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DaGreenTop [Semi-vanilla]{factions}{close comm…

DaGreenTop [Semi-vanilla]{factions}{close community}

Hey everyone! I am Randel from DaGreenTop. DaGreenTop is a close-community server where we all meet up with our buddies and survive and have a little war action, ya know? We are a very laid back server, and we are just trying to chill and have fun and new experiences with as much new people as we can. Our Rules-

  1. No-Xray

  2. No 32k Weapons/Tools

  3. No hacked clients.

4.No griefing just to grief, you have to at least declare war on another faction before attacking.

  1. Have fun, and be nice… or not 0.0

We here at DaGreenTop hope you come and join us and look forward to new members joining us! Thank you!

Emeraldcraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{1.14}{Discord…

Emeraldcraft [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{1.14}{Discord}{WHITELIST}{18+}

Hello, we are Emeraldcraft! We are a small, whitelisted server looking to grow. The only non-vanilla things we have right now are player heads and One Person Sleep.

We just started a clean map for 1.14, so you will get to help build the server from the ground up!

Do you want a server where you can work on your projects without worry of grief? Where you can help work on communal projects? (Spawn, shopping center, mob farms, etc) Where the people are kind, helpful, and always joking? Then EmeraldCraft might be for you!

Currently looking to add a few more players that are 18+ and preferably in a NA Timezone.


-No griefing

-No stealing

-Pranks are allowed, but only ones that don’t destroy anybodies stuff

-Must have discord

If this sounds like a place for you, send me a pm answering the following:

-Your age

-What are your favorite parts of minecraft?

-Why do you want to play on a server?

-What is your discord?

Craft Inc. [Semi-Vanilla] {whitelist} {communi…

Craft Inc. [Semi-Vanilla] {whitelist} {community based}

Welcome to Craft Inc.

get it, craft inc…….CRAFTING


· Survival


·Home Spawn



Still 1.13.2:

Untill the server optimization for 1.14 is done we will still be running 1.13.2


· No griefing, stealing or un-agreed PVP

· No harassment, bullying, hate speech or verbal abuse

· Be polite and treat others as you’d want to be treated

· Ask before building near someone

· House etiquette: Do NOT look through other’s chests without asking, please leave if asked to do so

· Please Keep the environment tidy, no half chopped trees

· No cheating or hacked clients

· No spamming or advertising


Application details can be found by clicking on this link to our discord:

MountainViewMC [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{HQ World Ma…

MountainViewMC [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{HQ World Map}{1.3.2 Unwhitelisted}


FRIENDLY and EXPERIENCED Minecraft Players. DEDICATED 24/7 5.0GHz 3GB Server. ACTIVE Staff. LIVE Interactive World Map.

Mountain View MC started with a group of friends, who are now looking to expand our server and find more people to share our unique Vanilla experience with. We are a server with authentication, anti griefing, and a few other quality of life mods to improve the overall Minecraft experience!


ZWorld [Modded] [SMP] {Discord} Server Name: …

ZWorld [Modded] [SMP] {Discord}

Server Name: ZWorld Server Location: North America Discord: Server Address: (requires modpack and Forge 1.12.2, available on Discord) Version: Forge 1.12.2 Gameplay Type: Modded Survival

Description: ZWorld is an SMP server that runs off of Forge 1.12.2. We have several content-packed mods such as Aether Legacy, Galacticraft, Biomes ‘O Plenty, as well as some difficulty enhancers like Serene Seasons and Tough as Nails. Craft the most powerful tools and weapons you can muster with Tinkerer’s Construct, explore the heavens of the Aether, or live your dreams as a space explorer. The opportunity is yours, do you accept the challenge? All mods are credited to the developers and I do not claim ownership of any of them.

Rules: The following is not tolerated on ZWorld

  • Griefing/Stealing
  • Hacking
  • Spamming chat
  • Posting links in chat that lead to dubious sites
  • Building lag machines
  • No racism or otherwise harassing speech that could be construed as hateful

