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Created this snail with a skull on it’s …

Created this snail with a skull on it’s back! What do you guys think?

Looking for a good survival island. I’m …

Looking for a good survival island. I’m on Xbox 1, haven’t done the new aquatic update. Got any?

Quietdayz [Semi-Vanilla] {Towny} {1.13.2} Hey…

Quietdayz [Semi-Vanilla] {Towny} {1.13.2}

Hey guys,

We are a mature and kind-hearted server which has a huge focus on the community. As a semi-vanilla server

we have towny to help form small communities. There is also a in game player shop were you will be able to

trade, buy, and sell items in the in-game economy. We focus on community and our goal is to provided that with

the least amount of plugins as possible.

We have a dedicated staff team to answer all your questions and will always try their best to try to help your in game.




The rules are simple

  1. Be kind and mature
  2. Be inclusive and don’t discriminate
  3. Respect Everyone
  4. Do not grief, cheat or steal.

Number one rule, don’t forget to be cool.

Village and desert temple next to spawn with a…

Village and desert temple next to spawn with a few more villages and desert temples.

Haven’s Void SMP [Semi-Vanilla]{Greylist…

Haven’s Void SMP [Semi-Vanilla]{Greylist}

Haven’s Void is a friendly community based server for anyone who want to join a community focused server! Players considered mature enough will be accepted. Haven’s is in its first ever season of a Survival SMP and its Haven’s Void Community! Haven’s Void emerged as a branch off the Abyss Vanilla Server! The server officially begun on late January of 2019! And still has a surprising amount of building to be done! We hope you can come and expand our community and build creative and astonishing builds in the community areas!

Haven’s Void is run by highly enthusiastic Minecraft players looking to create a thriving community base with over 20 players! These players are known as Techasian1993 [Moderator], Lydia[Moderator], iMagmaYT [Moderator] and PrivateRyan21 [Owner]. Here at Haven’s Void we push forward activity to try and hold up active players to keep on enjoying the vast world that has been actualized before us. I hope that you will make a great addition to the server!

When 1.14 releases, we will wipe the current world and reset the server and update to 1.14! But don’t worry, you can still hop on as we need to wait for the plug-ins used on the server to update.



Respect Others

Listen To Staff

No Arguing with Staff either

Absolutely No Swearing

Absolutely No Inappropriate Content/Conversations

PvP must be agreed upon by all involved parties.

All chests are private unless marked otherwise.

MountainViewMC [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Unwhitelist…

MountainViewMC [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Unwhitelisted}


FRIENDLY and EXPERIENCED Minecraft Players. DEDICATED 24/7 5.0GHz 3GB Server. ACTIVE Staff. LIVE Interactive World Map.

Mountain View MC started with a group of Canadian friends, who are now looking to expand our server and find more people to share our unique Vanilla experience with. We are a cracked server with authentication, anti griefing, and a few other quality of life mods to improve the overall Minecraft experience.


DragonRealmMC [Vanilla][Modded][SMP]{1.13.2}{D…

DragonRealmMC [Vanilla][Modded][SMP]{1.13.2}{DynMap}{SF4}{NA-CAN}

* **Server Name**: DragonRealmMC

* **Server Location**: Canada – East

* **Website**:

* **Subreddit**: /r/DragonRealmMinecraft

* **Server Addresses**:
Vanilla 1.13.2: | Dynmap:
Sky Factory 4:
Build Server:

* **Version**: 1.13.2, 1.12.2

* **Description**:

  • Vanilla 1.13.2 (with minimal, QoL plug-ins)
    Our Vanilla world has been hosted for a relatively short time and is preparing to (hopefully) upgrade to 1.14 soon! It is a SMP world with minimal QoL plugins such as Essentials, GriefPrevention, CoreProtect and our locally created/maintained GeiloUtils to keep the peace and allow some form of sanity. There is PVP (as agreed to/in certain areas). Log on, earn some claim space with time online, and get building today!
  • Sky Factory 4 (Non-Prestiege)
    SF4 was just released and we have it! Get your own little tree on a dirt and see how far you can go on nothing but your own skill, or team up with a friend and earn your advancements together! The sky’s the limit!
  • Build server (WE and Creative on a flatworld)
    Whenever we launch a new world we like to have a build event to populate the spawn. Plus, having some world edit-able default buildings is a huge help! Want to have a build you made get featured? Join now and get building today using world edit, creative and flight to make something amazing! This is a non-pvp server.

