🥜 Peanut Craft Official Server [SMP] [Modded]…

🥜 Peanut Craft Official Server [SMP] [Modded] {Auto-Whitelist} {Discord}

We’re a small community building a custom pack that we’ve titled Peanut Craft, aiming to create a complete sandbox experience with our favorite mods.

Peanut Craft is the one-stop mod pack for all your automation needs in Minecraft.


  • A tech-heavy mod pack, with a generous touch of magic.
  • Designed for total freedom. The ultimate sandbox experience.
  • Also includes other mods, such as…
    • Ender IO
    • Thermal Foundation
    • Mekanism
    • Industrial Craft
    • Industrial Foregoing
    • ComputerCraft & OpenComputers
    • Applied Energistics 2 & Refined Storage
    • … & many more!

With those awesome mods as those listed above, you’ll be able to automate pretty much everything in Minecraft, or build anything you could only dream of!

Not only is the sky the limit, but the whole galaxy and multi-verse is!

It’s the ultimate sandbox experience!

You can read more about our pack and how to get it for yourself on our GitHub page right here: https://github.com/Norway174/Peanut-Craft

If you wish to join, you can join our pack’s Discord, which also features all the server details.

Including our custom made automatic whitelist system. There is no application process. All you have to do is type your minecraft username into the specified channel. And our bot should automatically whitelist you.

The reason for this, is that Discord is our platform of choice. And thus, we require every member to be a part of the Discord. In order to make sure you get all the latest updates.

Here’s the Discord link: https://discord.gg/nTZnxAS

Server Rules:

  1. No Griefing. We do have a chunk claiming system. Anything that is not claimed, is considered free for all. But please be respectful of other players. And respect each other claims.
  2. No Spamming. Or excessive use of bad language. Or trolling.
  3. No Advertising other servers. We don’t mind you playing on them, or mentioning them. But this is not the place to be linking to them. Or recruiting people.
  4. Respect all Players. Including the staff. We’re players too.
  5. No Mods/Hacks beyond what is already in Peanut Craft. Other certain types of client side mods are allowed.

Server Specs:

  • Host: MelonCube
  • Processor: Dual (2x) Intel Xeon E5-2650v3
  • Ram: 10240MB
  • Location: Montreal, Canada