DogeCraft Survival [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{ENGLISH…

DogeCraft Survival [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{ENGLISH}{EVENTS}{Discord}{1.12.2/1.13}






Hard difficulty, PvE, PvP, Creative, Custom Enchants, Custom Items

About server:

Server was made a few months ago we have been trying to advertise more and more while still trying to keep as much time as we can to focus on making new items and events for the regular players so they do not get bored. The server uses Jobs for the players economy while the players also have plots they can build on and create shops. We also offer a creative world with plots. You can protect your land and all kind of griefing will be rolled back and the griefer will be banned.

We have a public discord where you can talk about almost everything!


Custom plugins,Chatcolor,Worldguard, (90+ Plugins)