Buoys Vault[SMP][Modded]{1.12.2}{Whitelisted}{…

Buoys Vault[SMP][Modded]{1.12.2}{Whitelisted}{Discord}{Java ed}

Hey there! We’re a fairly small community in need of new players for our server! We have a handful of mods such as BuildCraft, IC2, Flans mod w/ three of the content packs, and much more! We plan to add more mods in the future, but for now we’re sticking with what we have installed, as to not overwhelm any current or new members.

We accept just about anyone, but we do have a mini application system that allows us to get a feel for the players that wish to join! If you’re interested in joining, please do PM me through Reddit, or Discord! My information will be below. We hope to see you roaming our server soon! 😀


  1. No trade entrapments. Luring someone out under the pretense that they’ll be walking into a nice trade is prohibited.

  2. No faction monopolies! One faction cannot own every other faction, or rule over every piece of land. This will also apply to player numbers, no one faction can have more active players in it than the entire active server population. These numbers will scale as we get more players.

  3. No offline raiding! If a player is offline, then you cannot raid them. This rule also applies if the player is afk.

  4. No spawnkilling

  5. Mark your territory. Put a sign outside of your home or around your property to inform passerbys that it belongs to you. Failure to do this may result in being raided, even while you’re offline

  6. Trespassing onto someones’ property while they are offline is also considered raiding. Unless of course, you have permission from the land owner.

Faction Specific Rules

  • The numbers must always be scaled. If there is one player belonging to an opposing faction online, you cannot raid their Motherbase, or personal property. It’s prohibited. If the numbers are one above or below, excluding a 1 v 2, then it’s fine.

  • Outline your landmass. Use any block or color of wool (so long as the block or color in question isnt already in use by another faction) to place a large, enclosed shape around your own recognized land. This will also apply to any properties that your members own. However you don’t need to connect the landmasses, simply tell them to outline their own properties using the same colored wool.

Discord: Angry Vault Boy#5540