Survival Manor [smp] [Hardcore] {1.13} {Kingdo…

Survival Manor [smp] [Hardcore] {1.13} {Kingdoms} {Datapacks} {Custom Achievements/Advancements} {Monthly Events} {Collectible Series} {LeaderBoard} {Whitelist} {16+} {720+DiscordServer}

Server Disclaimer:

The Server IS Hardcore but Respawns are allowed! you must spectate your death area in order to respawn. Hardcore is only enabled so players can have a proper challenge against hunger & poison 2 (since it can kill you).

The Server was inspired by Alpha and many of us old school players wishing to have a blocky horror feel brought back with tons of mystery. The Server Is Currently In Beta and many more cool features are waiting on 1.13’s Arrival this is why its whitelist for close friends only atm & others we invite.

Player Interests:

I’m looking for more people to play with this time around. The Server is pretty much Vanilla with Biome Bundle for more diversity. The Nether is Custom Generated by me. We preferably to stick close to vanilla as Possible. We have a “preferred custom Mod pack” that deals with only ambience and tries to enhance the vanilla experience already here. I’m looking for people that aren’t shy to use voice, or just talk in chat. We have been looking to get more Australian players and NA Players as well so that there’s always someone one the server if possible. We are always accepting of people, the server is mature and you’re more than welcome to come get high & drunk and relax with us, it’s pretty great to say the least.

Current Kingdoms:

Red Team [Steiffelhafen] (Medieval City Theme) Green Team (Post Apocalyptic Bunker & City) Blue Team (Modern Metropolis City Theme) Yellow Team ( Sci-Fi Futuristic Bunker & City)

Survival Aspects

✔️ HardCore Mode

✔️ Trees Physically Fall Down Like in real life.

✔️ Realistic Water Physics

✔️ DynMap

✔️ Caves Collapse without proper support

✔️ No Map Resets

✔️ Player Economy

✔️ Friendly Community

✔️ Skill System & Bounty System in the Server

✔️ LockPicking

✔️ Discord Integration with the Server.

✔️ Fire Spreads Realistically

✔️ Explosions Degrade Blocks & Cause Blocks to get Gravity

✔️ Day night Cycle is 3x Longer overall.

✔️ 10 Minutes for Items to Despawn During the Day Time.

✔️ 32 Minutes for Items to Despawn During the Night Time.

✔️ Double XP At Night Time.

✔️ Netherwart requires Lava Sources to grow.

✔️& Much More 😀

Plugins 🔌

  • Dynmap

  • 7 Days to Die Hordes every 7 Days (7 Hrs)

  • StarDew Valley Farming + Realistic Farm Tweaks

  • Player shops

  • Crafts PUBG Styled Survival Airdrops

  • Crafts Custom Furniture

  • More Mob Head drops

  • Crafts Custom Pets Plugin

  • Hardcore Warp Plugin

  • Hardcore Survival Overhaul

  • Heros RPG plugin

Apply If

  • You are 18 or older (no exceptions!).
  • You love /r/wholesomememes.
  • You are easy-going & mature.
  • If you wish to Have tons of goals and things to do.
  • You like cool server events, prizes, and trophies
  • You enjoy world building
  • You love the idea of working together as a community
  • You Like Guild Wars, MMO Styled Dungeons & More Vanilla Styled breakable Dungeons.
  • If you enjoy Hardcore Survival & challenges.
  • if you have patience and enjoy longevity of projects.

How to Get Whitelisted:

Because of the volume of applications we receive, we have certain standards for our applicants. Our whitelist application requires knowledge of our rules and policies, so please take your time completing it. We look for reading comprehension, personality, and maturity when reviewing applications. Our application whitelist process involves a lot of effort and may take 24 Hrs to 2 days to get a reply. Most whitelist applications have been requesting or DM’ing me the Application form privately. Thought commenting it below is also 100% fine.


1. No griefing or raiding - THIS Is Disabled until the Server Is Out Of Beta. 2. Do not overuse profanity, try and keep things classy. Cursing is fine but dont overdo it. 3. Do not build on or near another's property without their permission. 4. No cheating (Hacked client's, xray texture packs etc.) 5. Do not abuse someone physically or verbally. 6. Respect the Owner (If you have a complaint please pm me on discord) 7. Keep the world looking neat by cutting down the whole tree or filling in creeper holes you cause. 8. If there are any bugs or problems, please let me know! 9. No pvp unless both parties agree. 


  • How old are you?

  • Gender?

  • Do You have a Mic?

  • Have you read the rules & agree that you will be punished for breaking any of them?

  • Why do you wish to join Survival Manor?

  • How well do you get along with others?

  • Tell me a little about yourself 🙂

  • What is your MC Username(IGN)

  • Are you ok with meeting new people and making a community?

Please DM me the Application and Ask for the Discord Server Invite if you are interested.