Ponchique [Semi-vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whitelist} …

Ponchique [Semi-vanilla] {Dynmap} {Whitelist} {1.13.1}

Ponchique is a new, near-vanilla minecraft server with an intentionally small playerbase. Ponchique is running on PaperMC with two plugins: dynmap and GoodNightSleepTight. The main idea behind Ponchique is to create a small, cozy community with little moderation and lax rules. In order to achieve that, the server’s running in whitelist mode. Keep in mind that inactive players will be purged from the whitelist at regular intervals.

So, what’s in this for you? Why should you choose Ponchique instead of other well-established servers out there? Here are some key reasons why Ponchique might interest you:

  • For fun, not for profit: Ponchique is run for fun only, with no ulterior motives, which means that you will never see ads, donation pleas or players with unfair advantage due to donation perks.
  • Community: The main idea behind Ponchique is to build a solid, tightly-knit community. Quality over quantity and such. The player limit is set to 6 in order to preserve the cozy atmosphere.
  • Near-vanilla: Plugin-heavy minecraft servers often make gameplay way too easy, which is why Ponchique sticks close to vanilla with only small quality of life improvements.

As mentioned above, the server has few rules that, I’m sure, you will find fair:

  • No cheating: Fairly self-explanatory, this one. If you are caught using cheats you will be instantly and permanently unwhitelisted. Things like afk fishing, which exploit the game’s mechanics, are fine, but to an extent: duping would still count as cheating.
  • Do not insult other players in excess: Slight jabs at other players are fine, but if all you do is talk shit, then you might be unwhitelisted for a period of time (or permanently).
  • No excessive griefing: Again, slight griefing is acceptable (especially if the structure you’re griefing is no longer in use), but if griefing is your main way of passing time on Ponchique, then you can expect to get temporarily or permanently unwhitelisted.

Well, does this sound like a server you’d enjoy? If so, then just send me a pm or hit me up on discord (B3L1NSKY#7382), whichever one you prefer. You don’t need to tell me much (I don’t care about any of your personal details): just tell me a couple of sentences about yourself. Currently we’re looking for committed players with at least some experience. There isn’t a strict age requirement, but do keep in mind that since there’s little moderation, the server’s effectively 18+. See you on the other side!