Vanex [Vanilla]{1.13.2}{Greylist} VANEX.ONLIN…

Vanex [Vanilla]{1.13.2}{Greylist}

Minecraft has changed a lot within the past few years. Factions, Mini-games, Role-play etc. There isn’t a lot of Vanilla. Why? Because server owners want to make money so they make pay to win servers.

  • Important information:
  • Version: 1.13.2
  • Unstaffed
  • Keep inventory: False
  • World Border: 1,000,000
  • Nether Roof: Enabled (You can glitch on top of the nether roof to travel long distances quickly. 1 block in the nether is 8 in the over-world.)
  • Player slots: 100
  • Difficulty Hard


  1. Do not use a hack client.
  2. Do not spam or flood chat.
  3. Do not deliberately cause lag (lag machines)


  • /msg
  • /reply
  • /ignore
  • /help


  1. You cannot apply for staff.
  2. The server does NOT have commands like:
  • /tpa
  • /spawn
  • /sethome.

Why? Because this is a Big Boy Pure Vanilla Server. Almost every single server has these commands, but not this one. You do everything the good ol’ Vanilla way. If you need to travel to a friend, glitch onto the nether roof and travel quick distances? Don’t know how to do that, look it up on YouTube. Need to /sethome? Sleep.

  1. There is no spawn, when you join you will be randomly spawned within a 300×300 block radius from 0, 0.

Questions that you may have?

Why is there no spawn? I give people the freedom to do whatever the want and build where ever they want.
Why is there no commands? As I stated, every other generic factions/towny/economy server has those, and all it does
is prevent you from travelling.
Will the world ever reset? I do not plan to reset the server.
Why do you not have any staff? is a small vanilla server, console shows when people are hacking and
will be punished. Staff is un-needed for this server as it is very simple to ban a hacker as I have experience.
Do you need developers for new plugins? No I do not.

Server TIPS:

  • Hacking or cheating on this server is bannable, however if you manage to find and use a glitch using a vanilla client, you will not be punished.
  • The nether roof is enabled so travelling shouldn’t be an issue if you want to quickly get far away from spawn, every block in the nether is eight in the over-world.
  • This server doesn’t have an anti-cheat, so if you encounter a hacker, report it on our server discord immediately.


YouTube Video:

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