Macrochasm [Anarchy] [Chaos] [PVP] [Semi-vanil…

Macrochasm [Anarchy] [Chaos] [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] Beta {1.8.1}

Server name: Macrochasm Server Location: Canada IP: (soon being edited)

Version: Beta 1.8.1 (Updating to 1.0 on Dec. 25)

Rules: None

Discord: Discord

Description: No Rules, Zero to No lag, Custom Plugins, No Map reset, Always updating! Here we will discuss anything related to the older versions of minecraft. Anything pre-1.13, specifically alpha and beta versions. Post builds, links to mods, anything at all osmc. We have a vanilla server that is 1.8.1 beta and anyone is welcome to join. The IP is The server will update incrementally.

If you’re a player reading this spread the word of the server.

Main Administrators: jared2013