Daleko [SMP] {Land Claims} {Dynmap/Live Map} {…

Daleko [SMP] {Land Claims} {Dynmap/Live Map} {Economy} {No Whitelist} {1.13.2}

About us

Join us and be part of a young, growing community!

Our server is strongly focused around the Grief Prevention plug-in so that players can experience the enjoyment of building and surviving alone or with friends. Any player who joins may create their own claim, or join an existing one. Find your place, and start surviving, building, and creating with other players and friends!

Finding Us

Our server address: daleko.serv.gs

Our Live Map

And our Subreddit

We are on 1.13.2!

Hope to see you soon!

Server Rules

[1] Be respectful.

[2] Be ethical.

[3] Use common sense.

[4] Use Land Claims to protect yourself from griefing. Griefing in the wild is permitted.

If griefing has occurred near your claim, you can request to have terrain of specific chunks regenerated.

[5] IF you have lost items due to glitches, or griefing, we can replace them. Just ask an admin in-game, or create a ticket with /report {message}.

[6] No:

– spamming in chat or messages

– advertising in chat or messages

– asking for ranks, items, etc. in chat or messages

– discriminatory remarks in chat or messages

– ping spoofing