Fifth Ave [SMP] {Factions} {Rankups} {McMMO} …

Fifth Ave [SMP] {Factions} {Rankups} {McMMO}


Welcome to Fifth Ave



Fifth Ave is more than just a name or a server, but basically a community of unforgiving players and power hungry individuals.
Everyone starts from the bottom but only the worthy and hardworking ones reach the top and dominate the charts.
We also feature an extremely hard economy which will guarantee hard work in order to purchase items from our shop.
Join our growing community and prove you’re the one that can put his name on top.


→ Hard Economy
→ Player Rankup system
→ Trading

→ Factions

→ Tree Assist

→ PvP

→ Tags

→ Infernal Mobs

→ Jobs

→ LWC Protected Chests and Blocks

→ Pets, Trails and Gadgets (For VIP Ranks)
→ And many more to come since we’re a new server!

→ Griefing and raiding allowed

Server IP: