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ScottishSMP [Semi-Vanilla] [PvE] {Discord} {NE…

ScottishSMP [Semi-Vanilla] [PvE] {Discord} {NEW}

Hello There,


ScottishSMP, this is a new minecraft server that is looking for having a great community on it. The server strives to have a trusted strong community between players. Currently the server has a total of 120 player slots, if this is to grow more then it will be adapted and scalled to the needed size. Once the community starts to strive there will then start to have community event nights and fun activites that will create a stronger bond. The world is a blank slate, there is no world border and no restrictions to the world.

Since the server is new i will need new members of staff ranging from administrators to moderators to keep the server running and stopping issues from occuring when i am not able to be reached.






Your basic member commands.


*Be Respectful

*Do not grief

*No advertising


ForgedByExile [SMP] [PvE] [Modded] {Resource w…

ForgedByExile [SMP] [PvE] [Modded] {Resource world} {GriefPrevention} {Discord} {No Whitelist}

About Us

Forged By Exiled started in 2017 under the name Forged Exiles. Our community staff has over 10+ years of experience managing Battlefield, Minecraft, ARK, and now Eco servers. Our community now supports a diverse selection of gaming titles including: Warframe, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, PUBG, Star Citizen, and Siege to name a few. Come make new friends and enjoy your time with our exiled gaming community! All of our servers are ran by members of our community that have volunteered their time and effort to managing our servers.

Our Website: Forged By Exile Website

Our Forums: Forged By Exile Forums

Our Discord: Forged By Exile Discord

Server Specs

32GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM i7-8700K Intel CPU M.2 NVME 1TB Location: US-EAST (Boston) Direct Hosting, no 3rd party 

We have 3 more machines with the same specs for future servers.

All of our servers use MCMA2 or AMP Instance Management.

Our Minecraft Servers

Click the forum link to see more information on the pack! 

FTB Revelation 1.12.2 ModPack Version 1.6.0 =Normal Difficulty=


Forum Link: FBE Revelation

FBE Revolution 3 Custom 1.7.10 =Hard Difficulty=


Forum Link: FBE Revolution3Custom

FBE Minecraft Vanilla vLatest




1. Racism or sexism is not allowed.​ 2. Griefing is not allowed.​ 3. Do not pvp unless it’s openly agreed on in chat by the other player.​ 4. Do not spam the in-game chat or discord.​ 5. Do not use game bugs for your own benefits.​ 6. Please do not boost new players with end game content 7. If you find a bug/glitch please report it to us on our forum 8. No Advertising 9. Server admins/mods are **required** to be in discord voice channels while on the server. 

The DSSR [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{Discord}{1.12.2}…

The DSSR [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{Discord}{1.12.2}

Our server The DSSR is a new server that is currently looking for new mature members to join! We are currently searching for new mature players to join our small but growing community.

This is a completely vanilla white-listed server ran 24/7. The game-mode is on difficult and the map is brand new! We created this server after a server we used to play on went offline. We all made so many friends and memories on the previous server that we decided to make our own new server to create new memories and new friends.

The Map will not be changed unless the majority agree to it. Events will be hosted at times suitable for most players. We mostly use Discord for voice and to chat about the server.

Our mod team has several years of experience in running minecraft servers and decided to try it out again! The current server version is 1.12.2. We currently have around 30 active players and average around 3-10 people on at all times.

The server rules are:

1.Griefing is NOT allowed! Nowadays its easy to find out who did damage to other players using their player data. A simple rollback can repair all the damage but the player who griefed will be punished. Note: TNT is allowed on the server, but not for destruction of spawn or other players properties.

2.Stealing is NOT allowed! Taking items from other players without their permission is a serious crime! It’s really rude and it brings you a direct ban. When you are desperate and just quickly need some materials you can borrow them from a player but leave them a sign that you took the items and that you plan on giving them back!

3.DO NOT ask for items! Everyone on this server is equal, and we all play survival mode. Even the mods(they are just using creative to fix some technical issues or checking for cheaters). So play the game fair without being annoying and have fun.

