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Arcana Factions [PvP] {Factions} {Custom Craft…

Arcana Factions [PvP] {Factions} {Custom Crafting} {Custom Terrain} {Dimensions} {Custom Mobs and Bosses} {Custom Ruins} {Raiding} {EULA-Friendly}



Server name: Arcana Factions

Host location: United States

Server language: English (US)

Server version: 1.12.1 (Support for 1.8 – 1.12.2 is available)


Let me introduce myself; my name is kazdj21, I’ve been owning servers since 2011 and today, I’d like to share with you a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of days. The server will be a factions server with a twist: It will feature some aspects that you would find in a modpack, without downloading a modpack! There will be an endless amount of adventure for the player along with raiding other factions across different types of environments. The server will also have a balanced and even playing field as it is, EULA friendly.


4000+ UNIQUE Biomes

3 NEW UPCOMING DIMENSIONS (Currently 1 is available, the Aether, built with a glowstone frame)

500+ CRAFTING RECIPES (Through Slimefun and our own custom recipes soon)

3 NEW BOSSES (Currently 2 are available and are found in naturally occurring special dungeons)

Battle Towers – Spawn in both the Overworld and Aether, 5% chance of spawning, there are three types of battle towers.


GUI Shop

Quests [Not yet implemented]

Revamped Villagers! [Interact with them, marry them, and have children: They are now alive!]

Auction House


Elite leveled Mobs! [Tougher mobs along your journey]

Obsidian Destroyer

Now, I’m going to highlight some of these features in detail:

Bosses – These new bosses are found in dungeons that naturally spawn everywhere. These structures only have a 0.1% chance to spawn and drop rare items including a Flamecore. A Flamecore can be used to craft one of the strongest items in the game. These bosses are not easy to defeat and may require your faction members to cooperate!

Villagers – The villagers in the game are skinned as players and you can interact with them! They now serve a much better purpose than regular vanilla players.

Battle Towers – These natural spawning structures are tall buildings where you must kill mobs and destroy their spawners to grab the loot. As you ascend, the loot gets better and once you reach the top, you will need to fight the boss (or not, grab the loot out of the chest and jump down!) As of now, the boss does not drop anything useful.

Dimensions – These custom dimensions, (like the nether and end) require you to build a portal frame for you to access. For now, there is only the Aether Dimension (the Sky Dimension, which features another boss and battle towers do spawn there), to get there, you must build a glowstone portal frame (with corners) and light it up with a flint and steel. Once you enter, its recommended for you to not to move because you might fall down to the void. Fear not though, the void teleports you back to spawn. Other planned dimensions include the Flatlands Dimension (a flat version of a regular minecraft world) and the Resources Dimension (where resources spawn) and each dimension, including the overworld, will have its own unique boss for you to find and kill.

World Border – 25k by 25k from spawn on each worlds.


Player related rules: Do not troll, harass, or bully other players in any way. Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname. Do not reveal Real Life information, especially home addresses. Do not break the Mojang Terms of Services or engage in illegal actions. Do not scam other players either on the Forums or in-Game. Do not invite players to factions just to steal from them. Do not steal skins from players or maliciously edit them. If you have a problem with Staff or Players, report them on the Forum.

Staff related rules: Do not backseat moderate, or threaten others with punishment. Do not attack staff for being staff, including their factions. Do not waste or abuse staff time when they are working. Never ask staff to abuse their powers or rank privileges.

Alt accounts rules: Do not use Alts to artificially increase mob spawns in your area. Do not use Alts to spy on enemy factions or steal items. Do not avoid Server Punishments with Alts. Do not use Alts to spam rewards from Quests.

Chat rules: Do not misuse chat channels for something else other than their purpose. Do not cause drama in public chats. Divert your complaints or reports to the Forums. Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form. Do not engage in political, religious, sensitive, or inappropriate topics in public channels. Do not advertise competing servers either in public or private Chat Channels.

