AventuraMinecraft [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelisted}…

AventuraMinecraft [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelisted}


I’m a recruiter at Aventura hoping to find more people for our small, community-driven Minecraft server. We harbor a friendly, inclusive, multinational environment that welcomes anyone, as long as you meet our 18+ age requirement and speak English.

For some general information, we have:

A superflat creative world, for players to test build and collab easily, or to just have some uninhibited fun building
An up to date vanilla survival world that includes a data pack. Other than custom advancements, it has:

-One Player sleep
-Smelting zombie flesh to leather
-Craftable stone slab and sandstone slab block
-Anti Enderman Grief
-8 stairs from crafting recipes
-An item to rotate glazed terracotta
-Customization armor stands
-Universal Dyeing
-And a Stat Tracker


-Dont be a jerk, we’re friendly here
-Notify a moderator if you’ll be absent for an extended period
-Please use English

We currently have over 20 members all together, and are looking to expand. I hope I’ll see you there 🙂
To apply, head to aventuraminecraft.com and click the “APPLY NOW” in the blue box