The Princedom [SMP] {PVP} {Nice Community} {Ap…

The Princedom [SMP] {PVP} {Nice Community} {Approachable Staff} {Need Staff}

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The Princedom is a SMP Minecraft Server with friendly, mature and approachable staff members. The Princedom also has many features such as /rtp and custom kits. The Princedom also needs staff so join now and secure your spot as staff on the server!!!


[1] No griefing – Even though you should be using ‘golden shovel’ claims, griefing is still NEVER TOLERATED

[2] No slurs – Cursing is allowed (f*ck, sh*t, a*s), as long as you are not offending anyone, but racist, discriminatory, or any other slur (n*gg*r, f*gg*t, n*p, cu*t) is STRICTLY prohibited.

[3] Be kind – To elaborate on Rule #2, please be kind and respectful to others. We’re all here to have fun on The Princedom.

[4] English only – Please speak in English – while we fully and completely respect other cultures and languages, reports, chat, etc. in other languages makes the work of moderators and staff very hard. Again, we don’t have anything against non-english speakers, but this is a necessity.

[5] No hacks – Any sort of hack, hacked client, or mod that gives you an advantage in the game (such as kill aura, xray, etc.) will not be tolerated. This makes the game less fair for other players, and ruins the experience (Optifine is allowed)

[6] No advertising – No advertising other servers ips.

[7] No scamming – No scamming of any kind.

[8] No spamming – No excessive capital letters/spamming

[9] No offensive builds

[10] No abusing glitches – No abusing any glitches or bugs. If you find one, you MUST report it to the staff team.

All staff members have the permission to give you harsher punishments if you break one of these rules.