Grumpy [PVP] {Economy} {1.13.2 version with 1….

Grumpy [PVP] {Economy} {1.13.2 version with 1.8 PVP}

Hello, my server is a Survival PVP and greifing server, it’s a free for all! We are currently looking for staff and active players to enhance this NEW server.

  1. Version 1.13.2
  2. 1.8 PVP (none of this new garbage)
  3. 54 player slots
  4. World border : 10,000 by 10,000

Invite your friends and create a team and become the strongest squad in the server. Some other plugins we have are Pets, Anti Combat Logging, 1.8 PVP, Crates and more!

IP :