[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] {Towny} {Guild Wars} …

[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] {Towny} {Guild Wars}


I am a YouTuber and faction leader looking for a server to move to. We are a pretty peaceful group, so some sort of claim/town system would be really nice, but raiding is a fun part of the game. Is there some server out there with some sort of town war or raiding system? I’ve seen this sort of town raiding system go by a few names: Kingdoms, Clans, Factions, and others. Basically we’d like to have a mostly peaceful server and town, but have their be potential for a battle or raid of sorts.

We’re also looking for custom features to add to the gameplay, like custom enchants, upgrades, and such. Our preferred server size is about 10-60 players typically online.

Thank you for your time!