The World of Maria [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Towny…

The World of Maria [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Towny} {Roleplay} {MagicSpells} {Custom Bosses / Dungeons} {Custom Weapons / Armor} {6 Years Old}

The World of Maria


Version: 1.12.2


We are a medieval fantasy RP server featuring: Towny, Magic, 100+ Unique Weapons, Quests, Dungeons, Brewery, Custom Mobs and Bosses, McMMO, Werewolves, Vampires, and over 6 years of history (Founded April 5th, 2012.) Feel free to stop by, and say hello!

Informational Links:


Live Dynmap:

PMC (PlanetMineCraft) :

Our server rules:

[1] No griefing

[2] No Theft (OOC, IC with two consenting parties is legal)

[3] Keep it PG-13 [in chat, public RP, builds, links]

[4] No Spam, Advertising, or excessive CAPS .

[5] Respect the server, staff, and fellow players.

[6] No Power/Metagaming

[7] No Cheat Mods/Hacked Clients/Cheat Texture Packs/Other Abusive Methods.

[8] Use Common Sense

[9] “Ugly” builds [like: cobble/netherrack box shacks, 1×1 pillars, sky pillars/bridges,other random stuff, as well as abandoned builds] will “cleaned up” [removed] at staff discretion. Yes, this does include Acro farms.

[10] Towns/nations take a lot of planning, approval, work, and ig money, you should join an existing town until you acheive that point

[11] Staff is decided by the existing staff, it is not given to new players, you have to first demonstrate that you are trustworthy

[12] Things that induce major lag [larges herds of animals, large numbers of hoppers] are discouraged

[13] No AFK farms/ auto grinders [nor designs to allow player to avoid AFK boot]. Yes, this does include auto breweries.

[14] No use of our resource pack for development / server-wide use of other servers. Many things here are /community made/ and we will follow up on this.

[15] No use of alt accounts for personal gain.