PPDem Survival [Realms][Vanilla][SMP]{Hermitcr…

PPDem Survival [Realms][Vanilla][SMP]{Hermitcraft Datapack}{Java Edition}


I am currently looking for a few active members to come join our survival realm! We have been playing this world with a small playerbase (3 active players) for around 5 months and have made a lot of progress so far! We figure it’s time to get in some fresh faces and get some more community involved.

This realm uses part of the HermitCraft Datapack that includes:

  • Customizable Armor Stands
  • AFK Name Changer
  • Double Shulker Shell Drops
  • Craftable Double Slabs
  • Mob Head Drops
  • Multiplayer Sleep


  • No Griefing / Cheating / Hacking / Stealing
  • Respect other players property
  • Use and display common sense

Please send me a private message or reply to this thread with a little bit about yourself if you’re interested in joining us!