and will be over once you complete that area.