GeezDW20 [Modded] {Direwolf20} {Veinminer} {Wh…

GeezDW20 [Modded] {Direwolf20} {Veinminer} {Whitelist} {Discord}

Hello, GeezDW20 is a small whitelisted server focused on fast progression, tech, and automation. We haven’t progressed too far and now is a perfect time to join. If you don’t usually play modded we have an entire handmade guide on how to install Direwolf20 from scratch.

Main Rules:

  1. No spam.
  2. No toxicity or drama.
  3. No racism, bigotry, or homophobia.
  4. No griefing or stealing.

Our discord server has a small filtering system. Join here and tell us you’re from Reddit. 16+ only. Thank you.