Gingy’s World of Nations [SMP] {Towny} {…

Gingy’s World of Nations [SMP] {Towny} {Custom Terrain} {McMMO}

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GWN has an emphasis on community. Our goal is to get a great community of like-minded individuals where we can play minecraft, make friendships, and most of all have fun!



After searching through many plugins to use as our main gamemode, we decided on Towny. Towny is the most feature-heavy and user-friendly plugin there is for building towns and nations. I do understand that this plugin is quite complicated, and command heavy, so I have also added the /tgui plugin to help ease new players into the game. This handy plugin displays all of Towny’s commands in a easy to understand GUI. Of course, people who prefer the regular Towny commands can still do so.

Custom Terrain

We now use the Biome Bundle pack of Open Terrain Generator (OTG). This mega pack includes over 400 biomes and 2000 custom structures. This is exploration at its finest for our community! You can find loot or a new home at the custom structures.


We are using the most popular RPG plugin out there. McMMO brings 13 different skills that you can level up. All of them are extremely well made. We have some additional addons installed to put your skilling fun to the next level. Both of these can be toggled in game, if you prefer not to use them.

Exp Bar – This uses the Boss Bar API to show an experience bar at the top of your screen. Action Messages – This will display McMMO messages in the action bar instead of in chat, making it far less spammy.

Other Features

We also have many other features on the server, and we have plans to add even more:

  • Better Drops to display name tags on dropped weapons/armor.
  • An easy to navigate market where you can buy almost any item, including custom heads
  • Sell any item with one command. Enchantments, and durability are included in the value.
  • Sell your things in the auction house
  • 10 playtime ranks
  • Safari Nets
  • Complete discord integration and rank synchronization
  • ChestShop

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