We update and/or replace our modpacks based on community votes, popular releases and general interests.

We have a discord where you can find our rules, great conversations, active staff for any server issues and even a few streamers such as PinkAngelMystic, Malarky2xS or TheQuantumRuby!
Alternatively, you can find more information at /r/DragonRealmMinecraft or

We’d love to welcome you to the party, too! Join us today!

* **Rules**:

  1. Respect others
  2. Respect all staff
  3. Do not tag staff directly unless it’s urgent
  4. Do not spam
  5. Do not advertise without permission
  6. Keep all swearing to a minimum
  7. Do not ping repeatedly
  8. Do not abuse servers
  9. Do not bring alts to the Discord server without permission
  10. Do not use hacked clients
  11. Use the appropriate Discord channels for what you need to say
  12. Keep chat English. We only ask this so we can more easily moderate chat.

* **Hardware**:
[Intel i7-7700K OC] [64GB DDR4 2400 MHz] [Hybrid Soft RAID] [2x450GB NVMe + 4TB SATA]

Discord Link:

[Bedrock] spawn next to plains village with sw…

[Bedrock] spawn next to plains village with sweet ice spikes to the clouds

Avalonia [PvE] [Semi-Vanilla] {Un-whitelisted}…

Avalonia [PvE] [Semi-Vanilla] {Un-whitelisted} {No Resets} {16+} {1.13.2}

  • IP:
  • Discord:
  • Online 24/7, with 99.99+% uptime
  • Welcome to Avalonia, the longest running 1.13.x server with no map reset. We are focused on the complete vanilla survival aspect of the game, and are primarily PvE/build based. Our play-style is solo or cooperative building. Want a server you can get all vanilla achievements and make a bunch of farms, build a castle or two? This is the one for you.
  • We’re using CoreProtect for anti-grief. With active moderation we’ve rolled back 99.9%+ of all theft & griefings. This level of stability can normally only be found on whitelisted servers, but we’ve managed to keep that feel of safety and community without forcing new players to write an application form.
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, Dynmap, NameColors, OnDeathCoord, WorldGuard (small claims only)
  • Datapacks: DragonDropsElytra (chance based), OnePlayerSleep, ShulkerShells, Shulkermites
  • Allowed: Afk farms, redstone machines.
  • Not allowed: Machines designed to lag the server.
  • Any questions, feel free to ask here, or PM me, or in our Discord channel (link above)
  • Settings:
  1. No world border.
  2. Fire spread is off.
  3. Difficulty is on hard.
  4. maxEntityCramming increased from 20 to 40 for improved mob spawner efficiency.
  5. No teleports. We prefer the vanilla means of in-game travel, focused on a system of interlinked nether portals for fast travel. For this reason, we do not support any means of teleportation, so no sethome, no random tp.
  6. PvP is switched off everywhere except in our PvP arena near spawn.
  • Rules:
  1. Treat ALL chests as private unless marked public.
  2. No hacking/griefing/stealing/duping/spam/adverts.
  3. Respect everyone / don’t be toxic. Banned topics: politics, religion, racism, sexism (keep it PG13)
  4. Please use the standard client only. Optifine is allowed. No other mods allowed without prior permission from admins.
  5. A full write-up of the rules is included in discord.
  • Feedback from our players:
  • “I’m enjoying the people on here so far, distinct lack of trolls”
  • “I like the hermitcraft feel of this server”
  • “I love this server!”
  • Performance:
  • We’ve taken steps to ensure the server runs as smoothly as possible, whilst remaining close to the vanilla theme. For this reason we’re running on Paper (formerly known as PaperSpigot), the latest versions of which are not only leaps and bounds ahead of Spigot in performance, but Paper also strives (and succeeds!) in bringing things like mob spawnrates closer to vanilla values than Spigot’s settings allow.
  • All players have access to the /gc command “19.96 TPS with 10 players on :]”
  • Player comment on our mob rates: “I dont know what kind of rates you are going for but they are singleplayer-like”
  • Player reaction to difficulty: “These mobs are so hard”
  • Server specs:
  • Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 @ 3.60GHz CPU
  • NVMe SSDs in RAID 1

Butterfrog Empire – Zeal [SMP] [PvP] [PvE] [Mo…

Butterfrog Empire – Zeal [SMP] [PvP] [PvE] [Modded] {Dynmap} {discord} {North America} {EU} {no resets}

Server IP:

Discord and Dynmap found at:

NO whitelist! All you need to do is download the modpack at to join! You can also search “butterfrog” in the Twitch app.

