Sheado [Modded] {Dragon Block} {1.7.10} {Survi…

Sheado [Modded] {Dragon Block} {1.7.10} {Survival} {Factions}

Sheado A Dragon Block server (A server based on the Dragon Ball franchise) which includes many various different options and has a very unique art style thanks to the Armours Workshop mod, each NPC is unique and refreshing. This server currently has over 600 Armours Workshop items, that would mean that there’s loads of customisation, you can dress as your favourite Dragon Ball character and explore the many various zones and quests that the server offers.

If you are interested – This is the Discord chat for the server, the mod-pack can be found in there. – Thank you :>

The Rules

  1. No Racism
  2. No Excessive Cursing
  3. Use Common Sense