KiloCraft [Vanilla] {Snapshot} {1.14} {1.13.2}…

KiloCraft [Vanilla] {Snapshot} {1.14} {1.13.2} {Vote Rewards}

Server IPs

1.13.2 plugin server

Snapshot server

Kilocraft is a close net server base with a 1.13.2 and a snapshot server.

Features – 1.13.2

-Protective residences

-Public Spawners

-Massive item shop


-Anti Creeper and Anti grief

Features – Pre 1.14

-voting rewards

-Vote crate

-Machines (breaker, farmer, vacuum hopper)

Welcome to KiloCraft. A community server currently in season 2 and getting excited for the start of season 3 this coming year as 1.14 looms in the horizon. Join us on either our 1.13.2 server to build great things and fight many monsters, or relax on the snapshot server and explore the great things to come in the update. Whichever you choose we will be there to help along the way.

Join us on Discord where help is just a click away.

Basic rules

– no cheating, exploiting, griefing, bug abuse or causing server lag

– no swearing, we’re a family friendly server

– no spamming/advertising (except for ingame shops)/flooding in chat

– no political and religious discussion

– no PvP unless the other person agrees

– no 18+/NSFW content – no ’/sethome’ near bases other than your own

– respect everyone