Baneshroud [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.13.1} {No Paid…

Baneshroud [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.13.1} {No Paid Perks} {Towny} {mcMMO} {Jobs} {Dynmap} {Discord}

Who We Are

Baneshroud has been a community since early Minecraft Beta. Across various updates and servers our community is as strong as ever. You will never find more friendly players in Minecraft. Several towns are openly recruiting players, so feel free to explore and ask around to see what fits your playstyle best.

We have several staff members that monitor in-game and remotely to answer any questions you have.

We also don’t believe in having paid in-game perks for players. We do reward players for attending server events and referring friends, but we never give perks or items for real world money.

The World

  • 3000×3000 World Border (Will expand as population does)
  • Massive ocean with spawn in the center to take advantage of 1.13 update.
  • Warp to spawn.
  • Admin shops for specific items
  • PvP is on in the wilderness
  • Towns have the option of turning PvP on or not
  • No Town Taxes


  • Dynmap
  • Essentials
  • mcMMO
  • Towny
  • Jobs
  • QuickShop
  • EpicRename
  • WorldGuard
  • MobArena (Soon)


  1. Harassment and Bullying will not be tolerated
  2. X-Ray/Hacking/Exploits will result in an immediate ban
  3. No racism or bigotry
  4. Do not grief town borders
  5. Must be 17+ to play on the server

Whitelist Application

To join the server you must be whitelisted. Simply answer the questions below as a comment, a PM, or on our Discord and we will add you!

  1. Minecraft Username
  2. Age