UNKNOWN SURVIVAL [SMP] {Whitelisted} {Vanilla}…

UNKNOWN SURVIVAL [SMP] {Whitelisted} {Vanilla}

UNKNOWN SURVIVAL About Us We are a new whitelisted Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server on the Java Edition of Minecraft. We are a small community of friendly, mature and active players who just want to be apart of something big and watch the world come together. Our main focus is to make friends, and do amazing things all while having fun doing it. Inactive players will not be kicked off the server, but are encouraged to be on as much as they can. We accept anyone who is 17+ or at least mature enough to act like it, you don’t need to have much experience as long as understand the rules then you’ll get on just fine.

Side Note: We may have some plugins in the future, but we will keep it as close to vanilla as possible. All decisions will be made by the players in a poll.

RULES 1. No Griefing Or Stealing

  1. Don’t Be Rude Or Disrespectful

  2. Don’t Build On Other People’s Builds Without Permission

  3. No Hacking or Exploiting

  4. Keep The World Looking As Nice As Possible

  5. Don’t Build Too Close To Spawn, Try To Keep Bases At Least 1000 Blocks Away To Save Room For Shopping District

  6. Be Mature and have fun!

Requirements Requirements to join the SMP

  1. Read the rules, and are able to follow them

  2. Above the age of 17 or at least mature enough

  3. Can speak english well enough to communicate with other players

  4. Have discord for communication purposes

  5. Be as active as you can

APPLICATION To apply to our Unknown Survival multiplayer server please join the discord below and fill out the application form after reading the rules and requirements. We will be accepting around 20-30 players so make sure you lock your spot for season one of Unknown Survival.

DISCORD Owner: Cubalt#5930

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/E28hJDX

Any Questions Ask In The Comments or In The Discord