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I was not expecting that creeper to just stare…

I was not expecting that creeper to just stare menacingly then die

My Ziggurat I built in Beta 1.3_01 back in Mar…

My Ziggurat I built in Beta 1.3_01 back in March 2011. Saw the picture in an old folder and wanted to share

MineClick [Minigames] {Clicker Game} {Incremen…

MineClick [Minigames] {Clicker Game} {Incremental} {Idle}

  • Server Name: MineClick
  • Server Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Website:
  • Server Address:
  • Version: 1.9 – 1.12
  • Game Play Type: [Minigames]

  • Description: Incremental Clicker game in MineCraft! How fast can you click?

    • You are given your own island where you can mine special blocks.
    • For starters, every mined block gets you 1 gold. In order to speed up your progress you can upgrade your Pickaxe and hire workers that do the job for you. By upgrading your workers you increase their income rate.
    • There are also upgrades that you can do to your island which give a variety of perks such as worker efficiency increase or an additional Pickaxe.
    • When you’ve made enough gold you can unlock a new island which gives you an increase to global gold multiplier and new island upgrades.
    • Your workers work even when you’re offline.

    Inspired by Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, AdVenture Capitalist and more.

  • Rules: No swearing; No advertising; / Official Rules

  • Server Hardware: Dedicated machine / BungeeCord proxy for smooth updates and load distribution
  • Plugins: Custom made
  • Owner: JeffClick
  • Gifs: Mining; Island Upgrades; Worker

A small and cosy spawn.

A small and cosy spawn.

Conquering The Game [PVP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Surv…

Conquering The Game [PVP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Survival Games} {Tournaments}

Are you looking for a way to test your skill against other players and also win prizes? Well come over to the Conquering The Game’s discord and participate in the intense Survival Games Tournamnets! Tournmanets are daily and have cash prizes up to $96!! Entry fee is $5 and click here to pay your fee then join the server and Conquer!

Server IP:

Discord Server :

Rules: 1.No Cheating or Hacking

2.No teaming.

3.Be somewhat respectful to other players (just no overboard trash talking)

4.No illegal or inappropriate content(this will result in an immediate ban)

5.In games where spectating is allowed no spying for the other team

6.No ddosing other players or servers

7.No doxxing

The Wooden Spoon. [Semi-Vanilla] {SMP} {Whitel…

The Wooden Spoon. [Semi-Vanilla] {SMP} {Whitelist} {1.12.2}


TWS is a friendly English-speaking, diverse organized community. We have a 100% vanilla, whitelisted, co-op, collaborative, survival, Minecraft server. We use Discord as a medium for communication. We have many reliable services for you to use so apply today! The staff at TWS have years of experience. Having ran a very successful server 3-4 years ago we are back to run another. At TWS we are all here to have fun. We have a community of about 30-35+ active players and looking for some more. If you think this is the server for you, feel free to apply down below.


  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Server location: France
  • Intel Xeon E3-1225v2
  • 32GB DDR3 Ram
  • 4 CPU cores
  • SoftRaid 3x120GB SSD
  • Hosted 24/7
  • Automatic Backups
  • Discord:


There is only plugins that help with admining such as coreprotect, some statistics plugins, dynmap etc. There is no plugins that will change the Vanilla experience such as 1 man sleep, keep inventory etc.


  • Grief once, banned forever.

  • Label your property with your IGN.

  • Do not ask Owners, Admins or Moderators to spawn or teleport.

  • Do not use bugs, glitches, exploits, or mods that alter your vanilla experience

  • DO NOT BEG. Don’t keep asking people for stuff especially when you first join.

  • Build over 2000 blocks away from spawn.

  • English only in the Minecraft chat

  • Do invite your friends. If you wish your friend to join TWS he/she must apply with an application too Applying is the same for everyone. We don’t condone favoritism

  • No offensive language. Cursing is allowed, but don’t offend anyone.

  • No spamming in chat.

  • No raiding unless given permission by an OP.

  • No advertising

  • PVP is on a consent only basis.


Something lurking in this chest ladder……

Something lurking in this chest ladder…mwhahaha…-;)

Treasure Island [Hub] {1.8.9/1.12.2} {Survival…

Treasure Island [Hub] {1.8.9/1.12.2} {Survival} {Fantasy} {SkyBlock} {Creative} {Prison} {Factions} {SkyGrid} {Pixelmon}

* **Server Name:** Treasure Island

* **Website:** [Treasure Island](

* **Server Address/IP:**

* **Versions:** 1.8.9/1.12.2


Treasure Island is a pirate themed network for all ages.

We currently offer the following gamemodes…

* Survival No PvP

(Economy based server with jobs, player shops, auctions and dynmap.)

* Fantasy No PvP

(Slimefun based server with lucky blocks, magic loot and much more.)

* SkyBlock No PvP

(Choose from 5 custom starting islands with jobs, craftbook and mcMMO.)

