Deticated vanilla survival server [Vanilla] {w…

Deticated vanilla survival server [Vanilla] {whitelist}

y guys, I’m hosting my own vanilla server v1. 13.2Running only one plugin called grief prevention. We have been going for about 2 days now. The server is 18+ but there are exceptions though. I am looking to hold on to this server for a long time and make some long term friends along the journey. If your interested in joining our small community leave discord or steam names below, thanks look forward to hearing from some 🙂

Our Rules:

*No Griefing

*No Stealing

*No pvp unless both agree

Server IP: Ask in Discord

Discord Server: * Milkycraft

To Join:Comment or PM

*Discord Name (if you have one)

*Skype Name(If you have one)



*Why would you like to join?