Ascended Gaming Community [Modded] [Wanted] W…

Ascended Gaming Community [Modded] [Wanted]

We are the Ascended Gaming Community, The Ascended Community Discord Server –

Currently we are a 16+, mature, small based community just getting on our feet, we are a cross platform discord that talks about all the newest, and even the oldest of games. So your gaming interests will always live on.

Mainly based on the PC version of Minecraft, we are currently in the development stage of a futuristic tech mod pack and would love you to come and join and share your ideas on what we can add to this pack. We are also looking for Modded Players to come help direct this modpack in the making. You will need much experience.

We also have other channels that may interest you which are channels that you can post your talents, such as art, photography, music tastes. so if gaming isn’t for you, maybe just hanging out will be!