BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{Sma…

BlueShift Server [Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{Small-community}

Our server holds a rather small group of people, consisting mostly of adult players (20+) and several younger folks. We mostly enjoy building aspect of Minecraft, a lot of us being quite good and artistic about their builds. We keep our world clean (for example, we use resource world for getting materials in big quantities, to not scar the main world). Our place have always been a family friendly environment and we would like to keep it that way, with no drama or toxicity. Server is entirely volunteer run, we do not have ranks and keep the experience very close to vanilla Minecraft with a few enhancements.

The server have been up for 1.5 years. We never had too much traffic going like bigger servers do, instead keeping it small and tight-knit. Probably not the best place if you seek for bustling activity, but perfect if your play style is more chill and slow-paced. We currently have two worlds:

  • 1.13 one is currently our main world. It is around 2 months old and was opened just after 1.13 release.

  • Old world (without 1.13 ocean structures yet). The idea of that one is to never reset it, keeping all the builds and memories there and free to explore. Some of the guys also have unfinished projects going on there.

Some media

  • You strongly advised to join our Discord, since it’s our main way of announcing things. We also have Discord-Minecraft bridge so you can see and participate in Minecraft chat without being in-game.

  • Live map of our worlds: Dynmap

  • We use our subreddit to showcase interesting builds or share other things.

Before you apply…

If you are a kind of person that logs in, does their thing, ignoring everything happening around, and then logs off – probably our place isn’t for you. Also, our server does not fit younger folks too well, if you are not 18+ please consider if you really want to join us. I’m happy to make exceptions, but you have to explain why do you think our place would fit you.


Best to PM it to me.

  • Why would you like to join? Be creative with your post and do your best to introduce yourself. That’s the only way to see what kind of person you are!

  • Feel free to attach some of your builds. Not required but totally awesome to see what others can do.

  • Age, timezone.

  • If you haven’t heard any response back in two days, that probably means we can’t accept you for some reason. Sorry!


Simple: be excellent to each other (common sense, really: be polite and mature, don’t steal or grief, etc).