SeraphicCraft [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft} {Whiteli…

SeraphicCraft [Vanilla] {Hermitcraft} {Whitelist}

Hey! This is a true long-term hermitcraft-esque server (exact same gamerules as hermitcraft, mob heads, dungeons etc.), where we’ve started a new map a couple month ago. It’s always nice to join a server thats on a pretty fresh map I think, and the servers been really active and the community is really good, everyone’s very friendly and yeh so..

Who we’re looking for:

Looking for people who are friendly, easy going and interesting. Most important thing is that you’ll regularly play and be part of the community, and yeh just enjoy yourself c:

Seraphiccraft is:

It’s a very down to earth, laid back and friendly server! It offers the most lovely, amiable community which comprises of many different ages (mostly young adults, but also a fair amount of parents!), with many different nationalities (most interesting being Venezuela, India and South Korea). We have sci-craft level farms – including a wither farm with perimeter, ghast farm, and two far overkill ironfarms. We have really impressive builds, from huge mass scale with our nether hub, volcano and to quaint with the picturesque floating spawn islands and beautiful village bases.

Also people keep asking! Everything is done in survival minecraft fully legit!

Age: 17+

Apply On Our Website:

You can join our discord (a wee button is on the top right of site) and wait for a reply there if you’d like 🙂 Don’t be afraid to leave a message so we can check out your app quicker!

Here is our servers map so far:

Server is really relaxed and I comfy, everyone is very friendly and laid back. I really hate overbearing admins, it should be obvious things that are acceptable and not: I mean it’s just be lighthearted and have fun.

good luck!

More info + gamerules: