Fresh Start [Vanilla] [SMP] {Bedrock Edition} …

Fresh Start [Vanilla] [SMP] {Bedrock Edition} {Whitelist} {Community Focus} {Discord}

Fresh Start is a brand new Bedrock Edition (1.8, official Mojang software) server. We currently we have 5 active players and we are looking to get up to 10. We have a friendly community and active discord, with tons of resources available for new members (including a donation bin) which will help anyone coming in late catch up quickly.

The server started on December 21st, 2018 so it’s a great time to get in at the ground level. The dragon has been slain, but only the nearby End islands have been explored. A few people have started setting up shops and farms, but no one has started any large or mega scale projects yet.

To be clear, this is a Bedrock Edition server, not Java or Realms. It can be connected to via IP/URL using Windows 10 Edition, Android, or iOS. Xbox One and Switch cannot connect. Please see for more details.


  • Vanilla server using official software
  • Hosted in Massachusetts
  • Fairly new world
  • User portal with custom utilities
    • Currently the only one I have allows each user to specify a personal ticking area and change it at will, but we can add more over time
  • Discord Server
    • Joining the discord server is required to join Fresh Start, as it is our primary method of communication and coordination.
    • Private, but if we have any YouTubers or streamers I can create a public channel for community interaction, if desired.

Server Rules:

How to Apply:

When you are ready to apply and have read the Community Guidelines, please join our discord server using this link: (or if the first one doesn’t work for some reason). Send in a paragraph or three in response to the following questions:

  • What do you want to get out of this server?
  • Do you create currently or have plans to create public video content (Youtube, Twitch, etc…)?
  • Do you have any concerns before joining?
  • What aspects of Minecraft are of the most interest to you (large builds, community projects, redstone, etc…)?

Approval Process

You will receive a confirmation from me shortly after you submit (usually within an hour, though it could be longer overnight). We have a tight knit community, so all current players have a couple of hours in which they can vote on whether or not a new person is approved. If everyone approves (or no objects are raised within that time), then you will be sent all of the following:

  • A message on Discord indicating that you have been approved
  • A token that can be used to create an account on our portal so that you can use any utilities that we have
  • You will be added to the server whitelist and to all channels on the Discord server

If you are not approved you will receive a Discord message indicating why your application was declined, as well as any steps that you can take before re-applying.