Cheat and glitches rules: Do not use a glitch to your advantage, and report any glitches you find. Do not use Cheats or Hacked Clients to your advantage, and report those who do. Do not use Autoclickers, Macros or Mouse/Keyboard features to gain an advantage. Abusing plugin tools that are used to simplify commands (like Hawkeye and MassiveLock tools) is not allowed (for example: Selling, Building, crafting)

Plugins and Gameplay Mechanics rules: Anything that causes lag, or is understood to cause lag by staff can and will be removed. Do not create massive Redstone machines or engines that cause Lag. Do not use Water, Carts or Pistons to affect or kill Mobs or create Mob Grinders. Do not use any of the plugins to spam messages to other players or to avoid mute punishments. Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugin usage or vice versa. Do not misuse plugins in way they were intended to be used. For example Stair glitching. Do not misuse Faction Permissions in ways they were not intended to be used. Do not create traps involving portals or invisible portals to capture or kill players.

Copper Universe [PVP] {RPG} {Prison} {1.8 and …

Copper Universe [PVP] {RPG} {Prison} {1.8 and up}

Copper Universe is a Prison server but not the kind where you mine some blocks in a pit. On our server you excavate blocks from realistic mines where you can level up and mutate… join now!





Saturia [semi-vanilla]{1.12.2}{18 plus}{whitel…

Saturia [semi-vanilla]{1.12.2}{18 plus}{whitelist}{NEW WORLD}

Hey guys, ign Dadissimo here, co-owner of Saturia.

We are playing on a fresh, mostly vanilla, 1.12.2 world (reset last week), and our player base is looking for some new building buddies!

Please note, we plan on running this as a short world, waiting until 1.13 comes out when it will be reset. As its only a short world we have fiddled with the terrain gen, and doubled ore frequency, to make things a bit different. Normally we do as much as we can to keep the feel and gameplay as vanilla as possible.

Saturian folk are a diverse bunch, from young parents, an old parent, students, the gainfully employed, the gainflly unemployed, anyone is welcome as long as they follow the one rule; Don’t be a dick. If you want drama free, chill times, but within a fun vibrant community, our server might be for you!

The admin team let the server run as the community want, only stepping in when there is a problem. We all play the game just like the rest of you, if we want to travel somewhere in world, we run. If we want to find something, we hunt. The only times we step in is if there is a problem and someone is upset. If we feel something significant needs to happen we always try to consult the community. The server doesnt belong to the admin team, it belongs to those who play on it.

We are vanilla as much can be. We have good grief protection and identification. We run a small plugin that stops creeper damage (on servers you end up with pot holes everywhere, or someone accidently damage your work, nobody likes that), and we have a small plugin that allows nights to pass when only a certain percentage of the players are sleeping. Beside that, everything else is under the hood and you won’t know its there!

One of our players took some screen shots of the last world so you can have an idea of how the world “may” end up.

We have a subreddit and a discord chat (discord is a chat program).


let us know a bit about you, style of play, age, favorite colored real life and minecraft sheep (this matters to us), what ever you feel we should know.

You can apply through:

Posting in here sending me a pm Our discord thread or pm one of our lovely subreddit mods.

If accepted, our address is

Hope to hear from you soon! mwa

Vanilla Essence [PVP] {1.12.2} {Custom Feature…

Vanilla Essence [PVP] {1.12.2} {Custom Features}

Vanilla Essence

Hi there! You have just discovered Vanilla Essence.

Just give me the IP:


My name is Thanos (also known as Biskotaki in-game) and I launched this server back on May 2017. I am studying computer science in college and I feel Minecraft is a great way to practice on my programming skills. I have been hosting Minecraft servers for a while.

Vanilla Essence is a semi-vanilla server that offers a unique Minecraft survival experience. It’s a place where you can peacefully work on the projects you had in mind and never had a chance to start. You can get on with friends, make a claim to protect your resources and get straight into work.

