Lavender [SMP] [PvE] {Economy} {Roles} {Towns}…

Lavender [SMP] [PvE] {Economy} {Roles} {Towns}


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Lavender is based around roles, a dynamic economy, towns, quests and more. We are looking for players who enjoys casual survival, semi-advanced economy and building awesome stuff!


When you join the server you will have to work your way towards purchasing a role. Each role has different perks and are able to progress and rank up to gain even more perks. Perks can be used for convenience, fun or to profit. Most importantly, the roles are designed such to enforce teamwork and strengthen the community.


Specializes in building advanced mechanics, gathering materials, crafting special blocks, and founding towns. This includes creating elevators, fast crafting, item mailboxes and much more.


Set up shops and casinos to profit from other players. As a Trader you need to keep a constant eye on the fluctuating economy to keep your earnings high! Can create chest shops, slot machines and more.


Infused with experimental powers, Warpers have the ability to bend space and time. This includes teleporting to other players, warp jumping, produce special enchants and more.


To dictate the worth of items we have a dynamic server shop where players can buy/sell items. The more stock the shop gets, the more an items price will drop. This encourages player trading, but also allows another option and a way of making money. We don’t have any in-game donation perks, and such there are no ‘pay-to-win’ options. This is both to follow the Minecraft terms of use, but also because we simply don’t think it’s fun to reward in-game benefits for real money.


Building/destruction rules:

  • No griefing or destroying of other players structures without permission
  • No looting or stealing from other players containers without permission
  • No building near other players structures without permission
  • No building of giant structures using only one type of block (cobble boxes etc.)
  • Your builds should reflect quality and look pretty

Chat rules:

  • No harrasing of other players
  • No profanity in general chat
  • No player beef/drama in general chat
  • No spamming in any chat
  • No advertising of non-server related stuff
  • Don’t pester the admins/mods
  • No feature suggestions in chat, post in on the forums

General rules:

  • No cheating of any kind
  • No use of unapproved mods (see forums for list)
  • No asking for OP, Ranks or Items
  • No abusing of exploits or bugs
  • If you find an exploit or a bug, report it to the staff immediately
  • Multiple accounts per player is not allowed
  • No full-afk farms. Semi-afk farms where you press a button is allowed
  • No afk-pools/machines etc. to prevent auto-afk

Join here (IP):