* Creative

(501×501 plot to start, builder & role-playing ranks, world edit for everyone.)

* Pixelmon

(Pixelmon Generations mod needed to play on this server.)

* Farming

(Farming Valley mod pack needed to play on this server.)

* Prison

(OP prison server with 32 mines and 32 ranks to earn your freedom.)

* WaterWorld No PvP

(It’s like skyblock but under water! Choose an easy, normal or hard starting bubble.)

* SkyGrid No PvP

(Skygrid, nethergrid and endgrid worlds with quests. Makes skyblock look easy!)

* Survival PvP

(PvP server with 5 pvp arenas, guilds and OP enchantments.)

* AirBending PvP

(Harness the power of the elements and make some crazy enchantments.)

* Vanilla-ish No PvP

(Vanilla-ish server with grief prevention and lockette to protect your work.)

* Factions PvP

(Factions based server with mcMMO, boats, cars, bikes and planes.)


  1. *Treat Crew and each other with respect.*

  2. *No bad language or all caps in global chat.*

  3. *No griefing or stealing in protected areas.*

  4. *If someone tells you to leave their home/plot. Leave!*

  5. *Do not spam or advertise anywhere.*

  6. *No scamming/cheating other players or the server.*

  7. *No Racism, Homophobia, Sexism or Harassment of any kind.*

  8. *Do not correct players on their spelling or grammar.*

  9. *Do not ask people to send you Doubloons.*

  10. *No building offensive or sexual structures.*

  11. *No A.F.K. machines/pools or auto fish farms.*

  12. *No x-ray packs, hacked clients, mods, glitches or scripts.*

  13. *Do not lag or attempt to crash the server.*

  14. *No holding down mouse buttons to stay mining/online.*

  15. *No floating platforms or 1 block towers.*

  16. *No TP traps, TP killing or spawn camping.*

  17. *Do not ask to be an Op.*

  18. *Do not attack crew when they are helping other players.*



FRESH MAP 16+, Survival PVE/PVP, Economy + Chestshop, Towny,

Looking for new and old players to create a community like no other! With a Brand new map to explore and build upon. PVP is enabled so be careful in the wilds of the world! Level your skills with McMMO because you never know who’s friend or foe….Claim a piece of this beautiful world for your own and make a sanctuary with Towny!

Overz0ne is a brand new server opened on 4/10/2018. Looking to make a solid player base composed of helpful friendly people. PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BE STAFF

Ranking up.

With our economy system ranking up is easy as getting a job and earning some money! Make a shop or become the servers greatest monster hunter! Earn your way up to the rank of Lord or even King! Each rank has new and exciting perks!,

  • Rank 1: Traveler
  • Rank 2: Pleb – Free!,
  • Rank 3: Citizen – 725$,
  • Rank 4: Knight – 5500$,
  • Rank 5: Captain -35,000$,
  • Rank 6: Lord – 100,000$,
  • Rank 7: Duke – 350,000$,
  • Rank 8: King – 1,000,000$,

Rules: NO griefing of any type no matter if the build is protected or not. NO hacking mods. NO camping of any kind. NO Promoting other servers. NO Harassment of any kind. NO Racism, NO Asking for rank, NO Killing in spawn besides in the sands of the Arena

Server address IP or

Orbonix [SMP] [PvP] {Custom Terrain} {McMMO} {…

Orbonix [SMP] [PvP] {Custom Terrain} {McMMO} {EpicSpawners} {Towny} {GriefPrevention}

IP to play:


Our Minecraft Network was started in May 2017. Averaging over 70 unique new users a week, we currently offer the most unique survival experience. Players who join our Minecraft network typically stay thanks to our awesome community and our well maintained server that we provide.


  • Custom Terrain: Over 50 new structures to find, spleunk and explore!
  • Start your community with GriefPrevention or Towny!
  • McMMO: Grind, Chop, and Slash your way to the top of the leaderboards to unlock perks and special abilities!
  • Complete Economy: Multiple ways to buy and sell with Auctionhouse, ChestShops and GUI Shops!
  • Jobs! You can join up to FIVE trades with /jobs browse! Level up and earn more money by completing tasks!
  • Epic Spawners: Use a silk touch to collect mob spawners. Create mega grinders by stacking them together!
  • Epic Furnaces: Level your furnaces to increase efficiency, output and conserve fuel!
  • Custom furnace recipes: Smelt leather from rotten flesh and more!
  • Minigames: PvP and Spleef arena events!
  • XP Bottler: Right click any emerald block with a bottle to convert your XP levels to bottle o’ enchant.
  • Lootboxes: Get rewarded for completing tasks, minigames or achievements!
  • Discord Chat: Converse with anyone in-game through our discord bot, anywhere!
  • Anticheat & Anti-Xray: Cheaters and Xray players get banned on the spot with our high-end detection systems.


You can view our complete network rules here!