Anarchy Now [Anarchy] [Chaos] [PVP] [Semi-vani…

Anarchy Now [Anarchy] [Chaos] [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] {1.13.2}

Server name: Anarchy NowServer Location: Montreal, CAIP: 1.13.2

Discord: Discord

Freedom is yours!

Description: No Rules, Zero to No lag, Custom Plugins, No Map reset, Always updating! The only thing that we will not allow or tolerate is trying to break the server with Redstone(Lag) machines. This server is about a week old now and the community seems to be friendly at the moment hopefully it can stay this way but doubtful because of it being an Anarchy Server. There isn’t much else to the server just have fun and do/say whatever you want. There is a donator rank (Only on discord) which just gives you the role to show others that you support the server.

Operator: Metro
Operator: Champ

Plugin Developer: Jim (Jilm)