4.Mods/client ARE NOT ALLOWED. Using mods like x-ray will get you instantly banned. Don’t cheat because the punishment is always the same! The only allowed mod is Optifine, and if you got any questions for other mods you can ask us freely!

5.Be civil and kind, bullying is not tolerated. If you constantly spam, beg for items or just being an asshole to other players the mods will warn you for you behaviour. You can always report a player for doing something illegal/bad in the Support board in this forum.

6.DO NOT deface/make spawn look ugly. We have already got a plan for that area, so if you want to make to build your own building be sure that you go a little bit further from spawn, the direction doesn’t matter.

Notes: As for the discord invite link, once you have successfully been voted in by the other server members who review your application and take a vote on whether you should be allowed to join or not, only then will you get the discord invite link. +6 Yes to no votes are needed to be able to join the server.

Please apply here.

(You will have to create an account)

Please note you have to be 16 or older to join this server, however we do sometimes accept 15 year olds if they are going to become 16 soon

3872 [Anarchy] [Vanilla] [Chaos] hi! i’…

3872 [Anarchy] [Vanilla] [Chaos]

hi! i’ve been running this server off of spare-change for a few months with some friends. we’ve just been inviting specific users to join, but now we think we should make it go public.

We are a small server right now, with active members and no rules. – we allow hacks – the only thing our server prevents is flying & spam, but that is default by mc – you can say anything you want in chat, build anything – no plugins at all, running vanilla latest version

our members were mostly found on 4chan

people build a lot of swastikas, don’t join if easily offended

our ip is

New Blocks [Modded] {1.12.2} {Whitelist} {20+}…

New Blocks [Modded] {1.12.2} {Whitelist} {20+}


Server Location: Quebec, Canada

Mod-pack: Custom 1.12.2

Mods List:

Age Requirement: 20+ (Rare exceptions)

Discord Contact (Admin & Co-Owner): CriticalFlaw#2237

Rules: No harassment, no server advertisement, listen to the admins

New Blocks is a private, adult, custom 1.12.2 mod-pack server, the pack is created by myself to be a minimalist tech-oriented pack. There are no quests, no goals, and no OP resource gathering mods like chickens, fluid cows/minimoos, or karat garden. This pack is designed to have as few mods as possible, while not sacrificing anything you could otherwise do on a modded server. Your goals might be a bit more challenging to achieve, but everything is still possible. If Foolcraft is an easy pack, and Modern Skyblock 3 is an expert pack, you can consider this a moderate pack. it limits your option, but it also doesn’t force you down a direct path.

Being that this is a modded server, and that we don’t ban any items, the goal isn’t to have this be a very large community, so we are selective of who we let in, but if the above sounds like your thing, feel free to add me on Discord and let’s see if we can get you playing with us soon!

rainallday [PVE][Semi-Vanilla]{Hard}{Grief Pre…

rainallday [PVE][Semi-Vanilla]{Hard}{Grief Prevention}{Discord}{1.12.2}

Do you and a group of your friends need a server to make your home? Well, how about rainallday? We are looking for respectful, mature players that will liven up our server with beautiful and magnificent builds! When you join, you start out with “God Boots”. The longer you stay, the better the rewards!


  • Silk Spawner.
  • Tree Capitator.
  • Essentials.
  • Grief-Prevention.
  • Multiverse Potral.
  • HeadDrops.


  • All biomes (multiple rare ones).
  • Claims dissapear after 16 days of inactivity.
  • Keep xp on death
  • /back, /backondeath, /tpa, /home.
  • Custom Villager trades.
  • Custom trade area that takes suggestions.
  • No pay to win.
  • Hard Mode enabled.


3872 – ACTUAL anarchy [Anarchy] [Chaos] [Vanil…

3872 – ACTUAL anarchy [Anarchy] [Chaos] [Vanilla]

hi! i’ve been running this server off of spare-change for a few months with some friends. we’ve just been inviting specific users to join, but now we think we should make it go public.

