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QuasiSMP [SMP][Semi-Vanilla]{Surviaval}{Discord}{Snapshots}{Whitelist}

Hello! Here at Quasi we’re very open to everyone and want people to make friends and have a great time playing Minecraft! We’re a very small comunity hoping to expand and meet new people and start great adventures together.


On the server, you will experience some cool and helpful additions like HermitCraft vanilla additions, 100+ custom advancements to spice up the game and some custom crafting recipes to help the players in some form! If you choose to join, you’ll get a spreadsheet of the recipes. More will be coming to the server soon to keep things fresh.

We’d like everyone’s personal styles to show on the server! We’re very open to what people build and love to see what people can do!


We also use the following.. – More stairs from crafting (8 stairs instead of 6) – Universal Dyeing – Multiplayer Sleep (Hermitcraft Version) – More Mob Heads – No Enderman Grief – Double Shulker Shells – Double Slab Crafting – Dragon Drops Elytra – Custom Armor Stands (Though some may not work in the snapshots)!



DO NOT grief anyone’s builds unless you are given permission.

Pranking is allowed but if the prank is very big, expect to clean it up yourself.

DO NOT make fun or bully anyone.

DO NOT be mean. Respect everyone and they’ll respect you.

DO NOT use a mod that will give you an advantage over other players (optifine, minimap, organization and visual mods are ok). Ask a member of staff if you can use a specific mod.

Repair all mob griefing instances. Especially Creeper holes!

DO NOT kill anyone unless all parties involved agree on it.

If anyone is harming your experience on the server, talk to a person in power I.E a mod or an owner.

Age isn’t a problem for us but we’d like for you to act mature.


If you’d like to join, give me a message with your Discord “username#number”!

There will be a verbal “interview”. It’s just going to be a little chat so we can get to know you a little!

Thanks for taking your time to read this and we hope to see you on the server! 🙂