Mythical Kingdoms [SMP] {Survival x RPG} {1.13…

Mythical Kingdoms [SMP] {Survival x RPG} {1.13.2}

Mythical Kingdoms a 1.13.2 Survival x RPG server

Basic Info: Welcome to Mythical Kingdoms! A 1.13.2 Survival x RPG server steeped in ancient myth and legends of old. Step into a world engulfed in Greek religion and culture, and declare wars on the people of Greece or even certain gods!
We are currently still under development but are opening our discord server to the public to get feedback/suggestions.

Release Date: We are hoping to release the server in its Beta phase by the end of January, So keep an eye out!

Server Highlights: The Beta will be releasing Brewery, Dueling, Exotic Gardens, Lockette, RPGClasses, Slimefun, Survival, Time based ranks, Trading, and Quests. This is subject to change with time and feedback.

Discord Invite Link:
Server IP:

Server Info:
Keep Inventory: false
World Borders: Overworld 15k x 15k | Nether: 5k x 5k | End: 5k x 5k
World Resets: The Overworld current has no planned resets | The Nether is reset every 3 months. | The End is reset on the 1st and 15th of every month.
Max Slots: 100
Server based in: America | So far no ping issues across the globe.
Events: We have monthly & weekly events / contests | There is also Discord giveaways / invite rewards.
Server Images:

Basic Rules
More rules are listed ingame and on the Discord
Building/destruction rules:
• No griefing or destroying of other players’ builds
• No looting or stealing from other players’ containers
• No building near other players’ structures without permission
• Lock all of your containers with lockette
• Please no eyesores
• You can not build within 100 blocks of a server build / region

Chat rules:
• No harrasing of other players
• No profanity in general chat
• No player beef/drama in general chat
• No spamming in any chat
• No advertising of non-server related stuff
• Don’t pester the admins/mods
• Post suggestions in the correct discord channel

General rules:
• No cheating of any kind
• No use of unapproved mods (Check the discord for approved mods)
• No asking for OP, ranks, keys, pets, or items
• No abusing of exploits or bugs and if you find an exploit or a bug, report it immediately
• Multiple accounts per player is not allowed
• All farms & grinders must have an on/off switch, afking at a farm is not allowed.
• No afk-pools/machines etc. to prevent auto-afk

We hope to see you soon!