Retro Lands [Semi-vanilla] [PVE] {Beta 1.7.3} …

Retro Lands [Semi-vanilla] [PVE] {Beta 1.7.3}

Retro Lands (Retro Beta Minecraft) 1.7.3 Beta Server

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Retro Beta Minecraft or RetroMC is a Minecraft Beta Server which aims to bring back the 2011 feeling of community and nostalgia. RetroMC is a server which hopes to bring together players and allow them to build communities and have fun. Our server is strictly created to be as vanilla as a public server can be, including having no Ranks. Our server is PVE or Player Vs Environment, making our server a friendly place to build and play, with no future plans for map resets. Our server is part of the Minecraft Online Network, .

Our High Traffic Times Are 11 Pm – 8 Am AEST or 9 Am EST – 7 Pm Est


  1. No Griefing
  2. No Homophobia
  3. No PVP, or use of methods to kill other players.
  4. No Spamming
  5. No Advertising
  6. No Hacks
  7. No Asking For Ranks (Our Server Has Ranks, But They Are Given By Admins At Their Discretion. We have no payed ranks)
  8. Have Fun, (ITS JUST A GAME)

Server Settings

These are subject to change, as we receive feedback.

Mode: Survival

Difficulty: Normal

Mob Griefing: Off (To prevent undetectable griefing)

Fire spread: Off (To prevent undetectable griefing)

TnT: Off (I like explosions, so this might change).

Our server does run a range of plugins, although none of them are game changing. The main addition is commands to make chests private, and to protect spawn (What most servers run).

Tips And Tricks

There are many tricks to assist you in your travels.

  • Join a town or community, (There is already a town, called oak glen, which you can ask to join)
  • Build 1k out from spawn, (This prevents griefers from finding you, though if they do, we will roll back the area)
  • Trade with other players for items.
  • Put permissions on your chests with /cprivate (Makes chests private), /cpassword (Password Protects Chests), /cpublic (Makes chests Public) and many more.
  • Use /tpa (Player name) to request a teleport to another player.
  • Use the in-game reporter, or this forum to report hackers or griefers. The in game command is /reporter help .
  • If you played on any of the old RetroMc servers, and have Proof or, someone can confirm, you are eligible for the Senior Tag.