Kruga’s Magic Tower: [PVP] [PVE] [Anarch…

Kruga’s Magic Tower: [PVP] [PVE] [Anarchy] {18+} {Survival} {1.13.2} {spigot} {CustomMap} {Towny} {TNEcconomy} {Greylist} {English} {No Resets} {community}


Name : Kruga’s Magic Tower

Me and my friends are very proud of our new MC server. We’re looking for players to test the server and build a community. I’m also looking for feedback to make the server better. We only just released it to the public. So come and join : ) Seriously it’s epic and you won’t regret it. We created the server as a memorial to my cat, Kruga, who sadly died via-car-accident in late 2015. You spawn at the top of the tower in a glass orb, and then make your way down the tower. The spawn is packed with over 100 command blocks that are interactable. It contains features such as 5 distinct teams you can join, and 11 custom NPC villager traders. This dynamic economy was designed to be an RPG economy from the ground up, in a way that is not too dissimilar to EVE online. Towny has also been installed and uses the same currency (emeralds) as the npc villagers. It’s hard to describe all the details really, but it’s an epic build. The world this tower exists in is a 6k x 6k custom world called ‘mevia18’. Which is a fully custom worldmap. We also created and are continuing to add custom dungeons which respawn on their own every night. They contain rewards, but also custom NPC’s that guard them. The feedback for this RPG server so far has been very positive and with adverts like this the server continues to grow! RULES: The rules are no hacks, and not going too far with freedom of speech. Moderators decide what is too far. Break the rules and you’ll be sent to the in-game jail as a warning, and then banned. Other than that PVP is fully legal outside the towers walls, but is disabled at the spawn (i.e. the massive tower). Good luck on your journey, and the choice on how to play is yours.