Pootopia [PvE][SMP]{GriefPrevention}{1.13}{Cus…

Pootopia [PvE][SMP]{GriefPrevention}{1.13}{Custom Fishing}{Custom Advancements}{Custom Recipes}

Server Name: Pootopia

Discord: https://discord.gg/gz9xgrr

Server Address/IP: mc.pootopia.eu

Rules: https://pastebin.com/tkJitdqi

We’re back again and ready for 1.13!

Looking to play the update and make some friends in the process? Then we’re the server for you.

We have a a very welcoming and cozy community with a very active discord server. We encourage new players to come build their bases and play in the community village but if you prefer to play alone you can teleport far into the wilderness! Join our discord for server updates and news as well as to chat and make some new pals!

Staff wanted, pop online to apply!