1.13 Frozen Forest Realm – Water World [Vanill…

1.13 Frozen Forest Realm – Water World [Vanilla][PVE][Realms]{Whitelist}

We have openings open on the Frozen Forest Realm previously called GTC Realm. We have been running a small community for +3 years now and decided to do a map reset with the new Aquatic Update. We can have up to 20 players total so not over crowded.

We try to do theme builds but you are not forced to. This maps theme is of course water related so for spawn will be a dock yard/boat area. We also try to do seasonal event such as Halloween/Xmas when we decorated spawn.

-We try to make the place look nice so clean up your holes and don’t make dirt huts.

-We also ask for +18 in age

-No griefing

-Don’t be jerks.

-Don’t ask for stuff to be spawned in/run a backup

-We have a Discord so that anyone can get a hold of me while I am not on.

Leave a comment with your name and what you would like to build with the new Aquatic update!