Summa Crossroads [SMP] {1.12.2} {Discord} {Cus…

Summa Crossroads [SMP] {1.12.2} {Discord} {Custom Plugins} {Custom Endgame Content} {Custom Biomes / Custom Worlds + Live Map} {Custom Nether} {Custom Skylands} {Custom Mobs + Drops} {Custom Waypoints} {Economy + Player Shops} {mcMMO} {Quests} {Spells} {PvP/PvE Arenas} {Parkour}

Long description, tl;dr features list below:

Since 2010, the Summa Crossroads Minecraft server has been built on one great idea – that what we build should be fun and exciting. We’ve gone through multiple maps, updates, and plugin sets, always trying to find that delicate balance of fun, challenge, and drive. We’ve been around since alpha, and we’ve learned a lot. This server has been a lot of things for a lot of people, but it’s always been a good time.

Today, we feature a vast 16,000 by 16,000 map sprawling from edge to edge with beautiful custom biomes. It’s hand-painted and lovingly crafted – every inch is designed to bring the sense of adventure and vast scale that you may recall from your first days of Minecraft. Some residents have built towns and gathered the resources to construct their own waypoints, which you can unlock the ability to fast-travel to by venturing there yourself. Much of the landscape is yet unexplored, and each week new adventures are introduced.

For those who enjoy a good challenge, the overworld is bustling with deep caves, and the monsters that come out at night will be no allies. PvP arenas let you challenge your friends and humiliate your foes – paying you out for putting up a good fight. The Underdome and Woodland arenas let you demonstrate your gladiatorial might against wave after wave of things that go bump in the night, with spoils to those who entertain. Vast parkour challenges, one of which has only been completed by two players in the history of the server, will spare you no mercy. Unrelenting instanced temples will push you to your limits, giving you fame and fortune if you show the world that you are a true hero. Accumulate enough might and you can unlock ancient secrets, letting you use magic spells to control the world around you.

We think it’s important to foster a strong community, and our player ranks are thus tied to activity on the server. As you continue to build your legend and establish your presence, you will earn your way to glory and prestige.

Often times it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and we have a plethora of precisely tuned pieces that keep the cogs turning. Little tweaks to the basics of Minecraft and bigger underlying systems designed to reward you for playing the game your way. We want players to have fun and enjoy themselves in a world that feels ready for conquest and adventure.

We’re a mature survival server, which means we won’t teleport you across the world – you’ve got to make the trek yourself. You might die, but you’ll get right back up again and keep fighting. That’s what the game is all about, after all! There are plenty of resources and friends to help you out on your adventures, but only you can keep yourself alive.

Some recent highlights:

We’ve been around since 2010, but we’re working on new stuff for you all the time.

Complete quests and unlock Avenfeld!

Progress through the central line of quests, slaying monsters and protecting Prosperus. Doing so will allow you to unlock access to Avenfeld, a new realm full of beautiful terrain and rare treasures!

Magic spell quests introduced

Magic spells are now unlocked by completing associated quests. As you prove your might and earn higher ranks, you can unlock new quests and spells!

Back us on Patreon!

By popular demand, we have created a Patreon to support the finances of the server. Currently, total pledges have unlocked 1.1x bonus mcMMO EXP for all players on the server! Patreon pledge benefits are compliant with the Mojang EULA and Commercial Usage Guidelines; gameplay benefits are unlocked for ALL players, patrons and non-patrons alike.

Discord integration improvements

Discord will now issue a notification when players rank-up! Hooray!

Daily login rewards!

All users will now get a free bonus reward for logging in every day! Rewards improve each week you log in. After four weeks, you’ll earn a major reward on the 28th day! No keys, no buying extra rolls – just some free extra loot once a day!

Avenfeld, End, Heavens, and Nether regeneration

Our regularly-rotating worlds have all recently been regenerated! They are chock-full of resources for you to plunder and dangers for you to brave.

