[Wanted] [PvP] {Factions} {NonOP} {Non-Pay2Win…

[Wanted] [PvP] {Factions} {NonOP} {Non-Pay2Win}

Hi, I have mainly played minigames and have almost completely learned 1.8 PvP, and I would like to move on to other gamemodes that take skill.

I am looking for a factions server that does not have any enchantments above vanilla levels or custom enchants, as that takes skill away from the game. I would also like to find a server with 1.8 combat or 1.8 based. I would also like for the server to not have game affecting ranks, such as giving players more homes, kits, or player vaults in exchange for money.

I know these are very specific requirements, and so I am fine with a server that does not meet all of these requirements. I just hate the way that most servers are worse than mobile games in terms of pay2win, even with the EULA attempting to prevent that.