The Digger’s Collective [PVE] [SMP] [Vanilla] …

The Digger’s Collective [PVE] [SMP] [Vanilla] {1.13} {Whitelist} {Community-Oriented} {17+} {Datapacks}

Greetings fellow redditors and minecrafters! I’m AudiR8V10Plus, one of TDC’s managers, and I’d like to introduce you to our vanilla Minecraft server: **The Digger’s Collective**, where we strive to make a flourishing new community on a brand new map. If you’re a dedicated player that likes to meet new people, partake in large projects and democracy, and chat while exploring, then you might be interested in what we have to offer!

##About us:

**✔️ We’re 100% legitimate:** what you see on our server is pure survival. Nobody uses creative mode, even our staff and owner has access to limited commands, so we’ll always be equal to you.

**✔️ We’re community focused:** as we want everyone to have more of an equal say in the progression of our server, democracy is our most important foundation. Staff are no more than moderators and will only guide democracy in its process. On this server, your opinion truly matters.

**✔️ We have community events:** anyone can make a suggestion at any time, talk to a staff member and before you know it, enjoy an event hosted by the community and for the community. Once in a while we also host community gaming nights.

**✔️ We use Discord:** we have a Discord with lots of information about the server, it’s also a place of gathering where people can talk to each other during their gameplay. Other games are also allowed to be played on the Discord.

**✔️ We also have a creative server:** do you prefer to prototype your builds, or collaborate on the finer details with other community members? Then we also host a creative server just for that!

**✔️ We use some Hermitcraft Datapacks:** including double slabs, more head drops, universal dying, AFK name changer, and customizable armor stands!

**✔️ We have leaderboards:** compete with your friends for higher ranks!

##Some more information:

– Server location: France.

– 99+% server uptime.

– Firespread == off.

– DDOS protection enabled.

– Difficulty: hard.

– All players are 17 or older.

##Does that sound to your liking? Take a look at our rules then:

[1] Be mature. Do not display behaviour that actively obstructs members of staff or your fellow community members.

[2] No griefing/stealing.

[3] Don’t lag the server.

[4] No hacking. If you are unsure if a mod or addon is considered hacking, ask a staff member.

[5] No glitching. If you are wanting to abuse a known bug, please consult a member of staff to decide if this is against this rule or not. No intentional duplication of items (with exception for dragon egg).

[6] PVP is by consent only.

##Joining TDC

If you still think our server would be better with you in it, then copy and paste the application below and apply to join! If you’d like a quicker response you can add me on Discord (Sunfire Cobra#9958) or send me a private message with your application.

– **In-game name:**

– **Age:**

– **Timezone:**

– **What about us stood out to you?**

– **What can you offer to the community?**

– **How many hours do you tend to play each week?**

– **What’s your pet peeve on Minecraft Servers?**

– **Describe yourself in 5 words:**

– **Is there anything else you’d like to add?**

## TDC’s Application Approval Process

In order for your application to be accepted, at least three staff members of TDC must approve it. Here are some suggestions for getting your application approved:

– Help us get to know you! It’s great to talk about the stuff you’ve built, what you enjoy doing in Minecraft, and relating it back to TDC.

– Referred to TDC by a friend? Let us know who referred you!

– We encourage you to include pictures or videos of your creations and minecraft experience.

– Show us that not only do you want to be on TDC, but that TDC is the server that’s right for you!

– Put effort into your application! Applications that are only a few sentences long are very likely to be rejected.

##I look forward to reading your applications!