NoCoords Vanilla [Anarchy] Server Address : n…

NoCoords Vanilla [Anarchy]

Server Address :

Description :

100% Vanilla gameplay – but Spigot is installed, to improve server performance and the admins (who play survival, without cheating) have op to stop cheaters and hackers. 50 slots, Fast dedicated hardware for the server.

You spawn in the middle of an ocean: swim, find land, start your adventure.

There are no coordinates – because it is minecraft how it was intended to be played. It is like a new game, this way!

Large biomes, hard mode. Original map since 2015, never reset, never will be.

If you see somebody cheating (flying, xraying, whatever) report it on the discord channel. You can find the link to discord in-game. These scum are caught quickly, usually – but reporting is helpful.

Yes, it’s ANARCHY – but people are friendly and we have several large thriving towns, and raiding and griefing is looked down on by the regulars.

The server runs off donations, there is no bonus or perk from donating (except an optional message displayed for all to see, and a vote count) but donating helps the server stay alive.

Hope to see you there, and may you find plenty of diamonds!

clarification on server properties

No coordinates Spigot is used for optimization. No game changing plugins. No world resets No borders No help Large biomes No protection Hard mode No TP No donator privileges or perks Reliable dedicated hardware 

clarification on server rules

You can't use mods (except for optifine) Coming on just to spam is bannable Hacking using mods gets you banned with no appeal, ever There is no hate speech allowed (ie, attacking peoples race, religion) But normal insults such as "You're a smelly butt face" is fine Because people will call you a smelly butt face you should be 18+ to handle it