Unlike most servers, Vanilla Essence is not following the pay-to-win scheme. All donations come with rewards that are entirely cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay. You will not see OP guys running around with premium, overpowered kits and equipment.

There’s a twist. The standard survival experience that Minecraft offers usually gets boring after a while, so I decided to step up the game a little bit. I have programmed a custom plugin using Spigot that adds a whole bunch of new unique and exciting features into the game. You’ll see me talking about loot chests, events, iron coins and player shops in a bit.

Vanilla Essence has a small but dedicated team of three Moderators which ensure that the server is always in one piece and nothing “extreme” is taking place. We truly hope that this is the right place for you and your friends.


The current map is 10,000 by 10,000 (trust me, it’s big enough), nether and the end are both accessible.

PVP: Anywhere, Mobs: On, Explosions: Off, Fire spread: Off

Vanilla Essence aims to use minimal plugins yet offer powerful and intriguing features.


  • Vanilla Essence: Our custom plugin which offers most of the core features on the server.
  • Advanced Ban: This is our main plugin to punish all the rule breakers.
  • Core Protect: The standard block history plugins out there to keep track of grieferes and trouble makers.
  • Grief Prevention: One of the best plugins for player claims, you can protect your chests, make plots, manage land permissions or even build towns.
  • Votifier: We use this plugin to get notified every time a player votes for our server so we deliver the appropriate rewards :).
  • Spartan Anti-Cheat: Premium anti-cheat that aims to block most of the commonly used hacks in Minecraft. If someone is trying to use something, Spartan will know.
  • WorldEdit & WorldGuard: We use those plugins to setup protected regions and plots, nothing special.
  • Buycraft: This plugin makes sure that all donation rewards are delivered on time. Basically connects our shop with the server.

Custom Features

This section aims to answer this question: What’s different from standard vanilla servers?

Loot Chests

Loot chests are normal chests that contain valuable treasure. Every time you mine a solid non-flammable block, there is a chance of a loot chest being dropped. There are three tiers of loot chests: common, rare and legendary. As you’ve probably guessed, rare loot chests contain better rewards than common loot chests, and the same applies for legendary loot chests. These mysterious chests can give you an extra incentive to go mining.


Every hour you will notice an event is undergoing. Events are special challenges that come with great rewards. You can participate and try to win the objectives of each event. Winners are rewarded with the most powerful loot chests on the game, an event loot chest. Event loot chests contain a fair amount of iron coins and enchanted diamond equipment (tool, weapon or armor).

Coins and Trades

As you probably read in the previous section, there are two types of currencies in the game: iron and gold coins. Iron coins can be acquired by winning events or trading with other players. You can use iron coins to purchase top of the tier items from a villager market at spawn, where each villager has a set of custom trades. Most villagers accept gold coins, where one gold coin is a stack of iron coins (64 iron coins -> 1 gold coin). You can get your hands on some really cool items such as: special pickaxes (ex. break mob spawners), enchanted diamond armor, mob spawn eggs, end-game items and more.

Player shops

We recently added a shops world where each player can purchase a plot with coins and build their own shop (literally). That means, once you have a plot to work on, you are able to sell resources, tools, weapons, anything. The prices can range from ores (coal, iron, gold, diamond, emerald) to coins (iron and gold). Our custom chest-sign system is greatly simplified to make the shop setup less frustrating and enjoyable. Buying from other shops is as simple as opening a chest and clicking on the item you’d like to purchase.


All players have a custom /stats menu that keeps track of their progress in the server. For example, one can find the total amount of loot chests opened. This menu also keeps track of deaths, kills and even a death/kill ratio. It can further be customized with a custom description and likes (yes, literally!). A custom description can be set with /description <text> and players can “like” someone by clicking on the emerald of their respective /stats <player> menu. There are certainly a lot of details here, but you’ll be able to have a better grasp of those features in-game!


