Phasmophobia [Anarchy] {Factions} {Events} {PV…

Phasmophobia [Anarchy] {Factions} {Events} {PVP} {F Top Prize}

Phasmophobia – A nostalgic factions experience

1.7 – 1.13

$50 Paypal F Top prize

[Insert shop, buycraft and discord here]

Add boring clichés about good servers here – ‘friendly community’, ‘active player base’, ‘custom coded’, ‘amazing staff’, and so on. I could say they are all true, but you wouldn’t believe me, so come online and have a look for yourself.

Unique Features:

Custom structures spawn around the map with spawners, first come first serve. You can buy the perms to place/mine them in the in-game shop with in-game money (we aren’t that ptw).

When going /level while holding an enchanted item, all levels on that item increase by one. It costs levels, plenty and plenty of levels. Each level is capped at 100 (but it costs a monstrous amount to get there, no-one has yet).

Other Features:



THE PHANTOM (He will kill you, don’t even try)


Loot Chests (spawn in the warzone)

Auction House


All rules are boring except one – No insiding (betraying your faction for $$$$$). Of course, if you are the boring type, a list of all rules are here