NamelessCraft [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.13.2…

NamelessCraft [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.13.2}{Dynmap}{16+}

Server Name: NamelessCraft

Version: 1.13.2

Server IP:

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Come join our great 16+ Minecraft community that’s been around for 6 Years!

NamelessCraft is a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server and home to a wide range of people from all around the world. We’re welcoming anyone no matter your age, race or gender. We are always looking for new members who want to play on our server and enjoy the atmosphere of our tightly knit, family-like community.

We have a brand-new survival map for the 1.13 Aquatic Update so come and explore the new features and improved ocean biomes right from spawn! To ensure the longevity of our current map, we’ve set up a world border to keep the newly announced features for the coming update(s) within reasonable distances. We also offer you a permanent creative map where you can test your building skills freely.

No Griefers, no Theft. That’s a ban on the spot and any damage or loss is rolled back immediately! But fortunately, we seldom have these cases. We take pride in having a clean, fun and friendly server for all to play on. Issues are resolved within our community and usually without moderator intervention.

Events are hosted at community request. This includes Ocean Monument raids, UHC, building contests and much more!

Dynmap will assist you scouting for your favourite building location and navigate our map with ease. Everything important is marked with icons and we encourage you to create your own.

Discord is available to all players on our server. We’re very active there these days so come in and say hi! You will find the link on our forums after we’ve accepted your application.

Sounds great? Here’s how you join NamelessCraft: Fill out an application on our forum. Make sure to read the rules carefully. Easy! It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and soon our community will decide on it. Once you’re accepted you can start playing as a full member immediately. No trials, no restrictions!

We’re looking forward to hearing about you!

As a final treat, here’s a promo video from our last map (made by community member and moderator Smok3yP)