In order to promote some competition in-game, we have placed leaderboards (armor stands with text basically) at spawn that keep track of the top three players with the highest count for each statistic. Furthermore, milestones such as “100 total loot chests opened” are announced in chat.

Vote rewards

Vote rewards can certain help if you don’t have many resources to start with. Those who /vote for the first time are rewarded with a basic Starter Kit and by continuing to vote daily, just like loot chests, several resources are given. Voting is very important because it can help by boost our rankings in the server listing websites (higher rank => more players).

Battle Mode (in development)

Battle mode is a unique mode evolved around the combat aspect of the game. For the PVP fans, this mode is going to get players into arenas and setup fights with a huge variety of kits. Leveling system, experience, unlockable kits, coin rewards are all included. Stay tuned!


We have compiled a simple set of rules that all players must follow. This is essential so we can maintain peace and order on the server. We have done our best to maintain simple and reasonable rules.

  • Be friendly, promote a positive attitude and always be respectful.

  • Do not repeatedly send messages in chat.

  • Do not advertise other websites or servers.

  • Do not accuse others of hacking without evidence.

  • Do not use alt accounts for your own advantage.

  • Do not use offensive or inappropriate skins.

  • Do not use glitches and exploits to your advantage.

  • Do not use hacked clients or xray resource packs.


  • Biskotaki: Owner and main server administration

  • Passionate_Rhino: Moderation

  • GhostMonkee: Moderation

  • BirdOfLight: Moderation

What’s next?

We are really looking forward into meeting you in-game! We hope you spend some quality and enjoyable time on the server. Here’s what you can do next:

IP to connect with:

Backup IP (if the first one doesn’t work):



Support Email:

You made it, thanks for your time.

[Wanted] [Vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} Loo…

[Wanted] [Vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} Looking for a fairly small and new server to play on

Hello fellow miners I have been playing minecraft for for about 6 or 7 years right before they added redstone. In that time I have been part of many servers and have owned a few. I am looking for a small mature and preferably new server maybe 20 player and under. Would like a place that I can hope on and slowly get to know everyone. I am a pretty talkative player at times and like to just chill and be a part of the server. My play times very from way to much to once or twice a week. Looking for a newly started vanilla community to grow and form connections in a relaxing environment. If I sound like someone you would like to have on your server let me know.

Thirst for Expansion [Semi-vanilla]{Towny}{Rol…

Thirst for Expansion [Semi-vanilla]{Towny}{Roleplay}

TFE is an all-new 1.11.2 server.

Create or join a nation. Expand your nations lands from its original ground, or stand your ground and build up a small City state. Wage wars against those who would dare stand against you, or simply to loot and increase your homelands prosperity and happiness. You can be anything from a nomadic people to a Romanesque empire.

Join now for the best chance to get in early. Our server only released a few days ago, and the city-states and empires are still only fledgling states.In lieu of an Enjin site, we use a heavily categorized Discord to organize our events and information. Towny is used for organizing cities and towns.

We use a map of earth as the world, which can be viewed on our Dynmap here:Dynmap




Small picture album available here: MC Forum

rainallday [PVE][Semi-Vanilla]{US}{1.12.2} Do…

rainallday [PVE][Semi-Vanilla]{US}{1.12.2}

Do you and a group of your friends need a server to make your home? Well, how about rainallday? We are looking for respectful, mature players that will liven up our server with beautiful and magnificent builds! When you join, you start out with “God Boots”. The longer you stay, the better the rewards!


  • Silk Spawner.
  • Tree Capitator.
  • Essentials.
  • Grif-Prevention.
  • Multiverse Potral.


  • All biomes (multiple rare ones).
  • Claims dissapear after 16 days of inactivity.
  • Keep xp on death
  • /back, /backondeath, /tpa, /home.
  • Custom Villager trades.
  • Custom trade area that takes suggestions.
  • No pay to win.
  • Hard Mode enabled.