We are a small server right now, with active members and no rules. – we allow hacks – the only thing our server prevents is flying & spam, but that is default by mc – you can say anything you want in chat, build anything – no plugins at all, running vanilla latest version

our members were mostly found on 4chan

people build a lot of swastikas, don’t join if easily offended

our ip is

Wolfpack Network [PVE] {Skyblock} {Custom Plug…

Wolfpack Network [PVE] {Skyblock} {Custom Plugins} {1.12+}

Wolfpack Network 1.12+

Wolfpack Network is a brand new Custom Skyblock Server where we strive to create the original spirit of skyblock while enhancing it with our own custom features and plugins.

Join us at

Server Rules

Do not use any 3rd party programs that give an advantage over other players. Any kind of foul language, racism, harassment or disrespecting is not allowed. Spamming, advertising or impersonating of a staff member is not allowed. Usage of any inappropriate names or skins is not allowed. Do not exploit or abuse any bugs or glitches, report these on our discord or notify a staff member. Please only use English in chat. A staff members word is final, do not argue with them.

Torchbox [SMP] [PvE] [Semi-Vanilla] {Resource …

Torchbox [SMP] [PvE] [Semi-Vanilla] {Resource world} {GriefPrevention} {Ranks} {Rewards}

  • Server Name: Torchbox
  • Server Location: United States East Coast
  • Website:
  • Subreddit: /r/Torchbox
  • Server Address:
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Game Play Type/s: [SMP]{Mob Hunt}{Farm World} {GriefPrevention} {Ranks} {Rewards}

* Additional Worlds: MobZone FarmZone

  • Description: Server that is expanding rapidly. McMMO, Jobs, 26 in game ranks. This month is double money and earned in jobs. Monthly contests that with out of game Prizes. We are a player based Economy. So setup your chest shops. All staff is willing to assist with all questions or concerns. Note we are currently looking for staff. *Apply within!**
  • Rules: No Grief/Theft!; No Profanity; No advertising other servers; Do not ask for OP.

  • Server Hardware: Dedicated server
  • Plugins: [Essential] [WorldBorder] [ChestShop] [Towny] [Voting] [LWC] [Crates] [Heads] [MCMMO][Jobs] [MythicMobs]
  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Sif/cynssi/AME/Sharkiwi
  • Pictures/Videos URL: None at this time

100Craft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{1.12.2}{Whitelist…

100Craft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{1.12.2}{Whitelist}{17+}

Hey, I started up a new vanilla server at the start of this month and am looking for more players to help enhance our community. We currently have a happy, active community and can’t wait to meet you too! We have about 20 players on the whitelist with around 8 of us being on most days, looking to expand our player base so we can have a few people online at all times. ( we have mainly American players at the moment but I am based in the UK myself so would like to get some more players a bit closer to my timezone too. )

Our average server age is mid 20’s but open to 17+ We have an awesome statistics tracker and a rank system based on play-time.

Our rules are simple: Rule1. Be reasonable and use common sense. Rule2. No griefing, stealing or abusive behaviour. Rule3. No building intrusively close to others without asking for permission. Rule4. AFK fishing must only be done at Y:200 AFK is allowed, you will never be kicked for being AFK.

We have a discord set up with notice boards, suggestions, coordinates, and other useful and fun info. We are also looking for one more moderator to help keep on top of things as the server grows. If you are interested, let me know in your application! You can apply via discord, or reply to this thread! Thanks for your interest!

This is Semi-Vanilla as we run from the latest spigot build with a few admin related plugins.

Discord Whitelist Applications:

Application Form:

Minecraft Username (IGN): YourName

Age: YourAge

Country & Timezone: YourCountry (YourTimezone)

How long have you played Minecraft?: YourAnswer

Have you been part of an online community before?: YourAnswer

What do you like doing the most in Minecraft? YourAnswer

How much do you play online?: YourAnswer

Something about yourself: YourAnswer