Quasi SMP [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.13….

Quasi SMP [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.13.1}

Hey there,

Quasi SMP is a whitelisted Minecraft server established July 2018. Most of our player base is within the USA, however, we do have numerous Europeans and even some Aussies.

Since we are a small, close-knit community, we typically have around 4-6 players online during peak times and even more during special events and would love to have you join us in our very community-minded MC world.

What you get with us/Perks:

  • Your base is protected from griefing. – No need to worry if you’re going to wake up one morning to find your base ruined, doesn’t work like that here!
  • Newer Map! – Since we have started in July, our map has not been explored fully, so you can still go and find all the interesting bits and bobs that suit your play-style. That being said, we do have some infrastructure set up such as various player shops, a mending book shop, enderman and guardian farms, so for all of you builders out there, we’ve got you covered! We are planning on building even more farms and community-oriented builds and would love it if you shared the experience with us.
  • Multiple new advancement trees
  • No enderman griefing – Our community has managed to strike a deal with endermen, so they don’t steal our stuff
  • All mob heads obtainable – We all love having a trophy room, right?
  • One player sleep
  • Custom prefixes (ask Sin1ster!)
  • Go Exploring! – The world is adequately sized with no border currently set which allows for plenty of room for exploration and contains a vast variety of unique biomes! Feel free to claim an area or two, or five, to call your own or take the time to get out there and explore for whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s a specific biome or just a really cool landscape with an awesome view of the setting sun. If you find something cool, let us know!
  • Quick Travel – We all know how difficult it is to have to walk thousands of blocks to visit a friend’s base, or trade, which is why the community has installed an outstanding nether hub transportation system that allows for very fast travel using ice and boats, or jumping, or even minecarts to get where you need to go. You can quickly get from one end of the map to another in mere minutes.
  • Discord – so that you don’t have to worry about typing “Creeper” when one is barreling right for your friend and flashing. ssSsSSsSsS BOOOOOM!!! We all love hanging out in Discord all day long too and sharing interesting stories, jokes, builds, server screenshots and the dankest of memes in our #memes-cave channel. That being said, we support each other when things go south and serious too, so you can think of it as one big, multi-continental family!
  • Server Owner and Staff that play the game just like you do. One of the largest complaints seen about other servers is immature staff. You won’t find that here and we all know the line between staff duties and being a player so our powers are not abused. The individuals in our Staff team are hand picked, mature persons who know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner whenever needed.
  • There is always a community-minded build, contest, game, or special event that is occurring. We have held build contests, theater events, treasure hunting contests, trivia, and other assorted events. Hey, we are currently having a Halloween Skin Contest with some sick prizes!
  • Community Logbook. Ever joined a server and had no idea what has been done or where to go? Don’t worry about that here with us. The entire community maintains a spreadsheet that will help you get started, point to the locations of interest, plugin commands, farm locations, pvp rules and arenas and how to access them, etc. Plus you also get a tour when you join to show you the important things so you’ll know what’s what.
  • Quasi Journal. Nothing showcases our community better than a journal of all the important, weird and outright funny occurrences on the server than the Quasi Journal. Come take a look for yourself here.
  • Be Yourself! Nothing says be yourself than hanging out on Discord and chatting with everyone while chilling in our music channel (plays songs for everyone simultaneously).


  • No malicious activity which includes griefing, hacking, or theft.
  • Player mods that defeat the challenge of playing on a semi-vanilla server are not allowed. An example would be running an x-ray mod or modified resource pack for direct access to ores.
  • Players are encouraged to lend a helping hand and to do things together like exploring, building, working on large-scale projects, etc. We get that sometimes it’s cool to be solitary, but we’re trying to avoid the lone ranger types that just go off and you never see them again. Why bother playing Multiplayer?
  • Be mature (as in, the opposite of immature, not meaning mature as in Rated-R mature) and remember the golden rule, do unto others and you’d have them do unto you. We are all about a positive experience on ImagineCraft and any negative behavior (aside from tasteful pranks) will result in you being banned.
  • Chat away. Here, you can be “adult” if you’d like, but we do expect from you to know when the line of oversharing is crossed.

Server Specifications (Great Performance guaranteed!)

  • Located in top-tier Dallas Texas datacenter
  • RAM: 4 Gigabytes
  • Disk: 250 GB SSD
  • Throughput: 2GB

Additional Information

  • We conduct surveys periodically to continuously drive for improvement on Quasi SMP.
    As anything in life, our community is always striving for improvements, so we are always keeping an ear open and a pen and paper so to speak nearby to write down all the ideas on how we can advance as a community

Here’s a few words from some of our players about Quasi SMP and why the community was made:

“I created Quasi to nurture a place for creativity and therapy. A place where you can meet people and play with them consistently. A place where you know you can belong.” -Sin1ster, founder of Quasi SMP

“I wanted to join an SMP because of the 1.13 update and saw this and got hooked instantly. The people are very friendly, supportive and it’s nice to meet new people from all over the world.” -ChipsNotFries

“Sin1ster being a good friend of mine obviously had some effect on why I wanted to join but I knew from the very beginning that this would be a successful server. From Sin1ster having other successful servers in the past and the way he interacts with the players, I was sure that this server was going to be great. Now 10 weeks in I can happily say that this is a great place to be with friendly players and helpful staff.” -BantaBuilds

“I just love the server, it’s amazing, period.” -Effan

“I’d been wanting to be part of an SMP for a while, and the 1.13 update seemed like a perfect time to go looking for one. When I found Quasi, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. The people are friendly, and everyone is equal, which is something that seems missing from many SMP servers.” -MultiBanana

“Was looking for a nice and cozy minecraft community where I can meet new friends and as soon as I saw Quasi SMP, I felt like I no longer had to look anywhere else. Application process was blazing fast, I think that after an hour of applying, I was in game and having my first tour of the place. Few weeks in, and I can say that I feel welcome and like I belong somewhere…like a family really. If you’re looking for a place where you can simply feel at home, look no further!” -AlWolf

Interested in Joining Quasi SMP?

We are thrilled that you’ve decided to give us a chance and we promise to not disappoint!

If you’re interested, just find and message, on Discord, AlWolf#7683 (he’s on discord 24/7 – we really don’t know how he manages this, some even say he’s an Ai) or Liam Is The Name#4535 (if the Ai…I mean, AlWolf isn’t online) to get whitelisted.


Thank you for reading over this post and we hope that you are interested to come check us out and join a community of like-minded gamers with talent!

We are super excited to be able to provide a great environment for you to play without worry of your creations being wrecked and we’d like to see you develop and cultivate your skills together with us. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Minecraft player, we’d love to have you be involved with our community.

Thanks again!