The Cutlery Drawer:[Anarchy] Hello everyone, …

The Cutlery Drawer:[Anarchy]

Hello everyone,

My friends from Discord and I have created a new server.

We have little to no rules, and very little plugins. Anything goes. Nothing is protected but our very simple spawn.

We are all experienced players, and I am an experienced server owner.

The server includes a mature audiences with a great sense of humor. You will have access to a Discord for voice chat, and a stream to watch the Owner. This means you can make sure that I don’t abuse if you feel you must.

We’re hoping to go back to basics and have a good time together; raiding, mining, building, griefing.

Hope to see you online!

Server info:

Name: The Cutlery Drawer


Unlimited RAM dedicated server, meaning unlimited slots and NO LAG!