AlphaCrafters SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Graylist} {1…

AlphaCrafters SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Graylist} {1.12.2} {GriefPrevention}

Who are we?

AlphaCrafters is a 1.12.2 SMP server dedicated to keeping the core values of vanilla Minecraft. Many of us have played together on the server for over a year, others are newcomers from our most recent reset in late December of 2017. We have players from all over the world. Many are in the United States, but we also have players from South America, Europe, and Australia!

About the Server

AlphaCrafters is a greylist server, meaning anyone can join but you’ll have to apply and be accepted by a staff member in order to start building. Applying is simple: Just type /apply in game and complete the quick application. If a staff member is online, they will read the application and either accept or reject you. Our map is still fairly new, having reset December 21st. We are currently on 1.12.2, but plan on updating as Minecraft updates. Our goal is to keep this current map for at least a couple years if at all possible.


We do have a few plugins, mainly to protect the players. We use Grief Prevention in order to claim land to prevent griefing. Our claiming tool is a wooden shovel, making it easy to get and start claiming. Players gain 300 claim blocks for every hour played on the server. We also have Core Protect to see who has griefed in the very rare occasion that it happens. We do have Essentials as well, however do not have homes or any of that enabled. We like to keep it as close to pure Vanilla as possible!


Our rules are simple:

  • No hacking/cheating

  • No griefing

  • No stealing

  • Respect all players.

  • Do not troll, harass, or ruin the gameplay of any players.*

We also have a loose age restriction of 15. We do accept players under 15 if they demonstrate that they are mature enough to play on the server. Keep in mind that there is quite a bit of mature language used both on the server and on our discord.


We do have a discord server in which a small group of us often talk. You don’t have to join the discord, but you’re welcome to join! Our discord server is:

Server IP

Last but of course not least, our server IP is and our website is Feel free to join today!


Here’s a few screenshots of some builds our players have been working on:

CreateMC Server [Modded][SMP]{FTB Revelation} …

CreateMC Server [Modded][SMP]{FTB Revelation}

Server Info:

Hi there, My name is Eerie and I bring you the CreateMC Community. Originally I had my own mod pack going but decided on going with FTB Revelation. In the future my mod pack will be back but for the mean time, enjoy this pack from the FTB team! Oh yeah, and the whitelist is off so I expect everyone to be mature about it. Thank you 🙂


Location: Montreal, CA


Host: Bisect Hosting



*Use your common sense!

*No griefing, etc.

*PVP allowed with consent from both parties.

*Whitelist is off so I would like to try and keep the world clean of floating trees and endless pillars.

That is all…

New Beginnings [Vanilla]{1.12.2}{Whitelist} L…

New Beginnings [Vanilla]{1.12.2}{Whitelist}

Looking for people who want to stick around for a while. We tend to chat in discord while playing too, but you don’t have to. There are currently about 6 people in the server at the moment. The world is about 5 days old now, mostly vanilla 1.12 with some small mods, and located in the U.S.

List of mods being used:

1. More Mob Heads: Makes more mobs have a (small) chance of dropping a head when killed. 2. Torchmaster: Can craft a torch that stops either hostile or passive mobs from spawning in a 64 block radius. 3. Iron Chest: Adds iron, gold, diamond, crystal, and obsidian chests and shulker boxes with increased storage. 4. Echanted Golden Apples: Adds the old notch apples back. Same recipe. 5. Morpheus: Allows night to change into day with only 33% of players sleeping. 6. Recurrent Complex: Adds interesting structures to world gen. 

Age doesn’t matter, as long as you’re polite. I’m 22 if that makes a difference to you. Let me know how long you’ve been playing Minecraft and what you like to do most (build, mine, redstone, etc) to help me get to know you a bit. I’m just trying to build a community and have a fun place for people. Totally free, no fees required. Donations for server fees are always welcome but definitely not a requirement. Just got a Discord set up for it with rules and info, pm me for link.