Phantasmal Bones and arcane forging

Veteran and Elite monsters will drop Phantasmal Bones when killed. The Arcane Forger in Dawn’s Landing can help you channel their magical energy to forge powerful tools, weapons, and armor!

Ice boat racing

It’s as fun as it sounds. We’re working on constructing multiple courses, and they make for a great night of community building!

Monster AI improvements

Our rare monsters have learned some new tricks. They’re learning from players who try to outsmart them!

Mob health indicators

The action bar will now display the health value of the monster you’re currently fighting. Users say this is one of their favorite server improvements to date!

Hall of Accomplishments

Currently in development is a new area that will memorialize the first and/or best achievements of players on our server. With so many new features and challenges being introduced, we thought it only right to commemorate the efforts of our bravest heroes. Write your legacy and inspire others to follow in your footsteps! Examples for feats to be memorialized include the first player to complete the Tower of the Gods (Azilizan), the first players to complete each Temple, and more.

Colored repairs

Special items with colored names (read: rare mob loot) will now keep their names when repaired with anvils!

Back-end updates

We optimized and improved a lot of our back-end systems this week. Hooray, performance improvements!

As always, seeking your feedback and ideas!

We actively solicit player feedback and ideas for development – after all, the server is for you, and we want to work on what will make you happy. Let us know what kind of content you’d like to see, and we’ll have a conversation about it! This is yet another great way to make use of the forums.

Server features:

  • High biome density and diversity, with custom biomes.
  • Customized, revamped nether.
  • One home per world.
  • Unlock warps by travelling to them. Construct your own waypoint node to let others visit you.
  • An increasingly diverse cast of rare and powerful custom mobs for you to test your mettle against, with suitably rare and shiny loot for your troubles.
  • Lock your chests and devices.
  • Open world PvP as well as arenas supporting 1v1 or team combat.
  • Cooperative PvE arenas vs. increasingly difficult waves of mobs, including bosses, with lucrative rewards. Keep the experience you earn!
  • Daily and weekly quests, with a main quest line in development.
  • Elaborate and difficult parkour challenges, as well as a few on the lighter side.
  • Player shops including enter/leave messages.
  • NPCs, many of whom have things to say, quests to complete, or services to offer!
  • Earn gold for participating in server activities or engaging on the forums. Spend it your way.
  • Milk with a little something extra.
  • Various quality-of-life commands, such as /where so you don’t have to use F3.
  • Auto link shortener. Don’t let character limits ruin your sharing.
  • Magic spells that have a variety of uses, with more added regularly.
  • Extensions to redstone usability in certain situations.
  • Mini-games and other distractions for some simple amusement. Check out our shooting range.
  • Instanced temple challenges, reminiscent of Legend of Zelda or other dungeons. Check out our trailer for the Water Temple!
  • Incentive program for positive contributions to the server.
  • Discord server:
  • Weekly content and bugfix updates.
  • While this might already seem like a lot, there’s already even more being worked on and planned! We would love to have you be a part of our continued development and growth.


  • No griefing.
  • No begging.
  • No whining.
  • Be friendly.
  • No hacking, malicious mods, exploitation, duping, or other unfairly advantageous manipulation of gameplay.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Visual griefing (mutilating the landscape for transport or other purposes without cleaning up after yourself) is not allowed.
  • No advertising.
  • Wahrheit’s word is law.

Official Rules Thread + “Case Law”

  • Plugins: In the interest of maintaining “the fourth wall” and reducing risk of exploits, we don’t release a full list of plugins. There are over 50 currently active with a few on the sidelines, many of which were developed at our request to provide an awesome gameplay experience that gives you a wealth of options but keeps things challenging. In lieu of plugins, please see the “features” section.
  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Owned and administrated by Wahrheit since 2010. Additional administrators include SirusAP, Xarin23, Uniballerkid and Hidendra.
  • YouTube: YouTube Channel

Questions and comments are warmly welcomed, and we hope to see you in-game!