BrotherServer [Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{18+ an…

BrotherServer [Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{18+ and mature}

The server : We are a small server owned by 2 brothers that have been playing casually since the nether updates. It is a small server with about 5-6 players and is one week old, so there’s plenty of land and ressources to grab!

The reason we made a server, after joining many in the past, is because we seem to always end up with a server owner that disappears overnight, or one that becomes paranoid with power and starts banning left and right. Sadly, we had this happen too often, and thus, decided to get our own server.

The Rules

  • Players must be mature.

  • PvP allowed, if both parties agree.

  • Pranks allowed, but grief and outright stealing is not.

  • Buildings must be aesthetically pleasing. (exeptions for things like grinders)

  • Build at least 500 blocks away from spawn.

  • No cheating, of course.

Plans for the future

  • We aim to get a small community (About 10 players, and we are okay with expanding if there’s interest) of people to play minecraft in a mature environment while making nice builds everyone can be proud of.

  • Me and my brother are city builders that love to make many themed builds around a general area. We encourage people to build a summer house in our towns. We don’t want to restrict our community to any type of builds, but we enforce a “District” policy where nearby builds must match eachother.

  • We plan to make a train system with minecarts that links all the main areas, and a nether hub too. We plan to add some easy to implement plugins (AFK, DYNMAP, Chat titles) and we do have a discord.

Why you should join Well, it’s up to you! We’re seeking a small adult community that can play Minecraft in a mature and fun way. If this is what you’re seeking as well, why not give it a try? But tell us a bit about yourself, your age, and post a picture or two of a nice moment in Minecraft !