SyzygyCraft [SMP] {1.12} {mcMMO} {Minimal P2W}…

SyzygyCraft [SMP] {1.12} {mcMMO} {Minimal P2W}

Basic Server Info

Version → 1.12 (it’s 24/7, although it looks otherwise)

DiscordClick Here

WebstoreClick Here

Why You Should Join

SyzygyCraft is not just any Minecraft server. It is not just a minecraft server. It is also a growing community that ensures everyone around the world feels welcomed. It may not be unique from other servers gamemode-wise, but trust me, you will feel very welcomed in our community. We do our best to remove toxic environments because we believe that no player should feel uncomfortable while playing. We also do not prioritize money over our players, which means everyone will feel at home, donator or not.


Minimal Pay-to-Win

Although we have a webstore that gives donators perks over others, we ensure that the “advantage” you get is not too high. We have an in-game upgrade system, which is almost the same with in-game ranks, but the perks are seperate. You can get fly, more backpack space and other stuff just with in-game money.

Friendly Community

We try our best to give the “friendly” feel to our server. Trolls who have no intention of playing the server and who want to ruin other player’s experience will be sanctioned. You can rest assured that if anyone harasses or targets toxicity at you, they will be punished.

Vote Crates

People who vote for us on the server lists will be given crate keys, which give you in-game rewards when used at the crate in spawn.


Chat Prohibitions

→ Advertising

→ Spamming

→ Racial slurs

→ Encouraging suicide

→ Excessive “caps”

→ Excessive profanity and disrespect

In-game Prohibitions

→ Use of clients/mods/texture packs that give you an unfair advantage

→ Abuse of bugs

→ Scamming

→ Inappropriate skins/names

We hope you have the best time on our server!