Owner: 2_Z_Zach

Moderators: SeniorPenguin, Shadowlink72

True Vanilla [Semi-Vanilla] {Discord} {1.13.2}…

True Vanilla [Semi-Vanilla] {Discord} {1.13.2}

We pride ourselves on the statement, “No bs, just fun.” Come on, explore with friends and be welcomed by a caring and ever growing community. We have a zero tolerance policy for griefing. This server is for fun and welcome to all. When 1.14 is stabilized with the new update we will update according

ip- 1.13.2

Server Trailer ~~


Survivor ~ Default rank

Helper – Tiger

Staff ~ Mr_Carter, Shrillrule, Gamerongames


  1. Don’t be rude. (such as griefing, mic spamming, etc.)
  2. No spamming.
  3. No hacking. Like, but why though?

PlanB [SMP] {Whitelisted} {18+} With strange …

PlanB [SMP] {Whitelisted} {18+}

With strange aeons, even Death may die…

– H.P. Lovecraft

… And so may great Minecraft servers, it seems. A couple of years ago, Lovecraft, a vanilla Minecraft community, disappeared into the void together with its owner. We, a dedicated group of players and friends that played on it, have no clue where it went, but it left us without a home. We decided to not let that setback get to us and to continue its legacy in the form of a new server, where we could continue to express our creativity and unleash our wildest ideas. We decided it was time for a PlanB!

Game-modes Available:

· Survival

· Creative


· CoreProtect: Grief protection

· AntiCreeper: Disables creeper and enderman block damage

· Command blocks to allow 1 player sleeping

· HeadDB: Over 9000 player heads for detailing your builds
(Will be added as soon as the merchant npc has a suitable home)

· Custom Armor Stands
(Will be added later in the season)

New 1.14 Season:

We will be resetting our map to the 1.14 version on Friday the 3th of May at 6 GMT/CET. This new season, we want to encourage members of the community to come together collectively to build community projects and to form new friendships. While also having the freedom to go off in the distance and build on their own.


· No briefing, stealing or un-agreed PVP

· No harassment, bullying, hate speech or verbal abuse

· Be polite and treat others as you’d want to be treated

· Ask before building near someone

· House etiquette: Do NOT look through other’s chests without asking, please leave if asked to do so

· Keep the environment tidy, no half chopped trees

· No cheating or hacked clients

· No spamming or advertising


Application details can be found by clicking on this link to our website:

Please Note: Due to our extensive vetting process, applications may take around 24 hours to be accepted/declined.



Hello, My name is CipherGamer, yes, I know, I have a ‘j’ instead of an ‘h’, but that doesn’t matter.

I am always looking for a good modded server, but it is really hard, as you cannot find these kind of criteria. I am a very techy person, but I am not free-willed that much so I’m trying to find a server on a questing modpack, or where there are other means of guiding through.

Doesn’t matter whether it is an expert modpack, or if it is something else, but if you have any suggestions, I am super-willing to take on it.

My most beloved kind of modpack is a skyblocker. These can never be without quests and you can expand forever!

I hope that the servers will have a good community, but no one can guarantee that, right?

So, please, if you have any good suggestions, be willing to write them down here, and I’m gonna see if that is the right one for me.

Thank you for taking your time on reading this, take care.

GeoNations[PVP] ip: discord: …




GeoNation is a geopolitical sandbox server with a custom made earth map. This guide will get you started on your adventure. join our Discord server and open the server world map in your browser. You can view other nations you want to join or take coordinates of the map to find a place you want to conquer


No bullying or racism

No Duping or taking advantage of in game glitches

No excessive farms

Do not intentionally deface spawn or other players bases. This is griefing and will result in a ban

Do not build within 400 blocks of spawn

Margarita Skies [Semi-vanilla]{1.8.8} Margari…

Margarita Skies [Semi-vanilla]{1.8.8}

Margarita Skies

HI! glad you met us!
This is an Margarita Skies, we are looking for cool and chill players like we offer to our server, so this would be the chilliest server you’ll ever join!

🔸🔶 ———–=======================———– 🔶🔸


Anti Advertising System

Anti Spamming System

Custom Shop

Custom Ore Generators

Auction House

Custom Kits

Custom Crates

Great Staff Team

🔸🔶 ———–=======================———– 🔶🔸



( 1) mentioning @everyone, the Moderators or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.

2) Act civil in Voice Chat.

3) Post content in the correct channels.

4) Don’t post someone’s personal information without permission.

5) Listen to what Staff says.

6) Do not post inappropriate content.

7) Don’t spam or DM someone without their Permission.

8) Don’t post harmful links.


1) Do not troll, harass, or bully other players in any chat channel. PvP chat is no exception to this rule.

2) Do not Grief.

3) If you have a problem with staff or players, report them on the forums.

4) Do not use inappropriate skins.

5) Staffs word is final

6) Do not reveal Real Life information, especially home addresses.

7) Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname.

8) Do not ask staff to abuse their power.

9) Do not impersonate staff.

10) Do Not Use Printer = 3 day ban first offense.

11) 2 Accounts Max. @everyone Ignoring rules = ban from the community

🔷Server Media🔷