BreadCrumbs [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {16+} …

BreadCrumbs [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {16+} {1.13}

About Us

Breadcrumbs is a reiteration of an old group formed in 2013. We’re focused on building a community of friends who enjoy playing Minecraft and other games as well. We have an age requirement of 16, and we are looking for mature players. Maturity doesn’t necessarily depend on age, so we’ll be looking at how well written your application is. Discord is required, and is our main form of communication. We also have lots of events planned for people to participate on an array of many different games.

General Information

Host: DigitalOcean

Location: Toronto, CA

RAM: 16 total GB

Version: 18w20c

Difficulty: Hard

Vanilla Information

Our goal for the server is to create a nice hermitcraft-esque community that enjoys working together and having fun. Spawn is meant to be a central hub for all players to build houses and open shops, so we encourage you to remain active there. We have lots of server-wide events that we are interested in doing in the future as well. This includes UHCs, Build Battles, Race to Ender Dragon, and more. Include the word toast somewhere in you application so we know you’ve read through all the information.

The current map is scheduled to reset on the release of 1.13. This could be this week, or another month. We aren’t sure.

Features (Coming to 1.13)

Player Heads

Customizable armor stands

Death count

Custom Achievements

Elytra on Dragon Death

Anti-Enderman Grief

Mob Heads

Player collected stats

Rules + FAQ

A large portion of our rules is just common sense. There are rules for both our discord and vanilla server, and I’ll put the list here followed by a FAQ.


Use common sense. Don’t be a dick.

Keep conversations and content in the appropriate channels.

Discussion of politics and other controversial issues are highly discouraged. Nobody cares.

No NSFW content.

No harassment of any kind.


Griefing and stealing of any kind isn’t allowed.

Modded clients that give an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. Message an Admin for permission to use certain mods.

Keep the world looking nice. Floating trees, creeper holes, and unflattering builds are frowned upon.

Always ask neighbors for permission to build around them.

AFK fishing is not allowed. Any other kind of farm is allowed, just don’t destroy the server.

You must have consent from all parties to partake in PvP. This rule does not apply to anvils and the death games.


How old is the current map? How often do you reset it, and when is the next one?

Our current snapshot map is close to a month old. We would like to keep our vanilla maps up as long as possible. This can range from 4-8 months depending on the community’s interests. That being said, our next reset will be on the release of 1.13

Is there a build theme on the server? And do I need to build at spawn?

There is not a common build theme on the server. You can build whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt people’s eyes. We would like everyone to contribute something at spawn, whether that be automated farms, nice looking builds, shops, etc.

Is pranking allowed?

Pranking is highly encouraged, however, all previous rules still apply. Be original, follow the golden rule, and offer help to cleanup. Pranks that risk players/mobs, or destroy their builds are not allowed. Also, stray away from unoriginal pranks. They aren’t funny.

Is duping and using exploits allowed?

As of now, any form of duplication is a bannable offense. This includes gravity blocks, rails, TnT, and any other items or entities. However, this rule may be lifted towards the end of a map’s lifetime.

NOTE: Rules are not limited to this list, and punishment is entirely up to the discretion of the Admins.


We are looking for dedicated and active players for our server that will continue to play and have fun. That being said, there are always going to be players who end up building a house at spawn to never be seen again.

On the discord, we use an activity bot that labels a member as inactive if they haven’t talked in a channel for over 20 days. Once this tag is applied, an admin will warn you about your inactivity and you may be removed. If you know you won’t be on for a while, always notify an admin so we won’t remove you.


We are looking for well written applications, so please put in some effort into writing it. Don’t be discouraged if we believe you won’t be a good fit for our community. There are many other servers on r/mcservers that would love to have you.

To apply, please join our discord linked below and read over the #information channel. Your application will be looked at and considered within 24 hours after it’s sent.

Click here to join.