EscapeRestart lava survival, creative build, k…

EscapeRestart lava survival, creative build, kit-pvp with a map based twist [Hub][PvP][PvE][Creative] {Discord}{Events}

experience a great community that has a variety have server such as a timed lava survival server named ritual of fire or rof for short or a creative build server where you can compete or roleplay for ranks or maybe you want something a bit more bloodthirsty then our map based kit-pvp server called army of darkness is for you or maybe you want to talk to the other members of the community then our forums and discord Server Information

Server Name: EscapeRestart Website: Discord: EscapeRestart Discord Subreddit: /r/EscapeRestart Server IP: Version: 1.12.2 Gameplay Types: [PvP][PvE][CTF][Tag][Creative][MultiMode] rules 

more in-depth Server Descriptions:

Rituals of Fire [RoF] 

RoF is unique game-mode – Classic lava re-imagined. Here, players must survive together against the rising waves of lava. The lava has varying moods and speeds – so be prepared for different plans each time you hop on. You earn currency from surviving rounds that you can use to obtain higher ranks – and with that more cool, new items.

RoF offers multiple unique maps and fun mini-games to play while you wait. Hop on to relive the updated version of the old classic now!

Army of Darkness [AoD] 

AoD hosts multiple game modes inside of itself. Including:

Mob [PvE] - Survive against waves of Mobs with friends. Infection [Tag] - A classic re-imagined. One person starts out infected and must tag everyone else to infect them. Zombie [PvP] - One person starts out as a zombie and must kill other players to turn them. CTF [PvP] - Work with your team and use "rockets" to shoot enemies and capture the enemy's flag. TNT [PvP] - Blow up the enemy teams core with the explosive weapons you are provided! TDM/FFA [PvP] - Battle it out against players, either with a team or by yourself. 

AoD also offers a ton of unique maps built by our community with a central theme in mind. The Map Authors also choose the weapon kits users to start out with, so you have balanced game-play, with no over-powered donor kits! Have fun and fight fair Create

Create is our Creative Server. It features not only plots, but 3 FlatLand worlds, and a terrain world. Create has a rank system, which includes the following ranks:

Novice Builder Specialist Adv. Builder Architect 

All of these ranks come with special permissions and cool new features. Novices also have WorldEdit in their plots – so you can go ahead and use it right away! Fun and limitless perks and no donor catering makes this server unique in many ways.