Some of the fun things you can do with the mods on this server:

Tame and ride dragons Become a wizard Morph into mobs Control a colony, and wage wars
Fly to space, planets, and build a station Build, and drive a car Travel to alternate dimensions Search for buried treasure
Play musical instruments Claim some land, and build in a town Build a zoo, and tame animals Make a portal gun
  • No more overpowered people playing survival! The player experience is designed to keep mostly vanilla building functionality, with lots of modded exploration options. Mods are not designed to make players overpowered. You need to face difficult challenges to improve your abilities.


  • No more paying to win! This server does not have pay to win mechanics. Every new player starts with the ability to claim a few chunks of land. No annoying votifier, and no special paid items.
  • No more lag! The server is hosted on a fast internet connection with Shockbyte servers. This means nearly 24/7 uptime. The server is located in Northern USA/eastern Canada. This means ping times of less than 60ms for most of the USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, UK, and Ireland. The rest of the EU has below 80ms ping times. If you’re doubtful, you can check out your ping based on your location here


  • No lengthy whitelist interview and wait times! Visit the server Discord at to review server guidelines, the current mod list! Simply paste the discord address into the “add server” tab, and you should have access. Admins respond fast. All players are welcome! You just need the server modpack.
  • No server resets! When there are new minecraft updates, the server owner simply trims the map edges (the places where nobody has built), which allows new content to spawn, and your builds and items stay intact!


  • We’re a community who appreciates creative minds. You can see some examples of what is built on the server here. On the server, you can find fan-made works from Chrono Trigger, to ancient wonders such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria.


This is a modded PvE/PvP minecraft server running on 1.12.2. Notable mods include: FTB Utilities, Galacticraft, Minecolonies, Twilight Forest, The Betweenlands, Thaumcraft, Ice and Fire, Immersive engineering, Dimensional Doors, ultimate car mod, chisel, and many more. Download the modpack, and you can join today!

Server rules are listed on the Discord, and below:

  1. Be respectful. Follow the golden rule. This includes using respectful language. Chat spamming, racist, and sexist language are considered disrespectful. The default server language is English.

  2. Do not deface player builds, or take what is not yours. No griefing. Ask permission before you build right next to another player. If you are unsure about something, ask in chat. If you want a chest or item container to be open to the community, make sure you label it as such. In general, builds should be open for everyone to access and appreciate. If you don’t want anyone to enter your home, or area, make sure you label it, and let people know.

  3. Play fair. Use only approved server mods. If you find a bug, or exploit, report it to the admins. If you find a loose command block somewhere, let admins know. Do not use command blocks unless given permission from admins. Hacking is a bannable offense.

  4. Do not build near the spawn.

  5. If a player asks you not to attack, respect their wishes. While PvP is enabled on the server, there are also players who prefer PvE. We think both modes can be fun. Accidents will probably happen occasionally, but repeat offenses will be subject to admin disciplinary action. Admins are also expected to play fair if they are in survival mode and participating in PvP.

  6. Do not advertise other servers, or solicit outside services. It is OK to run your own in-game shop, or bank, however. Admins are not responsible for what happens with those shops or banks.

  7. If there is a conflict, you can present the issue on the discord under “admin requests”. Admins will look at your issue, and help to resolve it. This includes conflicts between players (such as land ownership). You may also report other players in this same manner.

  8. Do not excessively label or abuse the Dynmap. Players are permitted to put labels on the dynmap, but they should limit labels to their home, or special locations. Admins can remove labels if they feel they are inappropriate.

  9. Follow all Minecraft/Mojang TOS.

  10. Players who do not follow these guidelines are subject to a ban. Bans may be appealed. Admins are not permitted to ban a player without first warning them and explaining what they did wrong (except in the case of breaking guideline 3, which can result in an instant ban). Admins determine how many warnings they give before a ban is issued. Admins may determine other behaviors not explicitly listed on these guidelines are inappropriate, and are subject to discipline. In the case where a player feels they have been unjustly treated by an admin, they may make an ultimate appeal to Timeherald (the server operator) on the Discord channel.